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Player Experience: Part 1

Updated: Jul 11

The Character sheet In November of 2017 Red Star engaged in a closed beta test in order to iron out mechanical issues with the system. Among these issues were an overall inability to track basic character information as well as a need to make elements power calculations easier to work out. We had a character sheet in progress at the time, but things on that end were moving at a snails pace. One of our coordinators for the beta took it upon himself to tackle the task of making one in as timely a manner as possible. The coordinator had no prior experience in document design but was willing to take up the task as a learning experience (and a way to justify renting photoshop beyond making memes). To not spoil the experience we can’t show any of the sheet here, but know that a final 3 page version of the sheet is nearing completion.

What can you expect from the sheet? For the current rollout of the RSG system the character sheet is designed with Toa player characters in mind, but we do have plans for different sheets tailored to other species in the BIONICLE universe The Toa version of the character sheet covers all basic player information. Things like ability scores, alignment, and experience. The Toa player character has access to Kanohi powers (recorded on the first page) and elemental powers (covered in the third page.)

When can you expect it? The good news is that with the mechanical side of development finished for this rollout of the system, all that’s left to wait on is for our artists to complete the materials needed for the Red Box digital starter kit, expected to be out before late April of this year. Be on the lookout for these materials and more as the month of April goes on for the lump sum of $0. We hope to see you join us on our journey.

-Kevin "Jakfan"

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