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Doronai Kofo version is now available!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

This announcement is also available in video format:

You can download version of the Doronai Kofo here.

"When the tales become long, sometimes it's better to just summarize the basics..." - Future Idax Ta-Metru Toa Fotahki I Lesohka, speaking to Toa Lehari Lesohka while drawing up battle plans in advance of the Battle of the Avalanche.

Somewhat new from RSG: the cost of entry for the Doronai Nui is getting ever cheaper, and since all it used to cost you was time, I'd call that a win-win. The Doronai Kofo, "The short word on it all," is a condensed ruleset that is still entirely interoperable with the Doronai Nui, but walks you by the hand through the system basics and keeps everything as "plug and play" as possible.

We've been cognizant of the fact that the DN has been dense and only getting denser as development continues, and the DN-K is the fruit of a long-aspired-to wish that there would be an easier on-ramp for people to experience the world of Bionicle tabletop roleplaying.

Play fast and loose, but above all, play well.

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