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The Doronai Kofo is a smaller, more accessible version of the Doronai Nui, our BIONICLE G1 D20-based tabletop roleplaying game.  The Doronai Kofo is built to be fully interoperable with the Doronai Nui, allowing you to use whichever features you need for your campaign while still keeping things light for your players.

The Doronai Kofo (version 0.10.1) offers three playable species (Matoran, Toa, and Turaga), a selection of classic Elemental powers and Kanohi masks, ready-made weapons and armor, and more. We periodically release updates to the game to fix bugs as well as add new features - in order to get the most up-to-date game experience, make sure you've downloaded the latest update!

The system is still in its beta stage, and we welcome feedback on how you think it could be improved.  Found something that doesn't work as it should?  Let us know!  You can get in touch with us via the email address listed in the footer, one of our social media pages, or our Discord server.

The game, its updates, and expansions are all provided for free, and can be downloaded as PDFs from the pages linked below.


The Doronai Kofo is primarily a single document. Nearly everything you need to play the game is here, with information on everything from character creation, skills, combat, powers, weapons, and beyond.



Not sure where to begin? The Quick Start Guide is here to help you set off on your next adventure, with useful resources for players and game masters alike.


No matter what sort of journey you're embarking on, the Character Sheet is here to help you track all your characters' stats, notes, and more.



Looking for an older version of the game?  Previous versions of the Doronai Kofo are available from the Archived Content page.

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