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Originally unveiled on 810NICLE Day of 2021, Ruva Midnight is a joint effort between members of the Beaverhouse, Red Star Games, BIONICLEsector01, Wall of History, Myths and Legacy, and other elements of the BIONICLE community.

The Island of Ruva is considered by many to be an obscure backwater in the western reaches of the Universe. A dumping ground for the failed sculptures and waste slag that elevate and enamel the fortress-cathedrals of the Holy Island of Versuva, few are privy to the pearls that lie beneath its surface. Despite being coated in grime and the hovels of supplicants, Ruva hides within itself many vaults, and inside those vaults, some of the most valuable - or dangerous - artifacts from all around the universe.

The Cendak-Nui of Versuva has heard threats that one of these vaults, the Kudaxi Vault, has had its location revealed and is soon to be under siege.

A team of warriors is gathered from around the universe, spirited away to challenge any threats that would dare trespass upon the hallowed ground of the Vault.

Midnight has descended upon the island of Ruva...

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