The lore development team has been hard at work creating additional material to both tie together and expand upon the original BIONICLE story.  Here you will find collected all of our existing lore work, including stories from the group of Chroniclers known as the Akutana as well as maps of the Matoran Universe.

Akutana e-Metru Nui

The Akutana e-Metru Nui are a society of researchers and Chroniclers from the City of Legends.  Together, they work to unearth the secrets of both Metru Nui and the lands beyond, traveling far and wide in pursuit of knowledge.


We are proud to present to you a set of maps of the Matoran Universe, complete with information on each of the major islands!  Looking for a setting for your next campaign but not sure where to start?  These maps may be exactly what you need.