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This page showcases art from our collection of Mutant Kanohi designs.  This page will be updated periodically, so check back for more in the future!

Artists who have worked with us include Perp3tual, Starbreaker, Lei Hart, and Matthew "Oomatu" Griffith.

We have divided the pieces into several galleries based on theme for ease of viewing:

General | Doronai Nui | Shadow of the Coliseum | Heroes of the Stars | Great Kanohi | Noble Kanohi | Kanohi Nuva | Mutant Kanohi | Kanohi Variants

Kanohi_Mask_of_Dimensional_Gates_Mutant_Version_2 (2021_02_04 19_56_51 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Truth_Mutant (2021_01_04 18_12_07 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Conjuring_Mutant (2021_01_04 18_12_07 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Quick_Travel_Mutant (2020_11_20 17_55_47 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Strength_Mutant (2020_11_20 17_55_47 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Shielding_Mutant (2020_11_20 17_55_47 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Speed_Mutant (2020_11_20 17_55_47 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Water_Breathing_Translucent (2020_11_20 17_55_47 UTC)
Kanohi_Mask_of_Levetation_Mutant (2020_11_20 17_55_47 UTC)
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