Heroes of the Stars is our BIONICLE G2 D12-based tabletop roleplaying game.  Intended as a more approachable "rules-lite" game that's easy to learn and welcoming to players of all experience levels, Heroes of the Stars explores the second generation of the BIONICLE story, set on the distant island of Okoto. All game documents are available in both full-color and print-friendly versions, for whichever way you prefer to play!

Heroes of the Stars supports several playable species:

  • Toa - beings who are summoned from the stars.

  • Uma - Umarak's species, who are summoned from the shadows.

  • Okotans and Empowered Okotans - the inhabitants of the island of Okoto.

  • Skull Raiders - wanderers from another land who have more recently settled on Okoto.


The system also includes a variety of masks of power to seek out, mighty beasts to tame or challenge, and much, much more. Whether you're recreating the legends of old or embarking on an entirely new adventure, Heroes of the Stars has something for you!

Revision 3 of Heroes of the Stars adds individual pip perk costs, fixes various bugs, clarifies descriptions for certain items and actions, and includes the Crystal Smithing expansion pack.

The wilds of Okoto await.  Your journey begins now.