Red Star Games has several ongoing campaigns that use the Doronai Nui system: Shadow of the Coliseum and the Dusk of Makosu.  Although most of the materials from these campaigns have not yet fully seen the light of day, we hope that you enjoy them once they are ready.

Shadow of the Coliseum

Shadow of the Coliseum follows a cast of both current and former Red Star Games members as they take on the roles of a new team of Toa in the wake of the Matoran Civil War.  Although the war has ended, civil unrest abounds, shadows lurk in unlikely places, and a sinister plot grips the City of Legends...

Development of this campaign is ongoing; we know it's taken a long time, but we are getting there.  We look forward to posting additional updates in the future - but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.

Dusk of Makosu

The Dusk of Makosu is a campaign involving an array of individuals from across the larger BIONICLE community, including members of the Beaverhouse, Red Star Games, BIONICLEsector01, Team Kanohi, BIONICLE Maskposting, and more!

Set in the waning years of the Prosecution of the League of Six Kingdoms, this campaign tells the story of a force sent to retake the island of Destral from the remnants of the Kingdom of Makosu, and to investigate reports that the Barraki Takadox may yet live...