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Doronai Nui version is now available!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

This announcement is also available in video format:

You can download version of the Doronai Nui here.

"We build monuments to those who've passed in the name of the Great Spirit. Until such a time as we meet again, breathe deep the ash and smoke of foundries that make hard the Toa we send to war..." - Toa Shek I, Ko-Toa Omilana, speaking to his successor, Shek II, before undertaking the mission that would end his life deep in the warrens under Monuhi. New from Red Star Games is the sharpest update yet for the Doronai Nui: version Thanks to a large influx of new fans over the last few months, coming with problems or questions we'd never even considered, we've managed to tighten up dozens of different areas and give you all the best experience you can have in the world of BIONICLE roleplaying. We are eternally grateful to you, our audience, for continuing to make the Doronai Nui and all the other passion projects of Red Star Games worthwhile to produce. From the bottom of our cold metal hearts, we thank you, and hope you play hard, and play well.

The changelog for this version is as follows:

General/Rules Guide

  • Clarified the Use Kanohi Skill to mention how Kanohi Charges are determined

    • It’s just your Use Kanohi bonus

  • New Universal Talent - Difficulty Class Focusing - Save DC. This allows you to directly increase your own Saving Throws, but is still limited to the standard six-times purchase maximum.

  • Removed a mention of the Integrated Shield Component from the Dual-Wielding Rules.

  • The Chronicler’s Path Rank 4 (Akutana) allows its users to remain undetected for some amount of time after combat starts. This effect now ends immediately if the Akutana takes any Offensive Action.

Penetration/IHP Overhaul

Penetration in the DN was awful and most of the team hated it. It required single-attack damage that was sometimes orders of magnitude higher than the actual IHP of an item just to shoot at something hiding behind it, meaning that for all intents and purposes, most pilots of vehicles were invulnerable to nearly all damage, forever. So we fixed that.

Penetration is now gone, in favor of a new system called Item Puncturing. In this system, each Item has a number of “pips” determined by their IHP value, called a Durability Threshold (1 Durability for every 10 IHP, rounded down). In order to punch through an Item to strike a target behind it, you must attack the Item with more Damage Dice than the Item’s Durability Threshold.

For example, if a Shield has 12IHP, it has 1 Durability, meaning you must deal at least two Damage Dice in a single attack in order to harm the person using it.

Most Damage dealt to Items is now based on the number of Damage Dice used to attack the Item, including cases where the attacker is trying to punch through said Item. In the previous version of the game, if a Damage Roll was made as 1d12+6, it would deal an average of 12 Damage, which would completely destroy the shield in a single hit. Now, that same attack only deals 1IHP damage, meaning that Weapon would need to beat the shield 12 times before it’s rendered inoperable.

These changes make all Items in the game inherently more durable, while also ensuring that the amount of Damage necessary to penetrate an Item is technically always lower than the amount of IHP the Item actually has. Additionally, even if you can’t punch through an Item on your first Attack, as you deal Damage to the Item, its Durability Threshold will slowly decrease, making it easier to do so over time. Some Actions, such as Sunder, will still use the traditional means of damaging an Item, meaning that it is still possible to quickly disable a piece of gear, albeit at the cost of most of your turn.

Damage Type Overhaul

All Damage Types that apply status effects or other negative penalties outside of their base Damage now require a Saving Throw, allowing opponents an opportunity to resist effects they should be able to resist. Additionally, several clarifications or changes have been made to several Damage Types, mostly to support the removal and replacement of the Penetration System.

  • Bludgeoning Damage now explicitly states it doubles the number of Damage Dice used to target IHP.

  • Piercing Damage doubles the Damage Dice used to overcome an Item’s pips to attack a target behind it.

  • Slashing has the functionality of both Bludgeoning and Piercing, but scales based on the Item Quality of the Weapon.

  • Sonic Damage now only deals +3 Damage per increment when paired with Slashing, but does this directly to the Item as previously, making it a solid IHP-damaging option. This also pairs well with Slashing’s dual functionality.

Saving Throw DCs are based on the source of the Damage Type, and primarily use values people are used to like Elemental Save DC’s or Weapon Save DC’s.

  • Corrected Abrasive Damage’s explanation.

    • Additionally, Items that suffer Abrasive Damage are now able to make a FORT Save to avoid it

  • You can invest Elemental Expertise Tokens to increase the Use Elements Skill.

    • Remember that the Use Elements Skill increases your Elemental Attack bonuses AND your ESDC.

  • Elementalist Talenting now grants an Elemental Talent instead of a Rider.

  • Conditions:

    • Attacks against Helpless targets are automatically considered Critical Hits.

    • Dazed targets aren’t considered Pinned.

    • Exhaustion uses Ranks, which are always capitalized. This is to keep it consistent with other Conditions.

    • Frozen no longer induces the Chilled Condition.

    • Temperature as a Condition has been reworked and renamed as Exposure, which now operates in a manner more closely resembling Exhaustion. It is a 12-Rank system, with slight differences depending on whether the Exposure was induced from extreme heat or cold. All mentions of the old Temperature system have been altered.

    • Irradiated has been renamed to Radiation and reworked in a similar manner to Exposure and Exhaustion.

  • Actions:

    • General Changes:

      • The Aim Action has been cut, as Mounted Weapons as the rules pertaining to Mounted Weapons have changed.

      • Elemental Attack Form Activation as an Action has been split between Offensive, Defensive, and Utility Actions.

      • Minor languages and tense changes have been universally applied.

    • Offensive Actions:

      • Attacks of Opportunity have been clarified and can be performed without a Melee Weapon. Additionally, Attacks of Opportunity cannot be triggered if a target unwillingly moves out of your Reach.

      • Bashes can be performed without a Weapon.

      • Break Limb’s mention of “critical multiplier” has been removed, and has been clarified.

      • Coup de Graces can be performed without a Weapon.

      • Fire Actions trigger Attacks of Opportunity when a target performs an Attack in Reach, not “melee range”.

      • Stagger costs 2AP and has been reworked.

      • Sunder’s language has been clarified and updated to the current state of the game.

    • Defensive Actions:

      • Encourage now requires a Perform check to grant its bonuses and costs 50AP.

      • Full Dodge’s language has been clarified and works against all Offensive Actions and Combat Maneuvers. However, it now costs 3AP and only applies to the Action that triggers a Full Dodge.

        • PvP players rejoice (or weep).

      • Hide now requires Heavy or Full Concealment to perform and allows you to take 1 Move Action to reach it.

      • Hunker has been clarified.

      • Parry has been clarified.

      • Rally has been clarified and slightly reworked, and doesn't have an additional 50AP option (this Action has been subsumed into Encourage).

    • Combat Maneuvers:

      • Most Combat Maneuvers now require you to be in Reach of the target.

      • Bullrushes can be used to make Disarm, Knock Prone, and Shove Combat Maneuvers, but when you perform a Bullrush, you cannot add your DEX to your AC, and Attacks against you target your FFAC.

      • The Dirty Trick Combat Maneuver now targets an opponent’s CMAC instead of their AC and has an additional option to reduce a target’s Movement Speed.

      • Grapple language has been reworded and slightly reworked.

      • Knock Prone and Shove have been reworked to favor the defender rather than the attacker.

      • Mount Steed/Vehicle has been renamed to Mount Target and allows you to ride any target, not just Rahi and Vehicles.

      • Overrun doesn't trigger an Attack of Opportunity when moving through a target’s Reach.

      • The Pin Combat Maneuver has been merged into Grapple.

      • Mentions of Reposition have been removed.

      • Steal has been merged into Disarm.

    • Utility Actions:

      • Drawing and stowing a Weapon cost the same amount of AP. Heavy Grade Weapons require XAP to draw/stow, where X is equal to 2 plus their Grade.


  • Density has been removed from all Materials, as the removal of Penetration makes it no longer necessary.

    • As a reminder, if you see any mentions of Density or Magnitude, let us know. We’re trying our best to find and replace them, but may miss some random entries in of our books.

  • Increased the Apply Condition cost of Exhaustion and Radiation from (X/2) to (2X). Reworked Exposure from Temperature in a similar manner.

  • Psychomass now has the “cannot normally be made into Items” tag that most other Elementally-Aligned Materials have

  • Introduced the Beacon Plant, Vorohi, and Snatcher Plant (formerly the Taonu Doshiki) into the Biotic - Plants section. Thanks to SpaceCupcake42, MtheEngineer, and Everox for these entries, and apologies for taking so long to get them into the system.

    • All entries from the Plant Contest back in 2020 are now properly accredited within the document.

Elemental Index

  • Introduced two new non-canon Elemental Tribes; Kinetics and Crystal (April Fool’s Update)

    • We are now at a point where we’ve exhausted the number of non-canon Elements that are on-brand for what we consider a relatively standard outlook of the Matoran Universe. Future April Fool’s releases will likely be compiled in a secondary document to prevent bloat and confusion.

  • Introduced Talents for Light and Shadow to be able to use E-Item

    • Hardlight and Living Shadow Materials introduced to Elemental Index and Crafting Guide

    • Reorganized Sonics’ Whispering Waves into a Talent to more appropriately fit the formatting for Psionics, Light, and Shadow

  • When using Elemental Absorption to absorb an Item, the amount of EE that Item has is equal to the amount of EE it would take to make it as an E-Item.

  • The Tribally-Linked Abilities of Fire and Ice have been updated to reflect changes in Temperature/Exposure.

  • Cryoregulation, Thermoregulation, Insulation, and Firewall have been updated to reflect changes in Temperature/Exposure.

  • Brief Exposure, Freeze-Flash, and Cold Death have been merged into a single Talent that can be unlocked multiple times. The same has been done to Tempered Swelter, Thermal Activity, and The Flames of Valmai.

  • Removed all mentions of Compound Plants in relation to the Plantlife Tribe

    • This is an embarrassingly old holdover rule that no longer has any meaning. It’s just Plants now.

  • Revised Beam to scale correctly

    • In the middle of Beam it started to cost 2ET to increase damage, then went back to normal.

  • Reverted AP costs of Bolt and Beam back to 1AP and 2AP, respectively

    • Not sure how that happened

  • Clarified the verbiage and specifics of Shadow Hand.

  • Swapped the title for the Electricity Tribe to Lightning

  • Iron is now titled as Iron (Metal) in the Index

  • Replaced Acid’s CON Attribute Bonus with WIS to prevent overlap with the Iron Tribe.


  • The “6 Slot Rebate” maximum cap has been altered. The limit is now 6 Rebate Components, rather than 6 Slots (If you take a Rebate that grants 3 Slots 6 times, your Item gains 18 Slots).

  • Introduced the Rhotuka Launcher Component. Allows any Item to become a channel for Rhotuka Powers, which the player gains access to upon first making contact with a Rhotuka Launcher (if they did not have one previously). Rhotuka Powers are built in the Powers Index and have a few requirements to make them functional.

  • Mentions of Ammunition as a mechanical concept have been cut. Ammunition is still a tangible concept that exists, but doesn't have its own rules. Instead, most mentions of Ammunition have been merged with Magazines.

  • Heavy now costs 6 Slots instead of 3.

  • The Explosive Item Component has been revised to not override a Ranged Weapon’s Load Type

    • Doing so created a mismatch between the Ranged Weapon and its Magazine; the Weapon’s Load Type is now different from the Magazine it was intended to load and cannot fire.

    • The Off-The-Rack Hagah Plasma Cannon has been adjusted to reflect this change.

  • Welding is limited to granting IHP up to an Item’s maximum.

  • Reintroduced Mobility Component.

  • Recall now is a Universal Item Component.

  • Reactive Parry has been adjusted to reflect changes to Reactions from a much older update (now grants a single 0AP Parry per Round).

  • Clarified language on a portion of Combat-Ready.

  • Overwhelming Blows now costs a number of Slots based on the Damage Die / Size of the Weapon.

  • Clarified the application of Paired Weapons.

    • Paired Weapons do not need to be duplicates of each other in order to reap the benefits; so long as two Weapons both have the Component, they can be used in conjunction with each other.

  • Removed Fragile Modifications.

    • Unwieldy does nearly the exact same thing and grants a better rebate. OTR Weapons previously listed with Fragile Modifications have been altered to match this change.

  • Restructured a mention of Size Categories in relation to Armor to make it easier to identify

  • Moved the Prosthetic Replacement, Cybernetic Limb, and Grasper Components to the Universal Item Components Section

    • We thought we’d done this already. Basically, these don’t need to be Machine Components, because they specify that none of the Components necessary to be considered a Machine are required.

  • Introduced Cold and Warm Weather Gear as a modular Armor Piece Component, which increases and decreases your Temperature Band respectively.

  • Introduced the Lamphead and Shades Armor Piece Components to brighten or lower the Light Level you see.

  • Introduced the Parachute Component, which does exactly what you’d expect it to do.

  • Introduced EM Shield Component, which allows you to temporarily increase your AC at the cost of IC.

  • Temperature Regulator now costs six times the Temperature Band you’re attempting to induce.

  • Clarified how many basic commands a Fundamental Logic Circuit can have learned at a given time.

  • Added a range of (Quality*250) ft to the Advanced GPS, to define the range when interacting with Rode or Elda Scanners.

  • Reworded Item Save Modifier since it is a single component with a variable cost, rather than multiple single slot costs. It can still only rebate 9 slots total.

  • Clarified Charge Up. You now spend up to 4 IC for 4 extra damage dice, increasing the cap by 2 per installation.

Equipment - Off-The-Rack

  • Alphabetized all sections to ensure ease of access

  • Introduced a myriad of Weapons to Off-The-Rack offerings

    • Includes various Canon weapons such as Kanoka Launchers, the Hagah Plasma Cannon, the Midak Skyblaster, etc.

    • A separate selection of generic Weapons and Armor Pieces is also now available

Equipment - Constructs and Machines

  • The Slot cost provided by all Machine Chassis has been increased by 50%.

  • Introducing Machine Frames, which are a sort of analog to Weapon Formats. There are several Machine Frames for both Vehicles and Constructs, each making slight adjustments to the function of a Chassis to better serve its role. This should make it easier to create a wide variety of Machines.

Environmental Guide

  • The Weight Threshold of Unstable Terrain has been updated to reflect changes to PEN and is now calculated as IHP*5.

  • Temperature Bands

    • TB 2-4 inflict FORT Saves, even if strenuous activity isn’t performed.

    • TB 4 and -4 now only inflict 1 level of Exhaustion.

    • TB 5 and -5+ inflict 1+X levels of Exhaustion.


  • Added the Eyi, Mask of Fusion

  • Added the Khasai, the Mask of Kinetics.

  • Added the Ruratu, the Mask of Crystal.

  • The Kanohi Kahmutil requires a Reconstitute at Random, Remove Poison, Regenerate, and Read Mind Kanoka instead of Freeze, Remove Poison, Enlarge, and Regenerate.

  • The Kanohi Onweku requires a Fog instead of Pivot Gravity Kanoka disk to make.

  • The Makoh doesn't apply the Chilled Condition.

Powers Index

  • Your Power Save DC is calculated as 8 + your Use Powers Skill bonus. Your Attack Roll bonus is equal to your Use Powers Skill bonus.

  • Language Clarifications:

    • Always Active

    • Elemental Power

    • Enhancement Components (which can now be purchased multiple times for separate abilities).

    • Shapeshift (Elemental Constructs)

    • Transmutation

    • All Components that can be unlocked multiple times for different effects much have each selected effect leveled up individually

  • Component Changes:

    • ASD Manipulation has been split into two new Components for ease of clarity: Attribute Regeneration (a Transient Component) and Attribute Drain (an Offensive Component).

    • Atomic Destabilization is now an Offensive Component instead of a Defensive Component.

    • Damage now denotes that Damage Types that scale off of Item Quality instead scale at an equivalent rate equal to the Power’s Tier.

    • Damage Status now has an additional sub-Component that allows for rapid responses to incoming damage.

    • Drain Variable now has an additional sub-Component that allows for permanent drains.

    • Demeanor Manipulation now increases or decreases the Demeanor of a target by 1 as opposed to being set to one of the wielder’s choice.

    • Elemental Absorption actually works as intended.

    • Elemental Power now has additional sub-Components that refund Slots in exchange for being unable to use Talents, Riders, or Abilities.

    • External Medium now has an option that allows a group of Rahi, Construct group, or Oropi to be treated as a Medium.

    • Form Replication now assigns a Slot Cost to variants of Rend, as Rend is typically unlocked through the Render Half-Archetype and not Expertise Tokens, and specifies what elements of the Rend Half-Archetype are bestowed on the wielder.

    • Heavy Weapon Attunement has been renamed to Heavy Item Attunement and now applies to all Items with an Attribute Score Requirement.

    • Limited Use can be used a number of times per Rest equal to your PROF.

    • Locational Affinity now can modify AP and/or UE.

    • Matter Manipulation has been renamed to Matter Alteration, which now modifies the IHP of Items rather than Density (as this concept has been cut).

    • Object Channeling allows for all Powers, regardless of Components, to be applied in the fashion described in the Component.

    • Penetrating now treats the Durability Threshold of targeted Items by 1 for the purposes of Puncturing.

    • Probability Manipulation has additional options.

    • Provoked Power has additional options.

    • Psychometry now costs 7 Slots but can affect any target.

    • Quality Control now costs additional Slots and subsequent installations and has a limit on the maximum Quality an Item can be upgraded to.

    • Rahi Summoning can be Self-Channeling.

    • Sense Shielding now shields a wielder from certain spectrums of light.

    • Sensory Limitation now has the clause: “If this Power requires Concentration, it will break if you can no longer sense the target.”

    • Shapeshifting allows a wielder to transform into a specific target as opposed to a whole category of targets for a reduced Slot cost (all prior options are still available).

    • Storm Manipulation cannot be manipulated by Range Components.

    • Transmutation now has a sub-Component that instantly unlocks all Materials at the cost of 30 Slots.

  • Slot Cost Changes:

    • Disintegrating costs 5 Slots instead of 2.

    • Elemental Power’s Nova Blast option costs 25 instead of 12 Slots.

    • Elemental Unhindering costs 10 Slots instead of 6.

    • Incomprehension costs 4 Slots instead of 2.

    • Size Manipulation now costs 3 Slots instead of 2.

    • Scrying costs 14 Slots instead of 10.

    • Unhindered Movement costs 2 Slots instead of 3.

  • Introduced a new type of Power, At-Will, which functions similarly to Always Active Powers, but requires you to spend 5 times the normal Slot cost in exchange for the Power having no UE cost. Various Components have been updated to reflect this new feature.

  • Introduced Rhotuka as a unique kind of Power. See the Powers Index for further information; a new header has been provided in the Introduction.

  • Introduced Components:

    • Infliction Components:

      • Skill Check, which functions as a Save, but forces a Skill check to be made instead of a Save. Components that were exclusive to Saves have been updated to include mentions of Skill checks.

    • Action Components:

      • Action Channeling, which allows you to activate a Power whenever you take a selected Action.

      • Price-per-Pound, which forces you to spend additional AP equal to the Size Modifier of a target whenever you activate your Power.

    • Offensive Components:

      • Multiple Damage Type modifying components, derived from matching components in the Equipment Index.

      • Energy Absorption, which causes a target to store all dealt damage.

      • Exhaustion Amplification, which increases the rate at which a target gains Exhaustion.

      • Inner Light/Inner Shadow Manipulation, which allows the wielder to drain or restore the Inner Light or Shadow of their comrades or foes.

      • Melt, which reduces the Durability Threshold of an Item in range.

      • Wither, which temporarily reduces the AC of a target.

    • Defensive Components:

      • Exhaustion Resistance, which reduces the rate at which a target gains Exhaustion.

      • Harden, which increases the Durability Threshold of an Item in range.

      • Subcomponents to Forcefield to cause entities that touch or attack the Forcefield to take damage, and make a Skill Check to escape the shield.

    • Elemental Components:

      • Elemental Sense, which functions as the Elemental Sense Elemental Ability.

      • Nova Blast, which functions as the Nova Blast Elemental Ability.

      • Talent Imitation, which allows a wielder to copy a Talent of their choice.

      • Telekinetic Manipulation, which functions as the TME Ability.

    • Pseudo-Elemental Components:

      • Imitation, which allows a wielder to perfectly mimic a sound they’ve heard.

      • Material Absorption, which allows a wielder to absorb a specific Material to regain UE.

      • Pivot Gravity, which allows a wielder to alter another’s gravitational pull.

      • Recall, which causes affected targets to return to the place, both in location and in time, that they were at when this Power was activated.

    • Mental Components:

      • Narrowed Lens, which causes a target to lose their grip on reality and perceive only things you wish for them to perceive.

    • Physical Components:

      • Deepwater Adaptation, which grants an affected target the ability to adapt to extreme PT.

      • Detach, which causes a target to lose drop Body Units.

      • Dimensional Gates, which allows a wielder to open dimensional gates between universes.

      • Duplication, which creates duplicates of a target when they are struck.

      • Energy Reclamation, which allows an affected target to survive without food or water.

      • Mimic, which allows you to copy physical acts you see.

      • Mountaineer Adaptation, which grants an affected target to survive in extreme Elevation Bands.

      • Path Stepping, which allows a wielder to inflict good or ill luck when they or another is moving through certain Terrain Types.

    • Sensory Components:

      • Electricity Vision, which allows a wielder to sense ambient electrical currents.

      • Gravity Vision, which allows a wielder to sense changes in nearby gravity.

      • Lifesense, which grants a wielder Lifesense up to (Range)ft away.

      • Machine Interface, which allows you to see out of the Sensors of an Item you can see.

      • Magnetic Sense, which allows a wielder to detect fluctuations in magnetic fields.

      • Material Sense, which allows a wielder to locate a specific Material(s) nearby.

      • Pathfinding, which allows a wielder to project a 3D image of their surroundings to help them find their way in unfamiliar places.

      • Sense Throwing, which allows a wielder to displace their senses to a place nearby.

      • Species Detection, which allows a wielder to sense a certain species in Range.

      • Spirit Vision, which allows a wielder to see souls without bodies akin to the Elda.

      • Stress Vision, which allows a wielder to determine the AC of a nearby target.

      • Wildsense, which allows you to see out of the eyes of a nearby Rahi.

    • Support Components:

      • Adhesion, which causes an affected target to stick to Materials.

      • Assemble, which assembles all composite parts in front of you into an Item.

      • Attractive Force, which draws in targets towards a point in an area of effect.

      • Battery, which allows a wielder to serve as a battery for IC.

      • Demix, which forces a target to undergo the Demix Process.

      • Disassemble, which disassembles a target into its composite parts.

      • Disruption, which allows a wielder to cause another’s Power to go haywire.

      • Durability Manipulation, which allows a wielder to modify an Item’s Durability Threshold.

      • Emotion Drain, which causes an affected target to lose an emotion Condition and for the wielder to take on these characteristics.

      • Emotion Feed, which grants a wielder various abilities while they are near a target suffering from either Anger, Fear, or Mania.

      • Float, which causes an affected target to float upwards when submerged in water.

      • Mechanical-Sourced Regeneration, which restores a wielder’s HP, IHP, EE, or UE by draining IC.

      • Movement Negation, which prevents an affected target from being able to use a certain Movement Speed.

      • Pressure Manipulation, which allows a wielder to increase the current PT of a target in Range.

      • Quality Control, which modifies the Quality of a specific Material.

      • Reflect, which reflects a Power back at its wielder.

      • Repulsive Force, which causes a target to be pushed away from an area of effect.

      • Sink, which causes an affected target to sink uncontrollably downwards.

      • State Change, which forces a target to undergo the Demix Process.

      • Terrain Disruption, which applies a Terrain Modifier over an area of effect.

      • Tracker’s Sight, which marks a target so that they can be detected with a Sense or Sensory Component.

    • Transient Components:

      • Restoration, which satisfies a being’s daily food and drink needs.

      • Scavenging, which allows you to augment yourself by feeding from corpses.

      • Shade, which allows you to create duplicates of yourself.

      • Time Duplication, which allows you to pull past versions of yourself to fight for you in the future.

    • Universal Components:

      • Conjuring, which allows a wielder to create new Powers for a specific scenario.

      • Exhausting, which inflicts Exhaustion on yourself whenever you activate your Power.

      • Mastered, which allows you to spend ET instead of Slots on the Power this Component is installed into.

      • Multiply, which allows you to activate your Power multiple times without spending additional AP.

      • Murmur of Malevolence, which drains a being’s Inner Light whenever they use this Power.

      • Roulette, which creates a great deal of chaos when you activate your Power.

      • Silent, which renders a Power completely silent.

      • Tangible, which causes a Power to have a corporeal component that can be affected by Actions and Combat and Combat Maneuvers normally reserved for weapon-to-weapon combat.

        • One of a handful of required Power Components to create Rhotuka Powers.

      • Tracking, which allows you to strike at targets more effectively should they meet some form of criteria.

      • Visual Constituent, which causes a Power to display some sort of visual cue that indicates that it's active.

NPC/Rahi Corpus

  • Introduced Acidflies, Lava Crawler, Lava Ape, Manutri, Niazesk, Protodites, Rock Ussal

  • Added/revised a number of Rahi that feature natural Rhotuka Spinners; namely, Colony Drones, Sea Spiders, Protocairns, and Parakrekks

    • Adjusted a handful of existing Rahi that should have Rhotuka, such as Chute Lurkers and Rock Raptors

    • More Rhotuka-capable Species will be introduced over time, including the Visorak

  • Vako and Hikaki had a slight clarification to indicate that there is a standard version of these species, in addition to their regional variants.

  • Increased Kikanalo’s Movement Speed to 25ft.

  • Archives Moles have a Special Ability, Devourer of Swarms, that allows them to target Protodites.

  • Tarakava now have ADV1 on Steal Combat Maneuvers related to Kanohi

  • Frost Leeches now inflict 2 Ranks of Exposure instead of inducing Cold and Chilled.

  • Frost Beetles are Immune to Exposure due to extreme cold.

  • Manas are Immune to Exposure due to extreme heat and Vulnerable to Exposure due to extreme cold.

Species Index

  • Introducing the Leraku, an A+ Category reptilian Species known for producing powerful venoms

    • The Dark Hunter, Poison, is a member of this Species.

    • Their main gimmick is consuming plants and other Materials that are probably going to kill them to inherit their traits. Have fun!

  • A Turaga’s Badge of Office can now only be up to Two-Handed.

  • The Ihidauri Minor Boon option, Gentry of Phaidua (Seneschal) grants a Proficiency in Perception, not Investigate.

Species - Fusion/Eyka

Big ticket item! Fusions, also known as Eyka, are now in the game. Make the worst headache possible for your GM by cramming the entire party into a single head.

The Fusion rules tell you what needs to be done to create a Fusion, what the benefits of doing so are, how to maintain it over a given period of time, and what happens when the Fusion inevitably ends. Features rules for all variants of Fusion, including Eyka-Kaita, Eyka-Nui, and Splitting (Vezok/Vezon).


  • Sage Level 2 now specifies an AP Cost for its Reaction

  • Martial Artist Level 3’s Earth’s Resilience is now limited to twice your PROF, total.

  • The Bully Half-Archetype level 2 Ability, Comin’ Through, doesn't allow the damage inflicted against your Item to be repaired.

  • The Trigger Half-Archetype’s level 3 Ability, Master Plan, now allows you to bank double your natural AP for Readied Actions rather than up to 8AP.

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