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Now Available! A Venomous Brew

Will you loose, or will you prevail?

Will you tame the beast within... or unleash it?

Gaze into a twisted universe and see what might have been. RSG is proud to announce the first ever lineup of custom Hordika masks! The first of many to come, these Hordika masks are perfect for mocing your own Toa beasts and unique Rahi. Be sure to add them to your collection today!

Hordika Kanohi Akaku: Mask of Piercing Vision
Hordika Kanohi Kaukau: Mask of Water Breathing
Hordika Kanohi Hau: Mask of Shielding
Hordika Kanohi Pakari: Mask of Strength
Hordika Kanohi Kakama: Mask of Speed
Hordika Kanohi Miru: Mask of Levitation

Check out our Shapeways shop HERE !


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