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RSG 5th Anniversary Updates: Doronai Nui and Forge Shop

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

While our team is still hard at work on a massive update to the Doronai Nui's Crafting and Equipment systems (among other things), we do have a content drop for you on our 5th anniversary. Introducing DN, a small update that introduces four new, powerful Species to the Matoran Universe: the Akiamu (Axonn's species), Vhisotai (Brutaka's species), Vokaru (Tobduk's species), and Barramoi (Hydraxon's species). Download it here.

Additionally, we have another Forge Shop update! You can now purchase the Great and Aquatic Isima, Lezemi, and Artamu directly here. However, the Forge Shop will be taking a short break from adding more masks this month as we prepare for Brickfair Virginia in August. We hope to see you there!

To all of you who have followed our work, whether you've just arrived or you've been a fan for the last five years, we offer a heart-felt thank you from all of us at Red Star Games; we would not be here without your enthusiasm and support. Here's to many more years of playing well!

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