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810NICLE Day 2022 announcements

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

To celebrate 810NICLE Day 2022, we have several exciting new updates for you!

First up is Heroes of the Stars revision 4! This version of the game brings bugfixes and the optional Upgrade System expansion, which allows you to empower your characters with Roles that grant various benefits. You can download it here.

Next is another line of masks making their way onto the Forge Shop: the Immoral Sons! This collection includes the Great Lerkamoa, Great Gurakara, Great Rupanu, Great Avsa, Great Kurzika, and Great Turama.

Every item on the shop is printed in resin on-demand and painted to order; we offer a wide variety of paint colors, as well as an unpainted option for those of you who prefer to paint your own. Additional mask designs will be rolled out gradually, as our printing capacity is small and we’re going to do everything we can to avoid overwhelming it. We've recently added several new international shipping destinations, so take a look and see if yours is available.

We also have something very special.

Produced in collaboration with Andre Hurley of The BIONICLE Archives, Red Star Games has made thirty-six new Rahkshi spines and staff pieces portraying those that weren't fully shown in canon. The BIONICLE Archives will be receiving the first full set of these prints for their Rahkshi display, but we will be gradually adding them to the Forge Shop over the next few months, starting with Darkness and Shapeshifting. Keep an eye out for new spines and staff pieces on the Forge Shop each week!

The Great Armory contest is also being extended to August 18th! Make an item for the Doronai Nui using the preview documents and you could win a fantastic prize!

Finally, be sure to check out Nurai Dawn, this year's 810 Day Doronai Nui one-shot! It features Vahkiti from the Beaverhouse, Swert from BIOsector01, and our own Sigma, Petrus, and Lehari. You can watch it live here: or as a VOD that'll be uploaded in the near future.

We hope you all had a wonderful 810NICLE Day; the community has put some of its best and brightest material forward for this celebration, and we are sure that there'll be much more to come in the future. Play well, and remember - if you wake one, you wake them all...

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