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FORGEFIRE Friday: Masks of Psionics

FORGEFIRE week draws to a close, and with it our full collection of Mata Noble and Metru Nuva masks are available for purchase on our shapeways shop! For the final day we are releasing the masks of psionics. With these, Toa can unlock the power of the mind, bringing crushing ruin upon his foes' mind and body.

Nuva Kanohi Komau: Mask of Mind Control
Nuva Kanohi Matatu: Mask of Telekinesis
Nuva Kanohi Matatu: Mask of Telekinesis (Ocular Modification)

Thank you all for tuning into FORGEFIRE week! There is a lot more content coming from us in the near future. From here forward, we plan to release large packs of masks every few weeks, along with announcing our Forge Access Program! Stay tuned for more mask drops, character videos, and the fabled red box. All coming your way this April!

1 Comment

Mar 30, 2018

Just two quick questions: Why aren't the Matatus avalible in frosted and why does the Komau look different in the Shapeways shop when I select "Frosted Ultra Detail"?

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