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Doronai Nui is now available!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

You can download the Doronai Nui version here.

"'Refit and repair is mandatory after long excursions, but never be without your wrench...', the words of Toa Ohm, 67,404 a.L., reminding his companions, Toa Sehir and the Vanaki Lezolala, of the practical necessities of patrolling deep in the lands of the Zyglak.

Welcome again to another update to the Doronai Nui, version This is a kinda-big, kinda-small set of fixes and a few content updates for the DN, a few long overdue, and a few just for fun. The Development Team is still officially on hiatus, but we rarely turn all the lights out in the studio. View the changelog and get ready to save the world, fly and reach the sky. (Or the land, or the sea.) Happy 2023, and we can't wait to see you for the next update for the Great Story of Everything.

Hapa ka-turi, ro'o."


General/Rules Guide

  • Fixed a set of incorrectly linked Expertise checkboxes on the character sheet

  • Character sheet is now vectorized, giving it a cleaner and less artifacted appearance

  • Made Armor IHP values a little easier to find - mentioned how to calculate them in the Common Boons section of the Species Index, the character creation section of the Rules Guide, and the Armor section of the Equipment Index

  • Species Index explanation of Kanohi Charges is now “your WIS modifier + Use Kanohi skill.”

  • Removed erroneous mentions of Magazines, replaced with Quickdraw Inventory Spaces.

  • The Athlete Path no longer mentions a Climb Skill

  • Removed the Take Cover Action due to redundancy


  • Slot Rebates (aka components that "add Slots") are now limited to 6 per Item.

  • Hefty now costs an additional 1 Slot per every installation after the first, to prevent a total AP-locking Weapon from being cheap to produce

  • Arrows and Bolts are a deprecated category, moved to general Projectile for OtR ammunitions

  • Shredder now states it can be installed multiple times.

  • Several OtR Items referring to the Debilitation Component have had their Component name clarified.

  • Debilitate (Mania) - Clarified the source of Mania caused by this Component.

  • Clarified the effect of Sonic Damage when paired with Quality Tier.

  • Resolved a minor issue with the Mail Component, preventing infinite rebate installations (Resolved with Plate slot limit)

  • Added a Component for alternate strike faces on melee weapons (i.e. weapons that deal one damage type on one side, and a different one on another); basically, a physical damage-based equivalent to the Power Damage Component.

    • Separately, added a Component that allows a Melee Weapon to make Dual-Wielding attacks when it has two separate damaging faces, such as on a double-bladed weapon.

  • Item Charge Modifier has a defined floor of “minimum 0 IC”, and a note that it cannot modify external IC such as Voistone or Power Module-granted IC.

  • Naloxa Containers now specify that you use the installed Item’s ISDC in place of the contained Power’s PSDC.

  • Utility Component now states that Tier -1 and Tier 0 Items count as Tier 1, rendering any install of Utility to be a +1 (or -1 if Rebated)

  • Added additional Components.

    • Of note is the Cybernetic Limb and Prosthetic Replacement Components, facilitating the installation of extra or replacement limbs of your own construction.

Speaking of things of your own construction…

Equipment - Constructs

  • Player-made Constructs are now supported and ready - this is an experimental feature and bugs may be present; please playtest this, see how it feels, and let us know. Feedback may directly impact ongoing development of several Construct “Species”.

  • Constructs are similar to Vehicles but define a maximum number of Limbs, any number of which may be designated as legs for movement

    • This system at partially hijacks the framework used for Vehicles; players that have recently built a Vehicle will likely notice similarities

  • Introduced several Universal Construct Components; Constructs may still benefit from the standard Universal Machine Components

  • Adjusted general Machine explanations and terminology to include Constructs


  • Voi Powder now gives +3 Item Charges per Dose infused (instead of referring to Universal Batteries, which are now deprecated)

  • Added Molten Protodermis to the Crafting Guide

    • Acts as an intermediary Non-Solid for molten Stone Materials, as well as the transition between Liquid Protodermis (Water) to Protoiron, as described in 2004 storyline

  • Kanoka Disk rules (provided in the Crafting Guide) no longer contradict themselves; they simply target TAC and do not force a REFL Save to avoid the attack. A FORT Save may still be involved in certain Powers.

Elemental Index

  • Clarified Plasma’s Heat-Shielded Talent as it relates to Damage Types from the Kixas Nui feature

  • Iron and Acid elements no longer contain mentions of SP, costs adjusted.

  • Removed mentions of SP in Iron for learning new Materials.

    • Certain element entries (such as Stone) mention a “listed ET cost” which were removed in favor of the “interact with a material for X hours to learn it” mechanic.

  • Introduced the Protic Fluid Talent for Acid (listed as a Prereq for Dissolving Talent), which was meant to be available at launch.

  • Elemental Power To Hit and Saves are now “1d20+Use Elements” and “8+Use Elements”.

    • General Boons (Species): Elemental Power segment’s wording has been adjusted to account for this too.

Powers Index

  • Removed duplicate Path Point costs from Kayi Powers may have duplicate contradictory Path point costs.

  • Always Active “base Power Cost” has been defined.

  • Probability Manipulation has Slot costs added to its sub-components.

  • Added new Components.


  • Dreadlord no longer uses old-style Dazed condition, instead using the Fear mechanic.

  • Replaced Rhokatai’s mention of Returning Component with Boomerang Component.

  • Multiple players have expressed concern over Martial Artist level 1 - “for a one level dip, you can double your damage dice via Punch Weapon. For a two level dip between Martial Artist and Marauder, you don’t even spend slots.” We have reconfigured the order of Martial Artist’s level features to compensate for this.

  • Replaced a mention of Magazine Slots with Quickdraw Inventory Space.

  • Beastmaster Supertype now suggests what CR a Rahi should be at Character Creation.

NPC/Rahi Corpus

  • Species-Agnostic NPC Statblocks were unsatisfactory on the dev side, and are now Templates which can be applied to any existing NPC. This change was made to make them easier to use and faster to apply as necessary.

    • A similar implementation may be granted to Rahi in the future.

  • Archives Moles now have a listed Dig Speed.

  • Kinloka and Kofo-Jaga Swarms no longer have the same Group Size as their respective individual statblocks.

  • Cable Crawler’s Dizzy Spell is now more in-line with use of a Rhotuka. It remains the only Rahi in the system to currently wield a Rhotuka; more on that in the future.

Species Index

  • Introduced the Vanaki, a B-Category winged species

    • Features several varieties, a unique Crafting Material, and a new language


  • Added six more Kanohi: the Jutlin, Ikuvora, Crast, Shelek, Mohtrek, and Felnas.

    • GMs would be wise to think very carefully before allowing their party to take on one or more Mohtrek users. They can and will play 5D chess with you.

  • Revamped the Kanohi Amatkau rules to be easier to use

  • The Kanohi Awai now increases the user’s Size Category growth +1 per Charge, to make it scale like other Kanohi

  • The Kanohi Arthron is now a Pseudo-Elemental Mask.

  • The Kanohi Isima has been overhauled:

    • Now provides Possibility Dice rather than a flat bonus modifier to all rolls, playing into the mask’s ability to influence probability

    • Introduced (two) new ways to use Possibility Dice to influence events that normally do not involve a die roll

This was everything we could think of over the last several months of development. It is possible that details are missing or that gamedev that should’ve been done in a separate document made its way to a live release; if our team misses something of significance, please let us know.

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