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810NICLE Day 2020 announcements

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Happy 810NICLE Day, everyone! We have a number of announcements to make today, starting with an update to the Doronai Nui:

The circle is closed, and the full might of the Elements is at your disposal now, Toa. When the very bones of the world come up to meet you to aid you in your journey, you know that failure will ask the most bitter cost. New, from Red Star Games, the powers of Iron and Magnetism are finally at your disposal, both as mighty Toa of Metal and Toa of Magnetism, but also as forge artists with the expanded Alloying system. Updates for all of the previously released elements also feature in the halls that commemorate the power of Toa, bringing new ideas to the table when solving problems. Download the Iron and Magnetism pack here.

Looking for other content expansion packs? Check out this page.

On the subject of tabletop games, we are pleased to announce two additional projects that will be developed in parallel to the Doronai Nui: the Barranai Nui (a BIONICLE G1-themed tabletop wargame system, development headed by Reginald Gickington)...

...and Heroes of the Stars (a G2-themed D12-based tabletop roleplaying game, development headed by Leena). These games are still under development, but stay tuned for news and eventual releases in the future!

Next, we have a set of remastered masks from the Red Star Forge: the Valumi, Mutuku, Vanguard Miru, and Vanguard Calix have been revisited and improved. We also have a new scoped Mutuku variant available!

Last but not least, we're adding two new channels to the In the Light of the Red Star Discord server: a behind-the-scenes channel for the Akutana stories, and a "library" channel where each Akutana text will be linked for easy access.

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