Content Expansions

As we look forwards toward the release of version 1.0 of the Doronai Nui, it's clear that we have a long road ahead of us. Knowing this, we want to keep putting out content and getting feedback before we move into the definitive release of the Doronai Nui. To that end, we will release content packs on a semi-regular basis, including the secondary elements, additional supertypes and archetypes, new Kanohi masks, and more.

Each content pack can be downloaded from here; this page will be updated as we continue to release expansions.

Secondary Elements: Gravity

Pack contents:

  • The secondary element of Gravity and its associated powers and abilities

  • Ethereal elemental types, a new classification within the elemental system

  • The Kanohi Arthron, the Mask of Sonar

  • Definitions for Blindsight and Blindsense

  • Rahi Tables to use with the Kanohi Zatth and Kanohi Faxon, sorted by biome

Archetypes: Issue 1

Pack contents:

  • The Alchemy supertype, with reclassifications for the Explosives and MASH Technician archetypes

  • The Mad Alchemist archetype for the Alchemy supertype

  • The Elemental Smith archetype for the Elementalist supertype

  • The Kromean archetype for the Melee supertype

  • New Feat: Dirty Fighter

  • New items to use with the alchemy system

Secondary Elements: Lightning

Pack contents:

  • The secondary element of Lightning and its associated powers and abilities

  • Additional Tribal Passives for the element of Water

  • Updated Ethereal elemental tables

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