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Shadow of the Coliseum: Fopi

Updated: Jul 11

The next Shadow of the Coliseum video is here, starring Fopi, the Toa Kartur of Stone! As Metru Nui struggles to recover from war, new heroes must rise to confront a looming threat:

Fopi is played by our friend Leoxandar! You can read more about Fopi here on his character page.

Shadow of the Coliseum is a audio-based chronicle of a tabletop roleplaying game campaign by Red Star Games, a BIONICLE fan project. Using our Doronai Nui d20 system, this team of players will explore Metru Nui in one of its darker, previously-unseen eras: the days following the end of the Matoran Civil War. Many in the city still harbor old wounds, and dissent rumbles beneath the surface; it is the duty of the Toa Kartur to keep Metru Nui from falling back into the shadows.

This video features "Fopi the Veteran" by Bennet Salter ( (

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Further videos on the Toa Kartur will arrive in the coming weeks.

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