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Element: Stone

Kanohi: Great Calix, the Mask of Fate

Weapon: Spiked shield and spiked spear


Fopi began his life as an architect in Po-Metru. Sometimes slow to speak and even slower to take advantage of opportunities, it took Fopi millennia to raise his status from a small-time producer to a respectable architect who took commissions from the Po-Metru elite.


His unassuming and good-natured personality led him to see the best in those around him - which tended to allow others to manipulate him.  Other architects would find ways to take credit for Fopi’s designs in order to launch their own careers - and it was this same flaw which enabled the leaders of the Po-Metru Alliance to pressure Fopi into designing fortresses for them during the Matoran Civil War. His intimate knowledge of these structures made him an attractive target for his Metru's enemies; Fopi was captured and tortured for information, and when he could stand the pain no longer, he finally gave in. At the conclusion of the war, he was left a broken Matoran in more ways than one. Fopi's optimism and bright outlook had been shattered, having now personally witnessed just what his fellow Matoran were capable of.

Fopi's troubles did not end there, however. Word of his betrayal eventually reached his former compatriots, and a group of radicals took it upon themselves to settle the score. They broke into his home and attempted to kill him, driving a knife deep into his wrist before Fopi's neighbors managed to intervene. The injury cost him the use of his hand, and the bitterness that had troubled him before now took root even deeper.


However, a spark of hope was reborn in him when a Toa handed him the chance to redeem his broken life: a Toa Stone, and instructions to meet with Turaga Bomupar at the Coliseum. Although Fopi was at first reluctant to take on such a responsibility, the Turaga convinced him that this would be his opportunity to put the past behind him in the hopes of a brighter future for the city.

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