Element: Stone

Kanohi: Great Calix, the Mask of Fate

Weapon: Spiked shield and spiked spear


Fopi began his life as an architect in Po-Metru. Always slow to speak and even slower to take advantage of situations, it took Fopi millennia to actually raise his status from a small-time producer to a respectable designer who took commissions from the Po-Metru elite.


His unassuming and good-natured personality led him to see the best in Matoran - which generally allowed others to manipulate him.  Other architects often took credit for Fopi’s designs to launch their own careers. It was this same flaw which allowed the leaders of Po-Metru to pressure him into designing fortresses during the Matoran Civil War.  This caught the attention of a group of Onu-Matoran combatants which led to his capture. Having been tortured numerous times, Fopi eventually gave in; at the conclusion of the war, he was left a broken Matoran in more ways than one.


Having discovered Fopi's wartime betrayal, Po-Matoran radicals targeted him for treason. The knife a Po-Matoran radical drove into Fopi’s wrist simply drove his anger deeper into his heartlight. Several decades after, Fopi's bitterness made him hate both others and himself. He returned to his work as little more than a cold, heartless machine. 


However, a spark of hope was reborn in him when a Toa of Stone handed him the chance to redeem his broken life.