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Red Star Games Press Release

Hello, everyone. My name is Petrus, and the team at Red Star Games and I are very excited to enter the public light and present to you our project: The Doronai Nui. While the ambition of The Doronai Nui has many facets, we are first and foremost focused on the extrapolation and completion of Bionicle's Generation One lore. Our primary vessel for this ambition comes in the form of a tabletop game, similar to some famous examples we cannot name for legal reasons.

We know from experience that actions speak louder than words. What better way to show our audience that our new game is both fun and functional than playing it? In the coming days and weeks our group will be prioritizing our d20 system, and preparing it to enter your hands. While the Toa Katur band together to defend Metru Nui, the Bionicle community will receive the Red Box, the contents of which will give Tabletop players and DM's new and old everything they need to create their own adventures. This will include basic character sheets for all of the Toa Metru (for those that want to jump in right away), blank sheets for the creation of Toa, a sample of our vast Bestiary, and other essentials.

Your efforts to decipher our new site have not gone unnoticed. We know you want more information, and we have plenty to talk about. We will be releasing a new video trailer in conjunction with this message, outlining what we've done and where we're going, and a Q-n-A session on March 31. Red Star Games hopes to see you there!

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