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Doronai Nui version 0.10.0 is now available!

You can download version 0.10.0 of the Doronai Nui here.

"We chip away at this crystal prison to one day serve the King of Night..."

Long awaited, and hotly anticipated, the newest update to the Doronai Nui is here. In version 0.10.0, overhauls abound and the core of the game has gotten even easier to use while more content than ever is available for play. It really would be too many things to summarize here, but some of the biggest changes include the removal of IHP and all of the systems that depended on it, the addition of a bonanza of new Rahi, and massive refinements to nearly every subsystem across the board. There has never been a better time to get into the Doronai Nui, and we here at Red Star Games hope you feel ready to play often, and play well in the world of legends.

The changelog for this version is as follows:


Internal attempts to homogenize our formatting have been made across the board. This primarily focuses on the consistent capitalization of any and all mechanically-important concepts, including (but not limited to) the following words and terminology. A large focus on syntax is also at play:

  • Damage, Damage Type, Damage Dice, Damage Roll

  • Attack Roll, Attacks

  • Skill Checks, Actions, Items, Species, etc.

  • The word “being” used where “target” is more applicable, literally hundreds (if not thousands) of times on its own, is at least mostly resolved

  • If you identify a spot we missed, please let us know. It’s been annoying us for years

    • To try and illustrate how wide-spread this issue is, this change is technically a fix for quite literally thousands of clerical errors within the game. Please appreciate it we are begging you

Damage Types

  • With the removal of the IHP mechanic, the Physical Damage Types now have the following effects:

  1. Bludgeoning - On a Crit, Bludgeoning Damage forces the target to make a FORT Save; on a failure, they are knocked Prone.

  2. Piercing - On a Crit, Piercing Damage forces the target to make a FORT Save; on a failure, they suffer an additional Xd4 Decay Damage, where X is the number of Damage Dice from the original Damage Source. This Damage is not subject to the double Damage of a Crit.

  3. Slashing - On a Crit, if the Damage Source is capable of taking the Break Limb Action, it deals 2ASD on a success rather than 1. See Actions in the Rules Guide.

  4. Abrasive - On a Crit, the Damage Source may take the Break Item Action against an Item wielded by their initial target for 0AP, with ADV1.

  • Cold Damage now increases the AP Cost of Reactions by 1 rather than preventing Reactions from being taken, and has no interaction with Bludgeoning.

  • Heat Damage has no interaction with Piercing, but reduces Item Puncturing DC’s by 3 per Heat.

    • Heat Damage now scales similarly to Sonic Damage (Heat 1, Heat 2, etc.)

  • Sonic Damage no longer has an interaction with Slashing Damage, but applies a stacking +3 Bonus to the Break Item Action.

Rules Guide


  • The Swim Skill has been removed.

  • Passive Stealth has been removed.

  • The Surprised Condition and rules concerning Stealth have been clarified.

  • Reintroduced Jumping rules. You can jump a number of feet vertically equal to your Acrobatics or Athletics bonus, and twice that when jumping horizontally.

  • Falling now renders a target Helpless for X Rounds. Additionally, Fall Damage has been reworked to factor in a target’s Size Category, and whatever they land on.

  • Thermal Vision has been added to Senses, allowing you to see objects and beings that radiate heat

    • You may also install Thermal Vision into Items or Powers with the corresponding Component.

  • The Armor Training Talent now treats your STR Modifier as 1 higher for the purposes of Armor Component Slots on your Armor Frame (see Species Changelog)

  • Globally reduced the amount of AP in a turn from 5 to 4. This change has been made to curb the amount of Actions players can take during their turn.

  • Sunder’s effects have been modified, and it is now renamed Break Item (see Crafting/Equipment)

  • Bash now clearly states that it is intended for use with Shields. AP Cost adjusted to depend on the Shield’s Handle Size (see Equipment - Shields)

  • Parry now takes the Break Item Action against any non-combat Item that you attempt to Parry with.

  • All mentions of Concentration now correctly mention Focus.

    • These two concepts were basically identical, we just didn’t want to call them Concentration Checks when we first came up with Focus. This is a stupid redundancy that should simplify the game to be rid of

  • The Ready Action can now only Ready a 4AP Action due to the changes in the AP economy.

  • Stances and Grips now have more consistent wording and rulings,

  • Stabilize Target now costs 4AP

    • It should cost less AP to stop a Dying person from dying than it costs to patch up someone that’s still on their feet.


  • The rules for using multiple Shields have been slightly modified to cover multiple Items that provide AC (not just Shields).

    • Any Item that provides an AC Bonus other than your Armor Frame is now subject to the previous ruling. We’ve also added an example in that section to better explain the concept.

    • This was done in response to changes to the Armor mechanics, and several Archetypes related to bolstering AC. See the Species Changelog.

    • As an example, if you use an Armor Frame (12 AC), a Shield (4 AC), and a Helmet (2 AC), the Helmet’s AC bonus is cut in half, resulting in a cumulative 17 AC.


  • Redid Sustenance in the same way Exposure and Exhaustion work. Sustenance as a concept has been slightly tweaked as a response.

    • You’ve seen it before, we’ve made it before. Just trying to be consistent.

Damage Statuses

  • Removed various Damage Statuses that were redundant and were never used (by us OR the players)

    • Damage Status is hopefully a lot easier to read through. For Damage Resistances, for example, there is only Damage Reduction, Resistance, and Immunity.

Downtime Actions

  • Slight adjustment to the Research Downtime Action

    • Now implies that some types of information may provide other benefits

  • Revised the Restore Health Downtime Action to only be a mention of the Rest Recovery Dice

    • Use the First Aid Action or an Item that provides healing (or both) to restore HP further

  • Restock Kit is now called Restock Tool Kit

    • Also points towards the Foraging and Harvesting rules as it pertains to sifting through the local Environment to find replacement Materials and Items

  • Removed the Recover from Ailments Downtime Action

    • Didn’t really make sense to keep it, as long-term poisons and damage effects usually define what you need to do to remove them as a self-contained feature of the effect

    • Just added clutter to a pretty old system


Paths are officially dead. More than 80% of people surveyed in the last months said they only use the Paths system during character creation, that there are only a handful of must-have Paths worth taking, and that the vast majority of people are not progressing Paths during gameplay. They also said they greatly prefer the Archetype progression system. See the Supertypes and Archetypes changelog for more information.


Armor Frames are now fully implemented in all Species. Each Species provides a given Base AC and initial Armor Component Slots. Additionally, while Body Units still exist, they are significantly less important than they used to be.

  • Default AC trends slightly lower than it used to to try and prevent significant abuse of the new Armor system. This is a massive change that we will be collecting feedback on in the months to follow, but we believe this new mechanic will be much easier for our players to deal with, in addition to the removal of IHP.

  • Because we know people are going to ask, the Default Armor section for each Species before Minor Species Boons is trying to say that the assumption is that a default member of that Species will spend a given number of Slots to increase their AC Bonus. Ex. Dahkini have a Base AC of 10, but spend 3 of their 6 listed Component Slots on Extra Armor. For most Species, we have assumed that they will spend roughly half of their Slots on Extra Armor.

    • This may feel like there’s not a lot of room to experiment, but keep in mind that your STR directly increases your Armor Component Slots, as does your Armor Frame’s Quality Tier, and you can take the Armor Training Talent.

  • To clear up the text for each Species entry, the Armor Frame Section mentions a Body Plan (currently, only the Humanoid Body Plan is ingame, though we intend to add more over time).

    • The Humanoid Body Plan includes a Torso, Head, 2 Arms, and 2 Legs, just like the old Armor Class section used to.

    • Several more Body Plans already exist and can be found in the Rahi Corpus. They may be similarly expanded in the future as needed.

  • Updated the Templates to reflect current system parlance.


  • Introducing new Species Headers to help players more easily find a given Species. They are as follows:

    • Chosen of the Great Spirit (Matoran, Toa, Turaga)

    • Makers and Breakers (Skakdi, Vortixx, the Steltians)

    • Prime Species (Self-explanatory)

    • Titans (Akiamu, Barramoi, Vhisotai, Vokaru)

    • Other Oropi (Everyone else; this is a junk drawer for the weirdos).

    • This has been bothering the devteam for a very, very long time. There are now headers with brief descriptions for entire groups of Species, organized by their relationship to each other, similarities in function, or both.

    • Each Species Header is alphabetized, or close to it (Skakdi are weird due to the Ancient/Modern split).

  • The Supertype restrictions listed at the end of each Species entry have been removed

    • One of many space-saving measures we’re making, and there’s a Universal Supertype Restriction Notice near the end of the “How To Read A Species Description” section.

  • Added a new Minor Species Boon to Vortixx: Work Smarter, Not Harder, which allows them to increase their Armor Components with INT rather than STR.

  • Renamed Rate of Climb to Rate of Increase.

    • Got some reports that people thought this was related to Climbing Speed

  • Fusions and Split Beings have had their rules related to Armor revised to be compatible with the Armor Frame system.

  • Adjustments have been made to the descriptions of the three Steltian species - Dahkini, Kumopak, and Lhomanu - to reduce the presence of slave culture of Stelt. More changes to come.

    • Upon further research, we have found that references to slavery on Stelt are not as canonically supported as we once believed, and the team was generally not comfortable with Stelt’s previous portayal.


  • The Akiamu’s The Wall That Hates Boon has been retooled and is more expensive to use.


  • The Psionic Cantrips of the Atureas Species, both Minors and Majors, have been updated, all of which have durations that scale with your PROF:

    • Hedge Telepathy always forces a Save, no matter the circumstance.

    • Limited Illusion has been renamed to Minor Illusion, costs 15UE and 2AP, and now operates independently of the Noble Mahiki.

    • Mental Screening renders you Invisible to targets.

    • Mein of Tevan deals no Damage but instead induces a Rank of Fear, rather than the Frightened Condition, costs 10UE instead of 5, and costs 2AP instead of 4.

    • The Echo in the Forest renders a target Dominated instead of having abilities based on the Kanohi Konomau, and allows an affected target to repeat their Save at the beginning of their turn. Additionally, it costs 3AP to activate instead of 2, and costs 15UE instead of 3.

    • Things That Go Bump In The Night now scales with TME instead of the Amatkau.


  • The Augafi’s Darkvision isn’t limited by Range.


  • Dahkini of Clan Bisra’s starting Vehicle now uses current system terminology to determine its Size and Movement Type (Gargantuan and Swim Speed, respectively)

    • Clan Bisra may instead opt to gain 2 Levels in the Survivalist Archetype for free, regardless of their actual starting Level.


  • The Melee Attack granted by the Gawalai’s Third Limb Minor Species Boon is a 2AP rather than 3AP Action.

  • Gawalai now have 2 ET per Level.


  • Castellans now gain a Level in the Teacher Archetype that does not count towards their actual Level.

  • Knights of the Waves’ free Vehicle is limited to Huge Size maximum.


  • Layman Layamat now grants an increased 2ET per Level to compensate for the loss of extra Path Points.

  • Voyahi Student now allows you to spend ET to purchase a number of Voyahi/Kayi Levels equal to (PROF*2), after which you must continue completion of RP/ritual requirements.

    • This is mostly a temporary solution; see the Powers section in this changelog for more info.


  • The Manidi’s Cast in Nynrahn Sand Boon forces a target to make a Perception Check, not an Insight Check, when attempting to identify the mechanisms at play that are operating the Item. Additionally, the DC of this Check has been increased from 16 to 24. If you’re replacing the Item with this Boon, you can replace it over the course of 6 hours rather than instantaneously.

  • The Manidi’s Basic Hypnosis renders a target Dominated, not “Hypnotized,” and has been renamed to just Hypnosis.

    • Assuming Direct Control has been cut, as you can just force your target to mimic your body movements with the Dominated Condition.

    • Dance of the Mind’s Eye has been reworked to allow you to Dominate up to PROF targets at the cost of time and AP.

    • Echo of Honeyed Words only works on a single target.

    • Emotional Manipulation has been added, which allows you to induce the Anger, Fear, or Mania Conditions.

    • Hyperhypnosis costs 3ET instead of 5, and when a target successfully makes a WILL Save to resist taking an Action that would go against their morals, they are no longer Dominated.

    • Fountain of Information has been cut, as you can just force a Dominated target to speak truthfully.

    • Glyphic Hypnosis has been cut, as targets Dominated by you simply perform Actions you wish for them to take (no additional set up is needed).

    • Lingering Reprogramming has been added as a new Ability, which allows you to assign a keyword to a target which forces them to perform a specific Action, even if they aren’t affected by your Hypnosis anymore.

    • Scarecrow’s Hidden Trick has been cut, as this augment doesn't make sense anymore given that targets are just Dominated with Hypnosis rather than “open to suggestion.”

    • Surge of Odinan Will has been cut, as this is now handled by the Power Save DC Talent.

    • The Longer Dawn just increases the duration of your Hypnosis by 1 Round, but doesn't have a maximum number of times it can be unlocked.


  • The Ursare’s Aquatic Beings Boon has been cut, as it did the same thing as Denizen of the Deep. Additionally, their Lithe Frame Boon has been cut.

  • Gawalai, Ekedax, and Ursare now have increased Pressure Threshold calculations, denoted in their Amphibious and Aquatic Traits respectively.

  • The Breathing Apparatus has been overhauled, and now follows the typical Off-The-Rack formatting.

    • Ocean and Lake variances in this Item have been eliminated, as the only real difference was a +4 or +2 AC Bonus. We’ve split the difference and made it a +3 AC Bonus.

    • All Breathing Apparatus-specific Components have been removed, as there are already Components in the Equipment Index that do the same things more consistently. We’ve also chosen not to list any recommended Components for the Item, as the new OTR format should make it fairly easy to grasp how to modify it.

    • Breathing Apparatuses are considered a stock piece of Equipment for most Ursare, as most campaigns happen on land, and as such, their Species Base’ AC and Component Slots are notably lower than most other members of Species Category B. This is intentional. Keep in mind that this Species triples their DEX Bonus as it pertains to AC while underwater, so they should still be more than capable both on and and off land.

  • Ursare Protosteel Claws now have a more up-to-date OTR format, incorporate more of the benefits of Protosteel directly into them, and have been given the Collapsible/Concealable Component combo.

    • We described the Protosteel Claws as retractable, but they were never able to do so until now. Stupid oversight on our part.

  • Trimmed up the mention of Protosteel in the Ursare Species entry

    • This was mostly wasted space talking about how the Material can be used to make Kanohi and other Items, which are irrelevant given that the Ursare’s claws are explicitly not meant to be modified


  • The Vortixx Collapsible Workbench can now be any Tool Kit, not just a Crafting Kit.

Supertypes and Archetypes:

The biggest addition here: all existing Paths are either in the process of being converted into Archetypes or their features merged with existing Archetypes. This change unifies character progression under one banner, and prevents former Paths like Warrior and Guard from getting out of hand too quickly. Many of these “new” Archetypes are focused on social or non-combat gameplay, and with a handful of sizable buffs and benefits, should be a worthy inclusion into the game.

Similarly, many Paths that were planned for future release have also been converted to Archetypes ahead of their intended debut, and will be featured here. New (and new-ish) Archetype additions are listed below.

All Supertypes have Supertype Abilities and support up to Level 24. Many have semi-infinite scaling beyond Level 24. Nearly all Supertype Abilities have been touched up in some way, and many have been entirely reworked. This affects all Supertypes.

General Changes

  • Cross-Listing and Dice Pools are now described after the Supertype Table in the new “Common Features” section.

    • This was done to save a little extra space and to prevent constant repetition.

    • Dice Pools are no longer abbreviated, to ensure their meaning and function is clearly defined if people skim the document

  • Removed the Initiate, Student, Journeyman, Renowned, Master, and Grandmaster names from Archetypes

  • Changes in verbiage made for various Archetypes to make them clearer to understand.

  • The Supertype Proficiencies and Equipment Packs sections have been merged under one header; Supertype Proficiencies and Equipment

    • This is a space-saving measure that should consolidate critical beginner information at the top of each Supertype before having to read 24 Supertype Levels

    • For Archetypes that also offer Equipment, the language should be consistent


  • Great Weapon Fighter’s Inspiring Power Ability has been simplified and doesn't reference the Elemental Index.

  • Reintroduced the Hangarov Disciple Archetype, which constantly puts opponents on the defensive as they are forced to defend from a flurry of crippling attacks.

  • Kromean’s Brutal Efficiency now applies to all Items, not just Weapons.

  • The Aim for the Benches Ability of the Man-At-Arms has been simplified. Additionally, its The Ground is My Bludgeon Ability no longer refers to an erroneous rule related to Parrying.

  • Martial Artist’s Closed Fist Ability just doubles the Damage dealt rather than the “result of the Roll.” Additionally, the Ability, Open Palm, Closed Fist has been rewritten for ease of use.

  • Sentinel has been reworked:

    • A “Reach” Weapon has now been clarified to mean any Weapon with a Reach greater than 5ft.

    • The Sentinel’s Sidewinder Ability renders a target Pinned and Prone, ending when the target succeeds on a CMB Check.

  • Dervish’s Whirlwind Ability has been renamed to Whirlwind of Blades, and it’s Aggressor Ability has been renamed to Aggressor in All Circumstances.

  • Expert Duelist’s Always Prepared and Ready for Anything Abilities have been renamed to One Tool for the Job and Vanguard of the Opposition respectively.

  • Weapon Master now has a Level and Supertype prerequisite rather than relying on the Warrior Path. Additionally, instead of granting Ranks in the Teacher Path, Weapon Master’s Tutelage of the Master Ability now grants the Master PROF in 3 INT-based Skills, and the ability to grant others Ranks in the Combat Training and Weapon Proficiency Talents.


  • The Ranged Supertype Ability Cover Fire doesn't erroneously refer to Ranged Attacks, but the Fire Action.

  • The Ranged Supertype Ability Quick Fingers has been renamed to Finger on the Trigger.

  • Grand Fusilier’s Full Auto Ability now forces a REFL Save to be made instead of dealing automatic Damage. Additionally, Grand Fusilier’s Level 5 and 6 Abilities have been swapped with each other.

  • Breacher’s Slip and Slide Ability has been clarified and actually works as intended.

  • Gunslinger has been reworked:

    • Quickdraw has been renamed to Hand on the Trigger.

    • Your High Noon Ability now allows you to perform a Coup de Grace instead of 6 Attacks.

  • Pistolero’s I’m Your Bulaberry Ability doesn't induce a -2 Attack penalty.

  • Slayer’s Huge Guts Ability now causes Ranks of Fear rather than Dazed. The Fear lasts until the target is able to overcome it. Additionally, its Rip and Tear Ability now allows you to make 1 Ranged Attack rather than a Fire Action, but it doesn't cost any AP, and its Glory Kill allows you to perform a Coup de Grace rather than a Fire Action.

  • Sniper has been reworked:

    • Pinpoint has been renamed to Pinpoint Shot and now isn’t limited to Two-Handed Weapons. Additionally, erroneous mentions of “Partial Cover” have been removed.

    • Killzone, like Pinpoint Shot, isn’t limited to Two-Handed Ranged Weapons anymore. The language used in the Ability has been simplified.

Combat Arts

  • Ayetazi has been reworked:

    • Pistol Whip no longer refers to the outdated rules regarding the Hefty Component and instead just renders a target Dazed 1 on a hit.

    • When you hit a target per the rules of Party Don’t Stop, you can instantly Reload the Weapon as a 0AP Reaction rather than at a -2AP reduction.

    • A target doesn't have to be adjacent to you to trigger the Smack, Click, Stomp Ability.

    • Walk Fire, Fell the Tree can only be triggered once per Round but doesn't have any other cooldown.

    • Breathe in the Sulfur Smoke increases the Dazed Condition from Dazed 1 to Dazed 2.

  • Battle Rager has been completely reworked.

  • Introduced the Extempore Half-Archetype, an Improvised-Weapon oriented Archetype that allows a wielder to pick up random Items around them and wield them as proper Weapons.

  • Introduced the Nidi-Brazi Half-Archetype, a Charisma-focused Combat Arts Archetype that allows a wielder to Unsettle their opponents and break their resolve.

  • Introduced the Warrior Half-Archetype, a retooled Path that focuses on providing nearly any kind of fighter with extra utilities, Proficiencies, and ways to fight. It has received a much-needed nerf, losing some of its edge as a powerful source for Stances, Grips, and Combat Training.

  • Introduced the Wrestler Archetype, a powerful Archetype built for Grappling.


  • Defense’s Regal Ability has been renamed to Bulwark of the Battlefield.

  • Defense’s Bulwark Ability has been renamed to The Shield That Guards the Realms of Metru Nui.

  • Introduced the Guard Half-Archetype, a retooled Path that provides a significant amount of Armor Training, as well as various defensive utilities. Nerfed so as to not be an absolute must for Armor Class powergamers.

  • Shieldbearer (formerly Shields) Archetype:

    • I Can Do This All Day erroneously allowed you to Parry with a Weapon; it now allows you to Parry with your Shield, and now specifies that you can Parry to defend yourself with it

    • Rambulance now allows you to add your Unarmed Strike Damage to the Bash Action

    • Hoplite now applies to Shields with an AC Bonus of 5 or more, and now reduces the Strength Score Requirement for you to wield Heavy Grade Shields

    • Mixed Defense’s Rebuff Action now specifies an AP Cost (0AP), and slight terminology clarification related to Actions you can take while Hunkering

    • Bastille now specifies that the Damage being reduced is applied to the original target of an Attack if you fail to Parry

  • Titan Archetype:

    • Juggernaut’s extra Damage on Melee Attacks (and Damage Reduction) is now equal to half your Touch AC, instead of Pistons.

      • Pistons don’t exist anymore.


  • The Stormbringer Half-Archetype has been reworked to accommodate changes to E-Storms.

  • The first ability offered by Elemental Smith’s Gate of Artakha is now per Rest, not per day.

  • Golemancer’s Lasting Legions Ability has had its language cleaned up to make more sense.

    • Permanently reduce your EE Pool in exchange for a permanent Elemental buddy. Should be easier to grasp now.

Kanohi Fighter

  • Kanohi Fighter’s Push the Limits Ability now grants a Rank of Expertise in Use Kanohi.

  • Mind Blade has had some information in its Archetypal Proficiencies and Equipment section moved to Mind Steadies Hand

    • Mind Blade is also now Cross-Listed with Melee and Combat Arts.

  • Sympath no longer requires investment in a non-existent Path, and instead requires you either be a Level 3 Activator or Warper.

Criminal (formerly Piraka)

This Supertype’s scope will be expanded to represent all illicit or actively malicious playstyles. This name change will be necessary for that to work.

This was done in part so that the “Piraka” Supertype bonuses are more easily attainable; in, Piraka was interesting, but eclectic and disorganized intentionally to represent the 6 original members of that team. This meant that to get the Level 18 Supertype benefit, you had to first collect a ton of one-off, unsynergized Half-Archetypes, which isn’t the most satisfying experience.

  • Beast’s Level 3 Ability, “Nothing But the Wind” has been renamed to Same Side I’m Always On.


  • Beastmaster’s Level 12 Ability has been renamed to Sacrificial Mahi.

  • Beastmaster’s Rahi Master Ability grants 2 Ranks of Expertise rather than 1, and your Rahi Companion gains 2 Proficiencies.

  • Introduced the Shepherd Half-Archetype, an unreleased Path that allows Beastmasters to quickly accrue and work with potentially dozens of Rahi.

  • Hunter is Cross-Listed with Survivalist.


  • The Art of Wellness Supertype Ability now triggers when a target has completed a Rest with you.

  • Combat Medic’s That Others May Live Ability has been clarified and now forces you to make a FORT Save. It’s Get Up, Get Out There! Ability also grants ADV1 on attempts to Stabilize any target, and its Quick Fix Ability grants you the ability to restore Stabilized targets to consciousness immediately, and targets in Reach of you ADV1 on Death Saves

  • Nightingale has been reworked slightly:

    • Your I’m a Doctor… Ability grants double the HP gain from the Medicine Skill when used outside of combat.

    • Your Apple a Day and Familiarity Breeds Fraternity Abilities now scales off of your PROF.

    • Your Efficient Procurement now scales only with your Support Level and grants Tier 0 healing Items when Restocking your Healing Kit. If you run out of uses of this Ability, you can Restock Healing Kits at half the Widget Cost and in half the time.

    • Your …Not a Miracle Worker can be used in combat.

  • The Sage’s Positive Aura Ability now scales with Reach. Additionally, their Is this Supposed to Hurt? Ability now lasts for 1d4 Rounds (instead of 1d3), and the Range of its Family Health Plan Ability is increased to 30ft.


  • Dreadlord now grants Ranks of Fear as a value rather than calling out specific Ranks. This allows them to make targets that are already Afraid become Terrified at Level 1. The duration of the Fear they grant is limitless until the target succeeds on a WILL Save to end it (per the specifications in the Rules Guide). The Stoicism Ability now applies to any WILL Save, not just Powers.

  • Pathfinder now grants a Proficiency in Knowledge: Geography and is Cross-Listed with Scout.


  • Reworked the Merchant Archetype to include various benefits from the Merchant Path, which no longer exists. This was a fairly straightforward fix given how interlinked the two were.

    • This one is still, unfortunately, mostly inoperable until the Economy system is in place. Working on it, we promise.

  • Introduced the Performer Archetype, a means for musically-inclined characters to provide significant benefits in and out of combat.


  • Reworked all of Scout’s Supertype Abilities:

    • Scouts have a general Supetype Ability, Light Step, which allows them to ignore a new Terrain Modifier every 3 Levels they invest.

    • They’re Taking Them To Mount Valmai allows Scouts to roll Dice Pool [Survival] to spend on a large number of effects related to traversing the wilderness, some of which can be granted to allies.

    • Not Idly Do the Boughs Bend nearly guarantees that Scouts will never be knocked Prone or lose their balance, and if they do, they have Resistance to Fall Damage.

    • Do As I Do allows Scouts to guide others through Terrain Modifiers and introduces additional options to their The Skakdi are Taking the Matoran to Mount Valmai Ability.

    • Shock Absorber grants Scouts a TAC equal to their AC, no matter the circumstances, and allows them to break the falls of others.

    • Like A Feather grants 3 Ranks of Expertise in REFL Saves and increases the Resistance to Fall Damage granted by their Not Idly Do the Boughs of Le-Wahi Bend Ability.

    • To Karzahni and Back ensures that Scouts cannot be targeted by Attacks of Opportunity and that they aren’t slowed when carrying a wounded ally to safety.

  • Introduced the Dancer Archetype. As the name suggests, Dancers excel at performing elaborate dance moves, but are also lethal in combat. Dancer is Cross-Listed with Diplomat.

  • Reworked the Freerunner Archetype:

    • Ankles of Protosteel now halves all Damage from falling and grants a bonus to Checks and Saves to resist falling and losing your balance (with this Resistance stacking with the Scout’s Supertype Abilities).

    • Fleet of Foot now grants a Rank in the Movement Speed Talent and allows you to increase two Movement Speeds whenever you get a Movement Speed Talent, instead of just granting a +5 bonus to all Movement Speeds.

    • Break A Leg (formerly Athlete) allows you to make 1 Melee Attack when you stand up from being Prone, in addition to being able to stand up from Prone as a 0AP Action. Additionally, as a 4AP Action, you can Move and perform an Attack, adding your Acrobatics bonus to the Attack Roll. You also gain a Rank of Expertise in Acrobatics and Athletics.

    • Not a Hobby (formerly Do a Flip!) allows you to run along walls provided you maintain your momentum with Move Actions.

    • No Obstacle Too Great ensures that all Movement Speeds are equal to your fastest one, not just Climb and Swim.

    • Do a Flip! (formerly Overdrive) allows you to add your Acrobatics and Athletics together when determining the distance you can jump, and grants ADV1 on Acrobatics and Athletics Checks made to jump even further.

  • Introduced the Swimmer Archetype, which grants its wielders the ability to fight underwater and overcome extreme Environmental Factors. Swimmer is Cross-Listed with Combat Arts and Survivalist.

  • Weaver has been slightly reworked.


  • Reworked the Stealth Supertype Abilities:

    • Sneak Attack is now its own individual Ability and isn’t tied to a particular Level. Instead, it allows you to deal Xd6 additional Damage, where X is equal to half your Stealth Level.

    • Stealth’s new Level 3 Ability is called Incapacitating Ambush, which allows you to inflict the Anosmatic, Blind, Deaf, Numb, or Tasteless Condition(s) for a variable amount of time.

    • Observe and Conquer remains largely unchanged.

    • Stealth’s new Level 9 Ability is called Paralyzing Blow, which allows you to deal ASD Damage with your Sneak Attack instead of normal Damage, and also allows you to inflict the Crippled and Unmasked Condition.

    • Execute and Terminate (formerly Bringer of the End) still grants Critical Hits against Surprised targets, but also allows you to inflict the Prone Condition.

    • Stealth now has the following Abilities:

      • Paralyzing Ambush allows you to inflict the Dazed and Suffocating Conditions against targets you deal Sneak Attack Damage against.

      • Cloak and Dagger grants you Light Concealment while Hidden.

      • Horrifying Ambush allows you to apply Anger, Exhaustion, or Fear to targets hit with your Incapacitating Ambush Ability.

      • Assassinate and Evacuate allows you to perform the Hide Action for 0AP after dealing Sneak Attack Damage, and converts Cloak and Dagger’s Light Concealment to Heavy Concealment.

  • Reworked the Assailant Archetype:

    • Assailant is now a full Archetype.

    • Knock Knock (formerly No Talk) allows you to force Surprised targets to make a FORT Save or be knocked Prone.

    • Bewildering Stupor increases the duration of the Surprised Condition against targets you Attack, and increases your Critical Range when making Attacks against them.

    • No Talk (formerly Knock Knock) allows you and your allies to perform a single Action that costs no less than 2AP against a Surprised target.

    • Hotline retains its former functions but increases your Critical Range against Surprised targets by an additional 1.

    • No Time for This allows you to perform a Coup de Grace against a Surprised target if they’re below a fourth of their HP.

    • The Killing Blow grants sets the minimum Roll for Damage Dice equal to half their maximum when you land a Critical Hit against a Surprised target. Additionally, this Ability increases your Critical Range against Surprised targets by 1.

  • Reworked the Assassin Archetype:

    • Assassin’s Level 1 Ability has been renamed Marked for Death (rather than Mark for Hunt).

    • Death Dealt in Any Form (formerly Ruthless Hunter) allows you to attack your Priority Target’s FFAC or TAC rather than granting a Rank of Expertise in Intimidate and the Weapon Save DC Talent.

    • Gone Without Trace (formerly Mark for Death) allows you to Move as a 0AP Action after you reduce your Priority Target to 0HP.

    • Leading Mahi to Slaughter (formerly Sense the Prey) grants ADV1 on Attack against Priority Targets suffering from a Condition you inflicted rather than granting you a nonsensical magical sight to sense your target.

    • Deliberate Execution (formerly Crippling Hit) allows you to perform Coup de Graces against Priority Targets if they’re Prone or Surprised rather than inflicting a Condition against them (this Ability has been moved to the general Stealth Supertype Abilities).

    • Murderous Concatenation (formerly Mark for Execution) allows you to perform Coup de Graces against Priority Targets as a 2AP Action and mark a new Priority Target as a 2AP Action, rather than dealing increased Damage against your Priority Target.

  • Reworked the Specter Archetype:

    • Work in the Dark (formerly Break Silhouette) retains its functionality.

    • What Was That? (formerly Silent Step) doesn't impose Stealth penalties from Environmental Modifiers. Additionally, you don’t have DADV1 on Stealth if you spend more than 1AP on Moving.

    • Phantasmal Shot (formerly Unseen Shot) grants you the ability to maintain your Hidden Condition if you fail any Offensive Action or Combat Maneuver, not just Attacks.

    • Must Have Just Been the Wind (formerly Light Step) allows you to lead a target away from you by throwing Items or otherwise creating a distraction rather than having abilities related to disarming Traps.

    • Unseen and Unmoving (formerly Blend In) remains unchanged.

    • A Flash in the Window (formerly Flash in the Window) remains unchanged.

  • Introduced the Spy Archetype, a rework of the Spy Path.

  • Introduced Trapfinder, a Half-Archetype with a focus on Detecting and Disarming Traps. Trapfinder is Cross-Listed with Survivalist.

  • Trapper Level 2 refers to Pinned instead of Immobilized. Additionally, Trapper is Cross-Listed with Survivalist.


  • Introduced the Survivalist Supertype. Built from the former Scout Archetype, Survivalist, the idea blossomed into an entire Supertype focused on survival against extreme Environmental Factors. Survivalist has a unique Supertype Ability, Favored Terrain, which grants them various benefits while within a given Terrain Type. Survivalist has Supertype Level support through Level 12 and the following Archetypes:

    • Introduced the Night Fighter Archetype, a specialized fighter capable of fighting while Blind and in Total Darkness.

    • Introduced the Poisoner Archetype, a deadly biological warrior who has modified themself to resist the effects of most poisons and venoms.

    • Introduced the Storm Chaser Archetype, a scientist/daredevil armed with the knowledge of how Storms operate and the prowess to survive them.

    • Introduced the Tracker Archetype, which allows a practitioner to hunt down their quarry from miles away, no matter the conditions.

    • Introduced the Expeditioner Half-Archetype, granting one who invests into it the ability to shrug off the effects of Temperature and Exposure.

    • Introduced the Harvester Half-Archetype, which provides bonuses to Harvesting Materials and ensuring the Materials aren’t Damaged in the process.

    • Introduced the Mountaineer Half-Archetype, which allows a practitioner to survive in extreme Elevation.

Expert Pilot

  • Expert Pilot now applies to any Machine that requires a Pilot, not just Vehicles.

    • Boxor fans rejoice.

  • Ace Level 2’s Gain Advantage Action has been made more straightforward and easier to read.

    • It’s a much more simple contested Piloting Check; the higher roll wins, we don’t bother with mentioning equal rolls.

  • Driver has been entirely reevaluated.

    • This whole Archetype was inconsistent, still relied on Piloting Maneuvers that haven’t existed in the game for a few updates, and needed to incorporate significant changes to the way Vehicles and Machines work. So we did that.


  • Engineer’s Crafting Kit is now specified as Portable to prevent new, low-Level players from being able to start small factories at the beginning of the campaign without heavier investment

  • Introduced the Biomechanist Archetype, to help you unleash the mad scientist within you. You can harvest Biotic Materials from living targets without killing them, and modify them directly with Item Components.

  • Reworked the Platemaster Archetype:

    • Looking to Protect Yourself… now applies to any Item that provides Armor, and increases Component Slots by an amount equal to your PROF

    • Custom Engraving Free of Charge Ability no longer provides benefits based on Armor Weight, and instead allows you to discount the cost of a number of Armor Components

    • …Or Deal Some Damage? has been slightly simplified to a plain +1/+2 AC Bonus, in addition to the Quality Tier increase

  • Trapsmith is now Cross-Listed with Survivalist.

  • Mechanic now has a note that makes it clear that it can also be applied to Constructs.


  • Renamed MASH Technician to Apothecary.

  • Renamed Mad Alchemist’s Level 3 Ability from Elemental Effervescence to Elemental Mastery.

  • Renamed Powderman’s Level 3 Ability from Destructive Expertise to Destructive Mastery.

  • Renamed Powederman’s Level 3 Ability from Breakdown to Breakdown at Touch.

Crafting Guide/Equipment Index

After years of trying to figure out this mechanic, several recent changes that were given a lukewarm reception at best, and direct player and developer feedback, we’re giving up the ghost on Item Hit Points. In essentially all cases, IHP is dead, and mentions of it have been actively scoured from nearly all documentation (praying we haven’t missed any mentions of it). Machines such as Constructs and Vehicles now have Machine Hit Points, which function very similarly to normal HP (as in past iterations).

Normal Items are now targeted almost exclusively by the Break Item Action, which accounts for actually trying to Break the Item, OR trying to Puncture it to hit targets behind it. Both values are variations of Item Save DC, an already-existing resource that players have to track anyway. To compensate for this change, and for the poor performance of many Weapons and Items in comparison to something like Powers or Elemental usage, ISDC increases significantly alongside Item Quality.

An Item’s Material no longer provides a flat IHP Bonus, and has been removed entirely. For Machines, the only thing you need to worry about for MHP is Size and Quality. The Size IHP rate has been increased tenfold to try and ensure that most Machines have approximately the same amount of MHP as they did IHP.

Additionally, Armor Pieces (At least, as they are currently described), Armor Weight, and Armor Shape are all dead. They’ve been replaced completely by the Armor Frame system. An Armor Frame is a single Item that allows you to take Armor Components and grants a character their AC Bonus. Each Species has a minimum Base AC, which cannot be reduced without intentionally taking Armor Components that do so, as well as a number of Component Slots which can be spent on additional AC bonuses or other Armor and Item Components. Your STR Modifier and your Armor Frame’s Item Quality will increase the number of Component Slots you can work with. For a humanoid character, this system is significantly easier to understand, as you don’t have to independently craft 6 Armor Pieces, assign a weight, assign a type, and then figure out where on your body they should go. This should speed up character creation significantly.

Generally, Armor Class will be slightly lower than before. This is intentional, as it helps prevent significant abuses of the Equipment Index to cheese huge AC bonuses easily. The main workaround for this is to use a Shield, which also conveniently is getting overhauled. See Shields.


  • Removed Material-specific IHP (now MHP) modifiers

  • Mending Paste now Repairs Broken Items every 12 Hours

    • 1 IHP per Infusion converted to 1 MHP

  • Mutestone now deals Sonic Damage if Broken by Sonic Damage

    • Eliminated IHP dependencies

  • Sailor’s Raft mentioned a CON Save, it now correctly says FORT Save

  • Adgonite Blend no longer provides AIHP, instead provides THP for beings and Machines, and treats Items as Resistant to the next Break Item Action taken against it

    • It also forces the Admixture to no longer deal damage, only granting THP via electroplating

  • Dusk Ice now applies its Raw Ingredient effect to Solid Admixtures as well.

  • Wraith’s Gift’s Raw Ingredient ability has been simplified and can now be applied to any Item as a 2AP Action.

  • IHP Increase/Decrease Infusions are now ISDC Increase/Decrease

    • ISDC increases by 2 instead of 1

  • Sand Items are now Vulnerable to Heat Damage, and will dissolve in the presence of Water or other fluids.

  • Water now mentions the Water Quality system found in the Environmental Guide.

  • The Kanoka section now specifies that Kanoka are typically Diminutive, while Microkanoka are Tiny

    • Boilerplate change, but needed to be defined.

  • Zamors and Kuta Zamors were slightly broken in function and have been improved.

    • Standard Zamor Lattice can receive Infusions, which it had erroneously stated it couldn’t, and now allows its user to charge up to two Powers built in the Powers Index into it through Infusion.

      • It also allows you to store Elemental Attack Forms inside, which can be used offensively and defensively. For example, a Toa could charge a Bomb and place it into a Zamor, causing it to detonate with the target it strikes as its center; alternatively, 1 Round of E-Armor could be stored in a Zamor to be temporarily applied to an ally.

      • Because standard Zamor Lattice can store up to two of these effects, it should allow Power and Elemental users to get extremely creative with their toolset. Consider this an extension of Elemental Strike, in a way.

    • Because standard Zamor can be used in Infusions now, Kuta Zamors are no longer restricted to being used exclusively as the Primary Material in an Admixture

      • A single Dose of Kuta Zamor is now sufficient to make an Item completely unsalvageable after a single use.

  • Various Material Properties related to IHP Damage or Durability Threshold have been altered to reflect the new changes

    • Mirrormetal’s Radiation Immunity is now based on Item Quality rather than Durability Threshold

    • Zamor provides ADV2 on Break Item Actions attempting to Puncture an Item.

    • Dusk Ice now stays Solid up to Temperature Band 1, rather than a specific degree Fahrenheit

Crafting - Biotic Materials

Finally introduced the Rahi and Oropi class of Materials, which introduce a whole heap of ways to interact with Rahi

  • Cook your own food in-game, or play doctor if you’re a sadist

    • New or returning Materials include the following:

      • Coral (a new form of Bonemetal)

      • Muscle (Crab Meat, Lohrak Flesh)

      • Organs (Hearts, Lungs, Anti-Gravity Organs, Intangibility Organs)

      • Nerves (Brain Crystal, Eyes)

      • Membrane (Fur, Rock Lion Mane, Feathers, Kahu Feathers, Infernavika Feathers, Scales, Lava Hawk Scales, Webbing, Paralytic Webbing)

    • Biomechanists may work with some of these Materials in unique ways as part of their Archetype Levels

  • Several Materials that were previously listed in the Abiotic Materials section have been moved

    • Bonemetal, Airlift Alloy, etc. could fit in the Abiotic section, but feel more at home with the other relevant offerings.

    • Acids and Oil have been moved to a new Biotic Non-Solids section

      • All Acids and Oils ingame were coincidentally sourced from Biotic sources, anyways, so this just works

  • Rahi Loot from the Rahi Corpus that previously redirected to the Crafting Guide is now stored there directly

    • Paralytic Webbing can now be applied as a Raw Ingredient to grant ADVX to Stabilize Actions, but applies Dazed 2 to living targets for Xd4 Rounds per Dose.

    • Nui-Jaga and Nui-Rama Venom can now be applied to Non-Solid Admixtures and used as a Raw Ingredient.

    • Doom Viper Gas can now cause Corrosive Damage and Suffocation when used as a Raw Ingredient.

  • Yuruk Palms, Softwood, and Madu Cabolo Fruits produce Oil.

  • Introduced the Cooking Kit, which allows players to more easily harvest food from Plants and Rahi and convert it into a steady supply of Sustenance and unique properties

    • Food of all types can now receive Infusions like other Materials

    • This is not a feature that was particularly needed or requested, but you know what, it’s fun and goofy. Take it or leave it. -Petrus

    • Definitely not laying the groundwork for Makuta with all these new Materials… -also Petrus

Crafting - Kanoka

  • Kiril Kanoka Metal Repairs the Item it is made from instead of providing an IHP restore

    • This feature cannot be disabled by Breaking Items made with Kiril Kanoka

  • Regenerate Kanoka restores MHP to Machines, clarified its ability to Repair Items

    • Mention of Continental fixed to Tier 0


  • Identified and removed a weird rules holdover related to default modular Item Quality

    • Previously, if taken into account, the Item Quality would multiply the number of Item Slots, which could lead to disaster

    • It is now a flat +1 Bonus per Tier, like it was intended to be (and how we’ve been interpreting it for years).

  • The Universal Interlock section now specifies that Interlocks immediately release and let go of any Item they’re combined with when the Item is Broken.

    • This was always the intent, but having it spelled out is funny.

    • Those that intend to get around the Armor Frame system by using Universal Interlocks will be in trouble if someone Breaks their Armor Frame and causes all of their attached bits and bobs to go flying in all directions.

  • Weapon Mounts have been cut.

  • When an Item or Weapon is Interlocked with a Machine, it’s Handle Size isn’t increased.

  • Armor-Mounted Items aren’t applied across multiple Armor Pieces (as Armor Pieces as a concept are nonexistent).

  • Components relating to Durability Thresholds and IHP have been reworked.

  • Bandage costs 4AP to apply instead of 5.

  • Backpack now only adds XIS of Items, where X is Quality Tier (minimum 1).

    • Backpack used to give 3 + X (Quality) IS, which is an awful lot of space. 1IS can hold 6 Diminutive Items, which could be anything from Kanoka, Kanohi, small Weapons, etc. Seemed too cheap to give that much for that little.

  • Removed the Chaingun Ranged Weapon Component.

  • Added the Ignition Key Item Component, which can be installed on an Item and bound to a secondary Item or Machine. If the Ignition Key is not within Reach of the latter, a number of Components on the target cannot function normally.

    • Weapons can still be used as Improvised Weapons, but all selected Components are disabled until the Ignition Key is brought within Range again.

    • Ex. You build a Car Vehicle, and make a set of Car Keys. The Car Keys prevent anyone from Piloting the Car unless they have the Car Keys on their person.

  • The Damage Status Component is now a Universal Item Component and can be applied to any Item.

  • Added Elemental Dampener, a Slot Rebate Component that prevents the user of an Item from using their Element effectively.

  • The Extra Storage Component has been cut.

  • Introduced the Inventory Uplink Component, which allows you to link two Items (each with their own Inventory Spaces) and teleport Items between them

  • The Grapple Component now makes mention of using the Rope Component directly to increase its Range.

    • This allows Grappling Items to spend 1 Slot to gain 20ft more Range than they would otherwise.

  • Laser now scales with Range.

  • Lightweight Build has been cut, as Weapons Platform is now in this section.

  • Mess Kit now specifies that Items with this Component installed can be considered a Portable Cooking Kit.

  • Naloxa Containers now specify that the Base Range of a Power built using this Component is provided by the Item, not by the user (the starting default for any Item is 30ft). Additionally, their IC Cost has been reworked to cost an amount equal to the UE Cost of the Power.

    • This means you spend Slots to increase the Range of a Naloxa Power, not Expertise Tokens.

  • Overpenetration, Penetrating, and Sundering has been cut, as its functions have been superseded by other Components. Shredder takes the responsibility for all of these lost Components.

  • The Push Component has been heavily reworked.

  • Utility costs 1 Slot instead of 2 and can be installed multiple times.

  • Voice Modulator costs 1 Slot.

Equipment - Weapons

  • Renamed the Arcing Damage Component to Discharge, as there is already an Arcing Component.

  • Thrown-Exclusive Weapon Components now refer to Thrown Weapons, not Melee.

  • The Harpoon, Capture Catcher, and Grapple Line Magazines have been merged.

  • The Launcher Weapon Format (and its subtypes) have been removed.

    • Off-The-Rack Launchers that used this Format are now Single-Fire. Changes to their Components or their Magazine’s Components have been made.

    • The main factors with Launchers are that the AP to Reload and Fire them is different, but this can be done with Components, and that they cannot use high-capacity Magazines, but you can also reduce a Magazine’s Attacks with Components. They have no unique Components, and we cannot figure out how to rework them to be more engaging.

    • The idea of making a Launcher Archetype had been thrown around a bit behind the scenes, but if we did that, that would imply that all the other Ranged Weapon Formats need one as well, and then that becomes its own issue.

Equipment - Machines

Machines are the only Items that still have any form of HP, called Machine HP (MHP). This resource is a lot closer to normal HP, and is damaged normally. It is calculated more quickly than before (Size * Quality Tier Multiplier).

  • Machine Chassis now specify that all Constructs and Vehicles can accept all Armor Components, and have 4AP that can be spent if using an Autonomous or Sapient Control System.

    • The base Armor Class for a Vehicle that has not purchased the Extra Armor Component is unchanged, and remains listed in the Chassis Specification Table

    • Worth mentioning that a Machine’s STR Modifier does not add additional Armor Slots, as Quality Tier directly increases the Machine’s Physical Attribute Scores, in addition to adding more Slots. You don’t get to double-dip, sorry.

  • Sapient Control Systems have had an adjustment to their description.

    • It is now clearer that players choosing to play as a Construct earn Expertise Tokens, ASIs, and PROF increases as normal. They remain unable to earn HP Rest Recovery Dice, and cannot invest in the Health Meditation Talent as a result.

    • They also now specify that Sapient Machines are assumed to be able to understand and speak at least one Language.

  • A Machine’s Saving Throws are now more clearly stated (Simply equal to the Vehicle’s Attribute Score Modifier. Piloting can still be added to any Save a Machine makes).

    • Quality Tier no longer adds a bonus to Saving Throws; this is already done through increasing Attribute Scores

    • No double-dipping!!!

  • The number of Limbs that a Construct can have are now based on the Size Modifier of the Chassis (half, rounded up).

    • This change was necessary due to the lost of Armor Slots as a concept

  • Active System as a term has been cut.

    • Just didn't need to be there. It doesn't have many mechanical interfaces.

  • Sensors as a bespoke concept have been cut and simply replaced with the Sensory Modifier Component.

  • Power Modules no longer produce (9 * Slots Spent) * (Quality Multiplier) Item Charges per Round; they now only produce (3 * Slots Spent) + (Quality Tier) (NOT THE MULTIPLIER) IC/Round

    • This change is not likely to be noticed by most people. Many of the developers and players have noted over the years that Machines produce so much power that you can’t even max out the Power Module accidentally. This rebalance to their output will make it harder for smaller Machines like Powered Armor and Weapons to become too dangerous too quickly, while also squeezing Vehicles a little bit more for juice.

    • Power Modules don’t increase the Weight of Armor. Nobody cares about Carry Weight anyways.

  • All Machines, not just Constructs, have a Speed based on AP instead of Speed-per-Round (in 10ft increments per AP). All Machines have 4AP. A Pilot can spend their AP as well as their Machines AP to perform Machine-based Actions.

  • Piloting at high Speeds doesn't incur a Handling penalty.

  • Machines with a Hover Speed don’t ignore most Terrain Modifiers.

  • Additional Movement Speed Types for Drive Units cost 1 additional Slot instead of 2.

  • The Sideswipe Maneuver has been cut.

Equipment - Machine Components

  • Machine Components and Construct Components have been merged.

    • The Chassis Frame system imposes the basic limitations that we’d need to specify different types of Machines, and with the rules, it would be impossible to make something like a Submarine that has Arms to pick things up off of the sea floor, or… a car with Legs, or something. This also technically lets you give your Sword a Head Unit. The possibilities are endless!

  • All-Terrain Drive cannot ignore Dangerous Terrain.

  • Advanced Speed Differential has been cut, as Speed Differential Bonus as a concept has been cut.

  • Dampening Pads has been cut, as this effect can be achieved elsewhere.

  • Elemental Engine now specifies how much AP is spent to charge the Power Module, and that this lasts for 1 Round.

  • Emergency Eject can be modified to exclusively eject the Pilot.

  • Finite (Hourly and Yearly) have been renamed to Fuel and reworked.

  • Improved Handling has been moved from Control System Components to Universal Machine Components.

  • Internal Shields has been cut, as Durability Thresholds as a concept no longer exist.

  • Lift Control Costs 2 Slots instead of 3 and can be installed on Items without a Hover Speed.

  • Manual Control and Sails can be installed on any Item.

  • Manual Power Modules can be installed on any Item and don’t have a limit to the amount of Systems Technicians that can be operating them.

  • Overcharge accidentally listed an activation cost twice (1AP and 0AP respectively); this now correctly states that activating Overcharge costs 1AP and ending it costs 0AP.

  • The Power Shunts Component has been cut due to the cutting of Active Systems.

  • Reinforced Hull and Stripped Hull have been cut, as Armor doesn't use a Piece-based system.

  • Reorient and Rockriding aren’t exclusive to Vehicles anymore. Additionally, Rockriding costs 2 Slots instead of 1.

  • Sensor Countermeasures doesn't cost IC.

  • Sensorium Ball has been reworked.

  • Introduced the Speed Modifier Component, which allows you to increase the rate at which your Machine’s Movement Speed increases.

  • Storm Resistant has been renamed to Reinforced Engine, and ignores all Environmental Factors, not just Storms. Additionally, it costs 4 Slots instead of 1.

  • The Systematized Controls Component has been cut.

  • Defensive Vehicles now have a flat +3 Bonus to their AC and TAC.

  • Transforming System has been cut.

    • A relic of an older time, and nearly unusable today.

  • Undercharged Superstructure has been cut.

    • Hollowed-Out Frame already effectively covers this.

  • Unwieldy Design cannot decrease the Speed of a Vehicle.

  • Weapons Platform has been moved to general Item Components. Additionally, it simply reduces the Handle requirements of all Interlocked Weapons by 1 and can be installed multiple times.

  • All currently available Vehicles in the Off-The-Rack section have been updated to reflect changes in Power Modules and Armor, and have also received new, easier-to-read formatting

    • All of the changes to how Vehicles work unfortunately took time away from adding Constructs to this update.

Equipment - Crews

Crews were meant to facilitate team play and unique operational roles while using a Vehicle with your party, but due to their lengthy and confusing entry requirements, and the poorly-laid out benefits, they were more of a nuisance than a benefit. Some changes to how Crews interact with Machines have been made to compensate.

  • Crew Roles no longer have a lengthy training process. When you become Proficient in an associated Skill, you gain the benefits of that Crew Role whenever you occupy a Vehicle.

    • Navigators are now associated with Knowledge: Geography

    • Pilots no longer receive Expertise in Piloting, as this benefit would be almost always active for them.

    • The idea of Dedicated Crew is gone. This language confused the intent of the mechanic and is largely unnecessary.

    • Generally, the language for Machine Crews is significantly easier to understand.

  • Engineers’ Repairing benefits now only apply during Downtime, but they gain additional benefits related to Stalling and Power Reallocation to compensate.

  • Crew Members may add their Associated Skill Bonus to the ISDC of Components related to their Role.

    • For example, Gunners can add their Perception to the ISDC of Weapon Components on the Machine, or Pilots can add their Piloting Bonus to the Machine’s ISDC when something attempts to take the Break Action.

  • The Crew inside a Machine takes up IS equal to their Size Modifier.

    • This change means that cargo and people now compete for space inside a Vehicle.

  • Seats now specify that their occupants still take up Inventory Spaces on the Machine they’re installed into, but no longer cost different amounts based on the Size of the being sitting in them, and can be used as an interface for any Active System/Crew Role.

Equipment - Tool Kits

Tool Kits (Healing, Repair, Crafting) have had varying levels of attention over the years, with some variants not even being appropriate to call a Modular or Standard Item. While they still don’t function quite like a normal Item, their abilities and characteristics are now homogenized and much easier to work with.

  • All Tool Kit varieties follow the structure and format of the Crafting Kits

    • There are no longer 3 stages of Tool Kit (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced), and instead their abilities scale based on the Tool Kit’s Size

    • There is significantly less fluff about the contents of a Tool Kit to confuse the players about what they actually need to have in order to use the Kit effectively

    • Masonry Kits now reduce the Crafting Time of Buildings

      • It’s a surprise tool that will help us later

    • Rules for how to Craft these Tool Kits are consistent

    • Stationary Tool Kits are now able to store an infinite amount of Items inside of them, provided that those Items are related to the task they’re associated with, and the Items aren’t larger than the Tool Kit itself.

    • Stationary Kits now properly specify that they are, indeed, stationary, and require disassembly over the course of a Rest to be able to move (and another Rest to reassemble them elsewhere).

      • The Rest is the only intended cost here; you do not have to de-Craft or re-Craft them like other Items.

    • First Aid Kits and the Triage Kit are dead, with what little value they had merged into the Healing Kits

      • Travel Healing Kits can only Stabilize Dying targets; Stationary Kits can be used to provide First Aid to multiple targets at once

    • Repair Kits can now function as a hangar to safely store Machines.

  • Reintroduced the Suva as a mechanical Item that can be built by player characters

    • The new formatting for Tool Kits was too good to pass up, especially given that past iterations of Suva had Suva Packs, which were basically equivalent to a Travel Kit.

  • Tool Kits are now specified to have Component Slots using the same scaling as any other Modular Item

    • This is being put into place now to expand on future updates, but as it stands, this means that you can further specialize and improve the function of your Tool Kits as you see fit.

  • All Tool Kits (and similar Items like Suva) have all been moved to the Crafting Guide as a reflection of their changes, and because they’re fairly advanced Items

    • Slight adjustments to the introduction of Tool Kits were made to incorporate the best elements of the original format

Equipment - Armor

Set Bonuses no longer exist, though the Slot Cost of the Components that were formerly Set Bonuses may have increased significantly to compensate.

  • Introduced a new section that specifies that other forms of Armor other than the Armor Frame exist, which is then followed by the descriptions for Helmets/Kanohi and Shields

  • Added Active Armor, which allows you to temporarily increase your AC.

    • Removed EM Shield due to redundancy (sorry, Neut!)

  • Armor Shift has been reworked to reflect changes to the Armor system

  • Removed Mail

  • Removed Strap

    • Cord exists as a general Item Component and does what this was trying to do, but better

  • Full-Body Rework has been renamed to Physical Rebuild and now costs reduced Slots (since the former required a Set Bonus)

  • Universal Language Translator is no longer an Armor Component, and is instead a standard Item Component

  • Breathing Apparatus and Sealed Mask have been removed; their only unique functionality was to allow water-breathers to breathe on land or to breathe in high altitudes. It has been added to the Respirator Component

  • The Kanohi section has been relocated above Shields to keep all Kanohi information in the Equipment Index in one place.

  • Kanohi/Helmet-specific Components have been moved to their own bespoke section under Kanohi.

Equipment - Shields

Composite Shields are no longer a formally declared concept (although Interlocks can still be used to do so, and Interlocks are explicitly mentioned when gluing it to your Armor). This was partially done so that larger, better Shields aren't ridiculous to Craft, but also because Armor Weight and Shape no longer matters.

Shields now use the same Handles as Weapons, with the AP Cost of using the Bash Action depending on the Handle Size. This also determines the AP Cost of deploying the Shield as Portable Cover. Only Heavy Grade Shields can be used to make Deployable Cover, and their Size (and the Size of the user and the people they're defending) impacts the level of Cover provided.

The Extra Armor Component increases in cost every 4 purchases, which makes it increasingly cost-prohibitive to keep installing it on the same Item (such as an Armor Frame). The benefit of a larger Shield is that you can offset this Slot Cost to a new Item while still benefiting from it. For example, if you wanted to increase your Armor Frame's AC bonus by 8, it would cost 12 Slots, but to increase your Armor's AC bonus by 4 and your Shield's AC bonus by 4, it would only cost 8 Slots.

The tradeoff to this feature is that using a Shield requires a free hand, limiting the Size of your Weapon, or requiring you to shuffle your loadout to pull out a larger Weapon. You're also still subject to the Strength Score requirement to use a Shield if it's a Heavy Grade Handle. And, if trying to cheese it with multiple AC-providing Items, their effectiveness gets cut in half. See the Armor Class section of the Rules Guide for more information.

  • Combat-Made can now still be installed on Shields that can provide Portable Cover (as in, all Heavy Grade Shields), but cannot be used if the Shield is actively deployed as Portable Cover.

  • Lightweight Construction now reduces the AP Cost to deploy Portable Cover by 2.

  • Deflective serves as a Reaction instead of an Action

    • It should’ve already done this; clerical error

  • Reactive Strike now declares that you can make a Bash in retaliation, not a Strike Action

  • Size-Altering Shield now increases the Size of the Shield by 1 step rather than increasing the number of Shields Interlocked to it (as a reminder, you can still Interlock Shields together, but… why would you?).

  • Clarified the language on Weapon Notch.

Equipment - Off-The-Rack

Changes to how Armor and Shields work has required a review of the relevant Items.

  • Reworked the entirety of OTR Weapons and Magazines.

  • Several new Shields have been introduced, with the Basic Shield being reworked to reflect the inclusion of a Handle

  • All Helmets and Armor Pieces have been revised.

    • Helmets and Armor Pieces are treated as standard Items that can take Armor Components, for the purposes of the Crafting Guide. Most Armor Pieces require a Universal Interlock to attach to the user’s Armor Frame; Helmets and Kanohi do not.

  • Added Power Bracers as an OTR Armor Piece.

  • Added Manacles to the OTR Standard Items

    • Also added Energy Cuffs, a form of restraints used, for example, by the Dark Hunters.

  • Added Saddles as an OTR Standard Item.

  • Vehicles have a new format that takes up less space and accounts for various changes to Machines in this update

    • Vahki Transports now incorporate the effects of Kanoka Disks of Speed, a canon feature that was unintentionally ignored when initially introduced.

  • Introduced a new Off-The-Rack variety called Treasures, which are specialty narrative or decorative Items that serve few or no mechanical purposes

    • This section may be a little anemic in its first run, but could expand over time as we find new Items we need to provide for things like Archetypes or the Chronicler’s Guide To Metru Nui.

    • You could always make stuff like this before, but we wanted to encourage players to make their own for their characters. Treasures will also pave the way for the Economy system coming at a later date. Consider Treasures to include most luxury goods.

Elemental Index


Powers, while difficult to understand, allow players to reach echelons of power that are often unattainable by other means. To prevent you power gamers (pun) from doing so, we’re implementing the same “6 Rebate Component” limit that we placed on the Equipment Index earlier this year.

  • IHP related to E-Armor has been converted to THP, and the rules around Puncturing have been changed to reflect the new Break Item Action. All other Attack Forms related to IHP no longer mention it.

  • Elemental Storm has been heavily reworked. Notable changes include it being limited to the Stormbringer Half-Archetype as well as having a Duration and Radius based on the E-Storm rather than an arbitrary number.

  • Rend now causes a direct AC penalty rather than targeting Armor Pieces.

  • Telekinetic Manipulation has been revisited (for hopefully the last time).

  • Introduced a slew of new Riders that can be unlocked.

  • A new Universal Elemental Talent, Elemental Stone, allows you to convert any Stone Material into the Elemental Stone corresponding to your Element.

Talents, Riders, and Element Specific Abilities

  • Endothermic Reaction has been cut. No idea why this was here.

  • Fallen Droplets and Liquid Leech have been simplified. Internal Evaporation and Desiccation have been merged into Liquid Leech.

  • Cut Mental Exertion from Psionics.

  • Advanced Sonar has been cut since the Range of Talents don’t scale as they did before.

  • Mechanical Mastery costs 12EE.

  • The Water Tribe grants a Proficiency in Athletics instead of Swim.

  • The Staggering Force Talent has been cut as it is literally just a worse version of the Knock Prone Rider.

  • Symphony of Shattering now increases the bonus to the Break Item Action rather than allowing for more Damage Dice

  • Sonics E-Armor now automatically forces the Break Item Action against Weapons that attempt to Strike the user.

  • Hardlight now increases the Item’s ISDC when more EE is spent to create Hardlight Items.

  • The Conflagration, Rainstorm, Hurricane Season, Windstorm, Tropical Storm, Blizzard, and Wrathful Smite Talents have all been cut in favor of shifting E-Storms to an Archetype-based progression.

  • The following Talents have been cut due to Damage Types being denoted exclusively in Elemental Damage: Corrupting Force, Heatless Touch, Precise Manipulation, Caustic Touch, Malignant Infestation, Hemotoxin, Searing Luminance, Exothermic Reaction, Utterly-Shattering Impact, Force of Sound, and The Fist.

  • Protic Fluid and Lingering Toxin have been cut, as iterative Damage Types are handled by other Universal Elemental Talents.

  • Elemental Riders have been rebalanced. Additionally, there are many new unlockable Riders. As such, the following Elemental Talents have been cut, as they are now handled in this section: Heat Exhaustion, Flare, Burn, Heat Stroke, Frostbite, Whiteout, Smiting Stone, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Solar Flare, Taser, Prismatic Display, Particle Drill, Sand Shred, Slashing Sands, Acid Burns, Muscle Atrophy, Muscle Agony, Mechanical Mastery, The Fragility of the Body, Ensnaring Lash, Out-of-Season Bloom, Cytotoxin, Neurotoxin, Vertigo, Channel Confusion, Focus Distress, Neural Breach, Artificial Sense Disruption, Magnetic Mask Removal, and Artifact Unbinding.

  • Introduced the Self-Channeled Fortitude Universal Talent, which grants a Resistance or Immunity to a Damage Type you have unlocked. As such, the following Talents have been cut: Force Displacement, Take My Burning Hand, Salt of the Sea, Lifeblood of the Sea, Cold as Winter, Heat-Shielded, Concentrated Flare, and Focus Shielding.

  • Cut the Cordyceps Talent. You can already do this with the Material.

  • Cryoregulation and Thermoregulation can be applied as a Rider.

  • Increased the EE cost of Firewall and Insulation from 8 to 10.

  • Increased the EE cost of Flames of Valmai and Flash-Freeze from 6 to 10. Additionally, these Talents cannot be unlocked multiple times anymore, but can still be applied multiple times, as they can still be applied as Riders.

  • Well of Life and Liquid Leech have been rebalanced to accommodate for the changes in Thirst. Liquid Leech cannot be unlocked multiple times anymore.

  • Accumulating Ice has been cut as it does the same thing as the Slow Rider.

  • Flameforged now has a scaling cost based on the Size of the Item.

  • Quickchill now forces a REFL instead of a FORT Save.

  • Apostasy of Heat no longer reduces the AP cost of Quickchill.

  • Cut the Hurtle of Force and the Knockback Force Talents. Universal Talents can handle these abilities.

  • Magnetism’s AOE now directly scales off of your ESDC. As such, Aura of Force has been cut.

  • The Zero-G Talent has been cut. This is literally just the Gravity AOE.

  • From High Heavens has been merged with HALO.

  • Low Gravity Leap and Gusting Winds now doubles your jump distance.

  • Etherwalker has been cut, as it is just a worse version of various other abilities.

  • Gravity Surge and Sinkhole have been cut, as they do the same thing as the Slow Rider.

  • Chemical Drill costs 5EE instead of 4.

  • Irresistible Grains has been renamed to Scattering Sands. Additionally, it is limited by Attack Forms that force an Attack Roll to be made. Near Miss has been updated in the same way.

  • Gum Up the Works has had its cost increased from 8 to 10.

  • Metal Leech is limited to Attack Forms without the Angle or Area Aspect.

  • Operator Errors cannot affect the Dazed Condition anymore and costs 10EE instead of 9.

  • Metallic Durability simply grants DR3/Physical.

  • Electric Charge has been renamed to Living Battery.

  • Magnetic Conduction has been merged into Lodestone Brace for a more useful Talent.

  • Grasp of Atupala and Breaking Point have been cut, as Suffocating can now be applied via the Suffocate Rider.

  • Psychokinesis and Unflinching Control have been cut, as all of their abilities are handled via Universal Elemental Talents.

  • The following Talents have been merged with each other:

    • Focus Violence and Harness Rage Channel Anger

    • Focus Dread and Harness Terror Channel Fear

    • Focus Obsession and Harness Mania Channel Mania

    • Focus Control, Harness Domination, Command Rahi, and Command Swarms Channel Domination

    • Harness Clarity, Channel Prudency, Focus Repose, Harness Valor, Harness Fearlessness, and Focus Tranquility Mental Shielding

    • Channel Occultism and Harness RetaliationMental Screening

    • Channel CourageMental Fortifications

    • Harness MisalignmentChannel Confusion

    • Spectrum of Perception and The Folds of RealityConjure Illusion

    • Focus Restoration and Channel NightmaresChannel Dreaming

    • Focus Portents and Harness AuguryChannel Omens

    • Channel Thoughts, Focus Investigation, and Harness Memory Channel Mind Reading

  • Skill Defiance, Telekinetic Strength, Reactionary Dart, Harness Peace, Channel Serenity, Focus Bravery, Channel Disruption, Focus Negation, Harness Chaos, Channel Awareness, Focus Truthseeking, Incomprehension, Cracked Psyche, Lingering Delirium, Immaterial, Master Telepath, Skilled Telepath, Echoes of the Mind, Minor Trickery, Focus Intelligence, and Incomprehensible Might have been cut for balancing reasons.

  • Shield of Force has been cut due to changes in IHP.

  • Harness Perception has been renamed to Mental Scanning.

  • Channel Recollection has been renamed to Supernatural Recollection.

  • Harness History has been renamed to Channel Memory.

  • Harness Hypnosis has been renamed to Channel Hypnosis.

  • Run Like the Wind costs 10EE instead of 6.

  • Spark of Hope and Veil of Darkness have been cut, as Light Levels now provide an Elemental Affinity to Light and/or Shadow.

  • Chameleon, Seen But Not Heard, and Quake Premonition now cost 4EE instead of 8.

  • Echolocation now grants you an Immunity to the Flat-Footed Condition.

  • Sonar is now just a flat bonus that improves your Echolocation’s Blindsense into Blindsight.

  • Nullification Ward has been cut due to Rider rebalancing.

  • Psionic Slugger functions like Force-Fired Slug.

  • Telekinetic Might has been cut as there are new Universal Talents.

  • Elemental Hyperdrive now costs 5EE instead of 6.

  • Not a Minor Hinderance has been renamed to Riding the Wave of Power and reduces a Rider’s cost by 2 instead of 1.

  • Psionic Shot-Put and Sixth Sense have been cut due to changes in Range.

  • Sector of Control has been renamed to Elemental Bombardment.

  • The Empowered Rider costs 15EE and actually works as intended now.

  • Water Jet now costs 8EE per stack, and you must choose which effect (ADVX on Skill Checks, +5X Movement, or +10X Swim Speed) when you first spend the EE.

  • Call of the Ocean has been cut, as it is literally just a worse version of Elemental Affinity.

  • Cascading Ruin, Magnitude of Destruction, and With Greater Force have been cut due to changes to TME.

  • Private Forge costs 3ET instead of 1.


The way that Range is calculated for Elemental Attack Forms and Talents has been weird for some time. Range was an Aspect you could invest into to affect all of your Attack Forms, but it still had an impact on EE Cost, meaning that even if you always cast at the same Expertise Investment, the cost of the Attack would change based on how close the target is, slowing down combat (or being ignored for simplicity). So we’re making some minor changes that should help in a big way.

  • The Range Aspect of all Elemental Attack Forms no longer impacts EE Costs for any Attack Form

  • All Elemental Talents now have a Range Modifier of 1.5 that scales at the same rate as Elemental Attack Forms (such as Beam and Bolt). This change was made to ensure ease of access by players, as they will no longer have to track multiple arbitrary values. Additionally, this means that the Range of Talents can be increased with ET investment.

  • Elemental Sense and Telekinetic Manipulation also have a Range Modifier of 1.5. Elemental Sense has a Range Modifier determined by your Species.

Powers Index


The Merged Power and Conjoined Power Components have been removed. You are no longer required to tack on a somewhat arbitrary +2 or +1 Slot Cost just for wanting to mix or match Components, particularly when those Components are often not enough to be interesting on their own.


Similarly to Elements, we’ve changed the way Range works in Powers.

  • The Base Range of all of your Powers is purchased with Expertise Tokens, not Component Slots. The Base Range you invest into is shared across all of your Powers; if your Base Range is equal to 60ft, the Base Range of all of your Powers is 60ft. Base Range no longer affects the UE Cost of a Power.

    • Range Multipliers are unchanged, and are still per-Power. This allows you to fine-tune specific Powers to be shorter or longer Range.

  • The Constitution Power Channel now refunds 1 Slot for Single Action Powers in addition to Always Active Powers.

  • Always Active Powers still triple their UE Pool drain, but not their Slot Cost. It should be possible to more consistently make Always Active Powers at lower Power Tiers.

  • Power Expenditure Limit as a concept has been cut.

    • It just isn’t needed for anything, and nothing interfaced with it.

  • Kayi are not in a place that we’re happy with, but we believe a more elegant solution than what we can currently produce will be required.

    • For now, they have been shifted to narrative progression only, with the exception of Layamat, who may spend Expertise Tokens to unlock them using their Voyahi Student Species Boon.

    • Trial of the Iron Soul now grants a flat +2AC and Damage Type Resistance, rather than an Ultraheavy Plate or something that adds or takes Component Slots.

  • Powers are now limited to 6 Rebate Components similarly to Equipment.

  • Scrying no longer requires the External Medium Component.

    • External Medium no longer allows you to select a Taxonomy, Oropi Species, etc. to serve as a medium

    • Sense Throwing has been removed

    • This change was done mostly to make it easier to say “I want to see what my target is seeing” without jumping through hoops. You can also still use Specialized Target if you want to restrict your ability to hit just anyone with this.

  • Melee now adds 1 Slot.

  • Praise to Mata Nui costs 4AP instead of 5.

  • Resource Modulation correctly refers to Rate of Increase Dice (formerly Rate of Climb)

  • Halved the Slot Cost of Armor.

  • Form Replication now costs 3 times the Expertise Token cost of most Elemental Attack Forms.

    • This Component became way too cheap when we moved from SP to ET, so that has been resolved.

    • Form Replication now has a ratio of 1UE to 2EE, not the other way around.

      • The Power UE Economy tends to be smaller and more valuable than EE, particularly for something like Form Replication which is most often used on an Always Active Power that permanently reduces your UE. Additionally, all other Elemental Power Components that convert UE to EE have a 1:2 ratio, so this was an outlier

  • Changes to Components reflecting Armor and IHP have been made across the board:

    • Options under Provoked Power have been reworked.

    • Matter Alteration no longer mentions IHP

    • Full Body Attunement adjusted for Armor Frame changes

    • Stress Vision now applies to Armor Frames instead of Armor Pieces

    • Emotion Feed no longer applies to IHP/AIHP

    • Energy Fostering doesn’t mention AIHP, mentions MHP

    • Hemosense lets you check a Machine’s MHP

    • Bane of the Machine only deals MHP and can only take the Break Item Action.

    • Harden and Melt now modify an Item’s ISDC rather than its Durability Threshold.

  • Deepwater Adaptation and Pressure Manipulation have been updated to reflect changes to Pressure.

Kanohi Index

  • The Awai, Mask of Growth is limited to growing a user’s Size Category to Colossal 1, not “Colossal”.

  • The Matatai, Mask of Bravery now provides Immunity against most sources of Fear, not just Frightened.

  • Updates to Kanohi have been made due to changes in IHP and Armor:

    • Makoh, Mask of Frost’s Ice dome effect

      • The ice dome created by the Great Makoh Nuva also has a greater radius and DC

    • Gurakara, Mask of Disintegration now allows you to take the Break Item Action against multiple Items at a time rather than dealing direct Damage to a single Item (as Items no longer have IHP). Reduced the Decay Damage for the Great Gurakara to Xd4

      • To prevent this mask from being able to easily obliterate a single target and every Item on their person, Standard versions are subject to DADV1 if the target is moving; Nuva versions are not.

    • Jutlin, Mask of Corruption now requires a FORT Save. On a failure, the selected Item(s) suffer a -1 Quality Tier penalty, and are Broken if they go beyond Tier -1

      • Nuva Masks can still target multiple Items, and impose a -2 Quality Tier penalty

    • Kiril, Mask of Regeneration now Repairs Broken Items and grants MHP to Machines.

    • Rupanu, Mask of Shattering now uses the Break Item Action when attacking Items. If the Item explodes, it can no longer deal IHP Damage to other Items.

      • Great versions of the mask still deal significantly more Damage than Noble versions

  • The rarities of all Kanohi have been re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly.

Rahi/NPC Corpuses

NPCs and Rahi were some of the most inconsistently written elements of the game, and were subject on their own to a few thousand clerical edits. For example, more importantly, both Corpuses are now using a new Statblock format, which more effectively uses horizontal space, organizes important mechanical concepts a bit better, and incorporates changes to Armor Frames. A number of new and returning Rahi Taxonomies have also made their way into the game, further diversifying the world and making Beastmasters more interesting to play.

  • Adjusted the Challenge Rating sections of both documents

  • Both Corpuses are also now using the same Demeanor/Attitude scaling.

    • Having the term “Hostile” mean two different things based on which document you’re in is insane and has been a pain to work with for several years. I don’t know why we made the distinction in the first place. - Petrus

    • Similarly, Environments are currently not implemented on the vast majority of NPCs. We will be addressing this in a future update.

  • Updated both the Rahi and NPC Corpus’ Sneak Attack description to more accurately match the current rules.

Rahi Corpus

A number of new Rahi have been introduced. The selection introduced at this time serves to flesh out Taxonomies that previously had fewer numbers, and features canon Rahi, new Species introduced by members of the RSG team, and community creations we want to highlight.

  • The order of Taxonomies presented in this Corpus has been altered

    • I honestly couldn’t tell you why, but it “feels” better now

  • Rahi Attack based on their Demeanor.

  • All Rahi now have Rest Recovery Dice just like Oropi, which they may spend during Downtime just like PCs and NPCs do

    • Beastmasters are no longer strictly required to carry healing Items or Equipment to restore their Rahi Companions’ HP values, or can use this to bolster their healing

    • Die Size and amount is determined by Taxonomy and Size Category, respectively.

    • This info is listed in the Universal Traits of each Taxonomy, as well as in a table in Rahi Behavior

  • The AP Cost of all standard Attacks Rahi can make is now explicitly listed.

  • Rahi Templates were introduced to give some parity with the NPC Corpus, giving Beastmasters and GM’s alike a little something extra to work with for their Rahi.

  • Several Rahi that were listed in the wrong Taxonomies were moved to the correct ones

    • Proto Drake is now a Mammal, both the Water and Sand Tarakava are now Reptiles

  • All mentions of Armor Weight/Type have been removed from Rahi Equipment/Loot

    • FFAC, TAC, etc. have all had to be reevaluated on a case by case basis

    • Some Rahi are very similar to their original listings, some have had a significant departure

  • The Rahi Behavior section has been renamed to Rahi Behavior & Physiology

    • This is to reflect the fact that Rahi Taxonomy is not a behavior, and the introduction of the Body Plan Table to that section further cements this

  • Replaced the Loot Section with Loot/Harvesting, which details more of the specifics of harvesting from Rahi

    • Relocated just below Interacting with Rahi for easier access

  • The Ambush Predator Ability has been reworked (per the new Stealth rules outlined in the Rules Guide) to grant bonus to Stealth and penalties to Perception. Additionally, the Ability is no longer limited to a single, nondescript Material.

  • Most Grapple-based Abilities have been merged into the Grappler Ability.

  • Most climbing-based Abilities have been merged into the Climbing Claws Ability.

    • The effects of Climbing Claws and Grappler are denoted in the same section as Multiattack and Sneak Attack.

  • Darkvision (and other sensory abilities) now actually grant Darkvision.

  • Abilities that granted Resistances or Immunities to Exposure have been cut.

    • Having a Resistance or Immunity to Fire and/or Heat, or Cold Damage, has always granted a limited Resistance to the effects of Temperature, per the rules outlined in the Environmental Guide.

  • Mammal

    • Added Shallows Cats, a CR5 Solo relative of the Muaka, which lures prey to the coasts to drown them.

    • The Archive Mole’s Living Ladder Ability now doesn't grant a +4 Bonus but merely ADV on Checks made to overcome obstacles. The Archive Mole’s Deceptive Ability has been cut, as Deception isn’t a Skill anymore. Additionally, the Archive Mole’s Devourer of Swarms Ability is now applied to its Swarm.

    • The Ash Bear’s Natural Climber Ability has been replaced with the Climbing Claws Ability.

    • Blade Burrowers have Blindsense/30ft.

    • The Hapaka’s Mountain Climber Ability now allows them to move through any Difficult Terrain. Additionally, their OTS isn’t slowed due to Elevation.

    • Ice-Shard Hounds have Darkvision.

    • The Lava Rat’s Take the Heat Ability has been cut.

    • The Mahi’s Dried Up Ability has been cut.

    • Muaka have Darkvision.

    • Razorfish have the Darkvision and Deep-Sea Specialist Abilities, but their Air Reserves Ability has been heavily nerfed. Additionally, increased the Razorfish’s Swim Speed from 30 to 45ft, and their Constitution Score from 12 to 16.

    • Razor Whales have the Darkvision and Deep-Sea Specialist Abilities. Additionally, increased the Razorwhales’s Constitution Score from 16 to 18.

    • The Rock Lion’s Unrelenting Predator Ability has been cut.

    • Tunnelers now have Darkvision.

    • Waikiru have the Air Reserves and Blindsense Abilities.

  • Reptile

    • The Bazah Iguana’s Warning Siren Ability grants all Iguana’s that can hear it an Immunity to the Flat-Footed Condition.

    • Crystal Climbers have the Darkvision and Mountain Climber Abilities.

    • The Doom Viper’s I Think I Need a Minty Ability can be ignored if a target in the radius holds their breath, and their The Hydra Ability imposes a Rank of Fear rather than the Frightened Condition.

    • Furnace Salamanders have Brightvision.

    • The Lohrak’s Do Not Eat Ability has been cut, as Lohrak Flesh has now been properly codified, and they have Darkvision.

    • The Longfang’s A Light in the Dark Ability has been replaced with Darkvision.

    • Reas-Nui are diurnal instead of nocturnal.

    • All Tahtorak, not just the Tahtorak of Metru Nui have ADV2 on WILL Saves made to resist the Charmed, Confusion, and Dominated Conditions.

    • The Sand Tarakava’s Desert Specialist Ability has been cut.

    • Swamp Stalkers have the Air Reserves and Blindsense Ability.

    • Water Tarakava have the Air Reserves Ability.

  • Avian

    • Added Necrofinches, a CR0 Solo found on Zakaz, capable of singing and chirping long after its own demise.

    • The Infernavika’s Firebird Ability doesn't grant them an Immunity to Exposure due to extreme heat or the Thirst Condition.

    • The Gukko’s Nimble Flier Ability now grants them an Immunity to Attacks of Opportunity when Flying.

    • The Kewa’s Fast Travel Ability grants them a bonus to their OTS rather than reducing their Overland Travel time.

    • The Mata Nui Fishing Bird has Darkvision. Additionally, it’s Diving Bird Ability has been replaced with the Air Reserves Ability, and its Deep Dive Ability has been cut.

    • Manutri have Darkvision.

    • The Manutri’s Deep Dive Ability has been replaced with the Air Reserves Ability.

    • The Smoke Hawk’s Ash Sight Ability renders their sight normal when Shrouded, and it can Swim through Molten Protodermis instead of lava.

    • Taku have Darkvision. Additionally, their Deep Dive Ability has been replaced with the Air Reserves Ability.

  • Amphibian

    • Added Axolotl Tarakava, a CR8 Solo that stalks lakes and rivers for prey.

    • Added Dart Frogs, a CR5 Minion found in the jungles of the Tren Krom Peninsula.

      • This is a playful take on their real-life counterparts, the Poison Dart Frogs.

    • Added Mud Hydra, a CR7 Solo salamander that can replace any severed limb with two more of them.

    • Added Puipo, CR1 Group frogs that are known for their friendliness and vocalizations

    • Ranama can Swim through Molten Protodermis rather than “lava.”

    • The Ranama’s Steam Bath Ability can only be activated once per Round.

    • The Sand Frog’s Desert Specialist Ability has been cut.

  • Fish

    • Added Axefin Anglers, a CR2 Minion that uses bioluminescence to lure its prey. (Based on the Rahi of the same name by u/TheKickster, and used with permission:

    • Added Kofo-Galuna, a CR1/8 Minion, common fish which you may remember from MNOG.

    • Added Makuta Fish, CR7 Minion named by Toa Matau for its hideous appearance.

    • Added Nopha Rays, CR5 Solo, which use gravitational forces to fly through the air.

    • Added Reef Raiders, a CR6 Solo Swarm seen in the 2007 comic “Hydraxon’s Tale.”

    • Added Water Wraiths, a CR4 Solo which tricks larger Rahi into eating it before they succumb to its extreme poisons.

      • This one has been needing to get added for awhile; you are now able to obtain the Wraith’s Gift Ingredient ingame.

    • The Cavefish’s Bad Eyesight Ability grants them Darkvision. Additionally, they now have the Deep-Sea Specialist Ability.

    • Lava Eels have Brightvision.

    • The Takea’s Deep-Sea Diver Ability has been replaced with the Deep-Sea Specialist Ability. Additionally, they have the Darkvision and Blindsense Abilities.

  • Molluscs

    • Molluscs have been (re)introduced as a Rahi Taxonomy

      • Cephalopods were previously lumped in with Fish due to their small numbers, but because we intend to add more, as well as other Rahi like Snails and Cuttlefish

      • This list may be the anemic for some time, but we have cool ideas for these ones

    • The Great Temple Squid has the Darkvision Ability. Additionally, their Deep-Sea Divers Ability has been replaced with the Deep-Sea Specialist Ability.

  • Crustacean

    • Added Hahnah Crab, a CR1 Minion found on coasts around the Southern Continent.

    • Added Hydruka, a CR0 Minion found at the bottom of the deepest seas.

    • Added Kofo-Ghara, a CR3 Group, hook-shaped shrimp, that uses various tentacles to capture and digest prey.

    • Added Mantis Tarakava, a CR12 Solo that packs a punch. (Based on the Mantis Tarakava MOC by Obsessionist, and used with permission:

    • Added Yari, a CR2 Solo giant lobster-like creature. (Based on a winner from the 2004 Rahi Building Challenge that didn’t make it into official canon:

  • The Gadunka has the Deep-Sea Specialist Ability.

  • The Manas Crab’s Heat Absorption Ability now lasts for only 1d6 Rounds. Additionally, it doesn't affect the way Manas interact with the Temperature system.

  • Arachnids

    • Arachnids have returned as a Taxonomy classification

      • The merger between Arachnids and Insects was done back when there weren’t that many of either, and we were concerned about the lack of distinction between their body plans. However, the former has been resolved, and the latter just seems silly at this point, so they’re back in.

    • Added Agaturi, a CR0 Minion similar to a horseshoe crab.

      • Did you know horseshoe crabs have photoreceptors on their tail? I didn’t until I wrote this Rahi. -Petrus

    • The Dagger Spider’s Light in the Dark Ability has been replaced with Darkvision.

    • Fenrakk Spiders have been renamed to Fenrakk Spawn, are now Large rather than Huge, and have Darkvision.

    • The Kofo-Jaga’s The Light’s Touch Ability now grants Darkvision.

    • The Silver Chute Spider’s Paralytic Webbing and Silken Tomb Abilities have been updated to reflect current system parlance. Mentions of “Paralyzed” have been cut.

    • The Zoli’s Floral Coloration now scales with the Environmental Guide. Additionally, the Zoli’s Frightening Mimicry Ability specifically grants ADV to both variants of Intimidation.

  • Insect

    • Cable Crawlers have Darkvision.

    • The Fireflyer’s Deceptive Ability has been cut.

    • The Frost Beetle’s I’m Always Cold Ability has been cut.

    • The Lava Crawler’s Built to Survive Ability has been cut, but they now have a +20 Bonus in Survival. The Lava Crawler’s Volcanic Breath can now only be used once per Rest rather than once per day.

    • Metru Mantises have Darkvision.

    • The Rock Raptor’s Landslide Ability now actually triggers a Landslide Natural Event.

    • Rock Raptors have Darkvision.

    • The Skreepah and Tunnel Stalker’s Buried Alive Abilities now function identically to one another and reflect the current Grapple and Drag Actions.

  • Annelids

    • Introduced the Annelid Taxonomy Classification

      • We thought it would feel weird to have all of these worm Rahi get added over time and have no way to bunch them together without the Vahki Hunter also just… being there, so we’re laying this groundwork early. Now you can speak Worm language.

  • Unknown

    • Vahki Hunters have Darkvision.

    • Lightfish have been moved to Unknown.

      • The Lightfish’s Deep-Sea Diver Ability has been replaced with the Deep-Sea Specialist Ability.

      • Lightfish are now Diminutive rather than Small.

NPC Corpus

  • Simplified and updated the language of various NPC Abilities across the board.

  • Updated all NPC Weapons and Equipment to modern terminology and effects.

  • Updated the Damage of all NPC Attacks to reflect the current system.

  • Updated the Attacks of all NPCs. Some Attacks have been moved to Special Abilities.

  • Mentions of Backpacks have been replaced with equivalent Equipment Packs.

  • Updated the Skills and Saves of all NPCs to reflect the current Expertise Token system.

  • Updated the EE and UE Pools, and KC of all NPCs to reflect the current balance.

  • Temporarily removed Frostbeard’s Crew; they’ll be returning in a future update.

  • Templates

    • NPC Templates that share similarities or names with various Supertypes or Archetypes may now grant Archetype or Supertype abilities (ex. Diplomats may have some Diplomat Supertype features, Warriors may gain the features of the Warrior Archetype, etc.)

      • This makes NPC Templates a much more powerful tool for GMs to quickly plug and play unique or interesting abilities to an NPC without having to extensively review the Supertypes/Archetypes document

      • Some existing NPC Statblocks may mention the use of a Species-Agnostic Template within their Attack Characteristics and Special Abilities (Ex. Toa Warrior)

      • We’d also like to make it clear that GM’s are encouraged to pull from the Supertype and Archetype abilities whenever they feel they can create a unique challenge for their players. Bonus points if it’s from an Archetype the players don’t use or haven’t seen before.

    • Replaced the Species-Agnostic Template Skill Bonuses with Skill Proficiencies and Expertises.

    • The Kanohi Fighter Template’s Kanohi Charges have been merged with its Use Kanohi Skill Proficiency.

    • The Crafter Template doesn't grant additional Skills beyond Crafting, but gains an additional Crafting Skill Proficiency.

    • The Scholar Template doesn't grant additional Skills beyond Crafting, but gains an additional 2 Knowledge Skill Proficiencies.

  • Matoran

    • Matoran Guards Parry a +2 universally rather than just “for targets.”

    • The Villager’s Hunting Knife has been replaced with a War Machete.

  • Toa

    • The Novice and Veteran Warrior’s (Toa) Divine Justice Ability has been renamed to Arbiter of Justice and is only triggered when they’re first attacked.

    • The Veteran Elementalist’s Cruel Detonation Ability is only triggered when a target is suffering from a Condition.

    • The Novice and Veteran Counselor’s Elemental Riders section has been cut, as the listed Riders can be used by any Toa, regardless of training.

    • The Novice and Veteran Counselor’s Encourage Ability is now limited only by hearing.

    • The Novice and Veteran Scout’s Dual-Wielder Ability allows them to Dual-Wield as a 2AP rather than a 3AP Action, as opposed to doing nothing.

    • The Novice and Veteran Scout’s Like the Wind Ability renders them immune to Attacks of Opportunity rather than a +4AC bonus against AoOs.

    • Novice and Veteran Scouts explicitly drop Great Kanohi and Cables.

  • Turaga

  • The Elder’s Staff of Office has been renamed to Badge of Office and isn’t limited to a single OTR Weapon.

  • An Elder’s Baffling Counsel is now based on hearing rather than Range.

  • An Elder’s Sage Counsel Ability modifies the Assist Action instead of being a bespoke Action.

  • The Warrior’s (Turaga) Staff of Office has been renamed to Badge of Office and isn’t limited to a single OTR Weapon. It is a part of their Universal Traits, but is still mentioned in their Loot section.

  • The Warrior’s (Turaga) Kneecap Height Ability is now only triggered by Strikes.

  • Skakdi (Ancient)

    • The Ancient Skakdi Builder’s Built in a Day Ability now allows them to add their full Crafting Skill Check bonus to relevant Skill Checks, assuming they have a Proficiency in the relevant Skill.

    • The Reality Delver wields an Electro Chute Blade instead of an “Energy Staff.”

  • Skakdi (Modern)

    • All Modern Skakdi NPCs now share the same “Skakdi Powers” Ability, which grants 1 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2, and 1 Tier 3 Modular Power.

    • The Fugitive’s Skirmisher Ability is activated when they perform a Move Action, not just when they have moved.

    • The Fugitive’s Sonic Skirmisher Ability has been cut.

    • The Goon’s Limited Super-Strength Ability has been cut.

    • The Goon has a Combat Gauntlet included in its loot.

    • The Rager’s Barrage of Blades Ability activates on a Strike.

    • The Rager’s Razor Cutters are simply called War Machetes now to avoid confusion.

    • The Attack performed from a Varrak’s Motivate Ability is considered an Attack of Opportunity.

    • Varrak now have a CMAC (24).

    • The Varrak’s Warhammer is now Tier 0.

    • Varrak explicitly have Compound Longbows.

  • Vortixx

    • The Civil Security Gunner’s Twin Reaper Cannon is now a Fang Repeater.

    • The Civil Security Gunner’s Fire From the Knees Ability now triggers a Fire Action.

    • The Civil Security Gunner’s Overwatch Fire Ability now triggers a Fire Action without triggering an Attack of Opportunity or DADV1.

    • The Civil Security Peacemonger’s Commanding Presence Ability can be applied to any ally, not just a Vortixx.

    • The Civil Security Peacemonger’s Flame Projector Ability has been clarified and doesn't deal 3d8 Fire DOT, but just the standard 3.6

    • The Civil Security Peacemonger’s Smoke Projector Ability is now a 10x10x10ft cube rather than a 15ft space.

    • The Wildlife Pacification Lancer’s Electrolight Staff Ability has been simplified, and all relevant Abilities have been merged.

    • Panuri Vortixx share the same Universal Trait: Curse of Soot, and have had their Shatter Abilities cut. Additionally, the inconsistencies of their Statuesque Ability have been clarified, and the ability is now a Universal Trait.

    • The Shatter Spy’s Cryogen Claws Special Ability has been cut, as they already have Multiattack. Additionally, their Multiattack has been increased to Multiattack 2 to compensate for the changes to Cryogen Claws.

  • Dahkini

    • The Clan Representative’s Glare Ability applies Fear instead of Dazed.

    • The Clan Representative’s War Leader Ability is now based on hearing rather than Range and provides a +4 instead of a +5 bonus.

    • The Commander’s War Strike Ability causes a target to regain 2d4HP rather than 6.

    • The Commander’s War Leader Ability is now based on hearing rather than Range.

  • Kumopak

    • The Lesser Flight Ability shared by all Kumopak Statblocks has been cut, as the Ability is a Species Boon, rather than an individual Ability.

    • Reduced the Bruiser’s Reach from 10ft to 5ft (Kumopak are Medium, not Large beings).

    • The Bruiser and Laborer’s Ablative Armor Ability have been cut, as they are basically only around to make a weak NPC even weaker, and Ablative Armor functions completely differently now. As such, the Bruiser’s Hot Swap Ability has also been cut.

    • The Laborer’s Improvised Club Attack has been replaced with the Take What You Can Get Ability, which functions similarly to the Extempore Archetype.

  • Lhomanu

    • Lhomanu’s Size now applies a -5 Athletics penalty underwater, not a +5 bonus

    • Removed Pass-Stones from Lhomanu Statblocks

      • Didn’t feel comfortable with the lore behind this Item, which wasn’t even codified properly to begin with.

      • Similar changes have been implemented in the Lhomanu Species Index entry

    • The Gladiator now only has 1 Greatbow but has additional Heavy Bolts.

    • The Independent now only has 1 Greatbow but has additional Heavy Bolts.

  • Atureas Majors

    • The Deadeye has 53UE.

    • The Deadeye’s Steady Aim Ability has been replaced with the Focus Fire Ability, which functions as the first two levels of Marksman.

  • Ihidauri

    • Ihidauri have the Spring of Success Universal Trait.

    • The Bladeweaver’s Dancing Sword is now a Rapier.

    • The Lightning Quick Ability of the Bladeweaver has been cut, as it doesn't do anything in the current system.

    • The Dragoon now wields a Ballista with Grapple Lines instead of a Reaper Cannon, and a Rapier instead of a Cavalry Saber. Additionally, its Boarding Action, Grapple, and Gunner Abilities have been cut.

    • The Regal Bearing Ability of the Patron is based on sight.

  • Augafi

    • The Mine Overseer’s Shock Whip and relevant abilities have been simplified to reflect the current Weapon.

    • The Mine Overseer’s Insult Ability renders a target Dazed 1 instead of “Dazed.” Additionally, it is limited only by hearing.

    • The Mine Overseer’s Berate Ability is now limited only by hearing and triggers a WILL Save.

    • The Brute Ability of the Praetorian has been cut, as it's already included in their Attack’s descriptions.

    • The Offensive and Defensive Stances of the Praetorian have been merged into a single Ability, Dance of Death, which allows a Praetorian to enter into a new Stance as a 0AP Action once per Round.

    • The Praetorian’s Claymore now has Multiattack 1.

    • The Praetorian’s War Machete has been cut, as it is nearly mechanically identical to the Claymore.

  • Paxorak

    • Paxorak Statblocks no longer make mention of the Crabshell Special Ability, and instead have Tough to Crack in their Universal Traits.

    • Paxorak gained the Mohranese Impact Ability, which lets them add their CON to Damage Rolls.

    • The Bruiser’s (Paxorak) Momentum Ability has been cut, as it no longer reflects how Great Flails function.

    • The Marine’s Sealegs Ability is now only granted while they’re on Huge or larger Machines.

    • The Marine’s Rope is now Cable.

    • The Skald’s Staff is now a Club.

    • The Skald and Misaiz’s Chorus of Battle Abilities have been replaced with the Battle Chant Ability to more accurately reflect the Skald (Archetype) Abilities.

    • Misaiz’s Honor Dagger has been renamed to the OTR Hooked Dagger, but retains its functions.

  • Ursare

    • The Assembly Guild Representative’s Craft Skill bonus is limited to any three Craft Skills rather than all.

    • The Ursare Shock Trooper’s Abilities Water Breather and Water Walker have been cut, as they are listed in the Species description instead of the statblock.

  • Layamat

    • Layamat have the Specialized Training Universal Trait.

    • The Immortal’s Sentinel Ability has been cut, as it doesn't do anything in the current system.

    • The Immortal’s Weapons have been simplified and updated. They now only possess a Longspear.

  • Manidi

    • All Manidi now have the Active Camouflage Universal Trait.

    • Updated the Skill bonuses of the Hypnotist and cut their Open Book Ability.

    • The Deceiver, Your Reality, and Paint You a Picture Abilities of the Hypnotist have been cut and replaced with Hypnosis, as these are Powers that Manidi don’t possess.

    • The Infiltrator and Hypnotist’s Backstab Ability has been cut and replaced with Sneak Attack. Mentions of its Crit Range have been cut, as they are already mentioned.

    • The Hypnotist now has a Poison Blade instead of a Hidden Dagger.

  • Gawalai

    • The Amphibious Ability shared by all Gawalai Statblocks has been cut, as the Ability is a Species Boon rather than an individual Ability.

  • Ekedax

    • Ekedax Hunters only have 1 Greatbow instead of 2.

    • Ekedax Hunters have 6 Heavy Bolts.

Environmental Guide

The Environmental Guide, for lack of a better word, was messy and has been since release. There have been very few updates since then, and already the system is showing its age. To bring the Environmental Guide up to speed, a number of changes were made, most notably in presentation and formatting. Text sizes have been evaluated, as has the wording of various phrases through the guide. Examples of this include Pressure, Elevation, and Depth Bands, the latter of which being completely condensed into single tables rather than a bunch of individual ones. The specifics of what has and hasn’t been updated aren’t properly documented here, but assume that for the most part, small changes have been made across the document.

  • Survival DC modifiers have been increased across the board.

  • Light Levels produce an Elemental Affinity.

  • Temperature Band values have been slightly reworked and simplified. Exposure times have been greatly increased to be more realistic.

  • Reevaluated the Environmental Factors of all Terrain Types.

  • Pressure Thresholds have been simplified and clarified.

  • Unstable Terrain is now a function of a Terrain’s Material Quality and Size Modifier, not IHP.

  • Exhaustion incurred from Depth and Elevation Bands now scales with the Band itself, and is denoted outside of the main Band descriptions.

  • Falling now accounts for Damage taken by targets struck by falling objects and Items

    • Items that suffer Falling Damage are targeted by the Break Item Action.

  • Storms and Natural Events

    • Generally increased the duration and size of most to better reflect their real world counterparts. This may also incentivize different forms of interaction with the Environmental system, as Storms/Natural Events now affect much larger areas, forcing those affected to seek alternate ways to avoid their effects.

    • Inverted the duration scaling of most Storms; stronger Storms last longer, whereas weaker ones may last a few hours or only a few minutes.

    • The Immediate, Delayed, and Machine Effects of Storms/Natural Events have been rolled into a single category and have been slightly reworked to reflect current system parlance.

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