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810NICLE Day 2021 announcements

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Happy belated 810NICLE Day, everyone! We have some recaps, announcements, and teasers to share with you:

Just over a month ago, we released version 0.9 of the Doronai Nui! This is our biggest update to the system so far, clocking in at approximately 650 pages and featuring tons of new content (including a variety of new playable species), comprehensive system overhauls, and bugfixes.

You can learn more about the Doronai Nui here, now with a newly-revamped webpage! The files are available to download as a single ZIP folder or as individual PDFs.

For the Barranai Nui, we are currently in the process of prototyping miniatures! Pictured here are a handful of the prototype prints that we painted and sold at Brickfair VA a few weeks ago. Expect to hear more about these in the future!

We are also in the process of setting up a Barranai Nui tournament that will be hosted on our Discord server, so stay tuned!

We are pleased to announce that a Heroes of the Stars module is currently in development! It's still in its very early stages, so we aren't revealing too much about it just yet, but keep an eye out for hints and teasers... (If you stopped by our table at Brickfair VA this year, you might've already seen one!)

On the lore side, we're working on an update to the RSG Map Companion (aiming for a release later this year) as well as a new release: the Chronicler's Guide to Metru Nui, the very first setting guide for the Doronai Nui (slated for a release sometime next year).

We are additionally laying the groundwork for a community-based Doronai Nui campaign called Tales of Destiny, run by Lehari and a cadre of other talented GMs from RSG. This is a big undertaking, and it's likely a little further off than some of the other items we've talked about in this post, but we hope you'll enjoy it when it arrives!

As mentioned previously, we had a Red Star Games table at Brickfair VA this year! We sold resin prints of our masks and the aforementioned Barranai Nui figure prototypes, and met a plethora of fans both old and new.

Pictured above are a set of six of our new Vanguard masks - including an as-of-yet unreleased print of our Noble Vanguard Hau - that we donated to Brickfair's silent auction for the SladeChild Foundation, a charity group that helps children in need. Thanks to the generosity of the bidders, our items raised $45 for charity! More information about the SladeChild Foundation can be found here - please consider donating if you are able to do so.

It was wonderful to get to meet all the fans who stopped by, and we hope to see you again next year!

Red Star Games is proud to announce that we are one of the members of the newly-unveiled Tryna Initiative, a collaborative community network of BIONICLE fan projects! Much like the legendary Toa themselves, we are stronger when we're united: for more information about what the Tryna Initiative has to offer, take a look at the announcement from MaskOfDestiny!

Finally, as part of the community's 810NICLE Day celebration, Lehari ran a live session of a Doronai Nui campaign: Ruva Midnight. Featuring players from across the BIONICLE community, including Vahkiti from the Beaverhouse, Swert from BIOsector01, James from Wall of History, Gonel from Myths and Legacy, and our own Sigma and Kini Hawkeye from Red Star Games, the session was a smashing success! To everyone who came by to watch, we thank you for your interest and support.

Want to catch up on all the events from 810NICLE Day? Check out the Beaverhouse's Twitch channel for archives of both streams.

We hope you all had a fantastic 810NICLE Day; it was an honor to celebrate BIONICLE's 20th anniversary with such a vibrant, dedicated community. Together, we will carry the legend forward into the future.

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