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Visorak Horde

The Visorak Horde now operates outside of the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood – with the advent of war across the universe, the Horde’s leaders have decided they could achieve more on their own, leading their eager armies of spider creatures onward to new victims.  However, they have been known to strike occasional alliances with the Makuta if the situation calls for it, as their goals often align, and the stealers of life care first and foremost for the thrill of the hunt.

There are six primary Visorak breeds, each of which has its own set of traits and abilities.  Although the Horde may not sport incredible diversity in its armies, the power of the Visorak is undeniable: in addition to their sharpened mandibles and unyielding webbing, their venom can mutate almost any living thing it touches, allowing the Visorak to convert would-be foes into vicious beasts. These creatures, known as Hordika, are often blinded by primal rage and are used as shock troops by the Visorak.  The Horde also boasts strength in numbers - seemingly-defeated Visorak can be quickly restored to fighting shape, allowing them to replenish their forces even in the heat of battle.  Some of their more unusual compatriots include the genetically-related Venom Flyers, enslaved Colony Drones, the mighty Kahgarak, and stranger creatures yet.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Horde is not led entirely by Visorak, but also by a select few individuals of other species who have proven themselves worthy through trials of combat and conquest.  The best examples of these are Sidorak and Roodaka, king and queen of the Visorak Horde; although they were initially installed in their positions by the Brotherhood of Makuta, they would not have remained in command for long were it not for their strength, strategic acumen, and ambition.  Where their leaders go, the Visorak unquestioningly follow, leaving naught but devastation in their wake.

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