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Visorak Horde

“Fear them, for they are a plague upon the land, leaving nothing but pain and fear behind them.”


There are few who speak the tongue of the Visorak, and even fewer who know where the monstrous Horde comes from. The foul creations of Makuta Chirox, the form of a giant spider with sharpened talons and a natural Rhotuka launcher is rarely a comforting one. However, the only thing worse than knowing you are face-to-face with a Visorak is knowing that they never hunt alone.


The Visorak are a wild species, migrating across the Matoran Universe to wreak havoc wherever they may. But they are not without logic - headed by those with the skill, prowess, or tactical genius to lead, the Visorak Horde turns from a mindless swarm to a trained, dangerous army. In this case, their leadership takes the form of a trio of non-Visorak: Lord Sidorak, Viceroy Roodaka, and Vakama Hordika. Each twisted and evil in their own way, it is not clear whether any inner Light still resides in them or not. What is known is that they are utterly ruthless, and will use the Horde as a tool to smite their foes wherever they may be found.


“Visorak” is a general name for a selection of species, all of whom serve the Horde. These species range in size, powers, strength, and ferocity. Each Visorak fights using its razor-sharp mandibles, along with its natural Rhotuka spinner. The breed of Visorak defines their Rhotuka power, but each is as dangerous as the last, and all are capable of paralyzing their enemies, dragging them off to a fate far worse than death.

    The Visorak Horde is a melee swarm army. While its shooting potential is powerful, it is at its strongest when engaging the enemy in close range, and using its sheer number of models to overpower the enemy and crush them beneath their skittering legs. Its Commander units are powerful buffing agents which can turn the horde into a potent threat, and direct its lethality at key targets. Additionally, their rules “Their Number is Legion” and “The Infinite Spawn” are used to constantly replenish the Horde, allowing them to indefinitely threaten the enemy long after their numbers would have run out.

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