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Skakdi Raiders

"The Skakdi are, as a rule, warlike, brutal, traitorous, and violent - and those are their nicer qualities."


    Brutal. Vicious. Deceptively cunning. Cutthroat. The Skakdi are all these things and more. Hailing from the distant land of Zakaz, the Skakdi were once a peaceful species, until the mad experiments of Makuta Spiriah drove them insane. Now they are like vermin, who spend as much time fighting each other as they do fighting everything else they meet. However, underneath their blind rage is a cruel and evil cunning, and a will to dominate.


    The Skakdi Raiders employ largely the natives of their homeland. Each Skakdi is gifted with a number of powers. Firstly, each Skakdi has a unique vision power and a unique body power. These range in abilities, and can include such oddities as laser vision, supernatural accuracy, speed, or even the ability to see through time. In the game, these powers are represented by a large table of powers that many units in this faction are able to utilize. Additionally, should two Skakdi manage to put aside their differences and work together, they have the ability to utilize elemental powers in conjunction with each other. Some Skakdi may even channel their elemental powers through their weapon, treating it as their partner. Unrestricted by the Toa’s moral code, Skakdi have been known to hone their elemental powers to a lethal edge.

    Though Spiriah’s experiments affected many of the Skakdi, a small number were left unaffected. Dubbed the Ancients, while they are not as physically strong or powerful as the rest of their species, they make up for it in intellect - and the ability to use Kanohi. Though their numbers are few, they offer an even further variety of powers for the Skakdi to choose from. Alongside the Ancients stand another caste in the Skakdi society: their females. Although the average Skakdi male is an intimidating sight to most warriors, a Skakdi female is frequently bigger, stronger, and oftentimes more insane.


    The Skakdi Raiders are an extremely powerful army, and should be played in a shock playstyle. Their strengths lie in fast, brutal assaults, using spearheads to break the enemy’s formation, and their wide variety of powers to deny the enemy strategic options. Their powers are complex, and allow a number of unexpected and unusual tactics to emerge spontaneously.

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