Horrors Below


The Matoran Civil War is over.  The smell of blood still rises from the Archives.  The Makuta have fallen out of favor, and the Matoran have become disillusioned to their protectors.


The Black Stone


A new Matoran threat strikes from the shadows of Metru Nui.  Even Toa need to watch their back.  Old vendettas linger.  A Po-Matoran radical organization, the mysterious Black Stone, plots its revenge against the Metru districts. They must be stopped...


A Mire of Intent


A series of mysterious murders unfolds. Mercenary Vortixx paid to keep the peace in the city provoke conflict. Matoran suspect their involvement in recent disappearances, and the Turaga seem complacent with these happenings. What motivates these Vortixx, and can they be trusted?


New Heroes Rise


Turaga Bomupar, an old hero of the Civil War, gathers new Toa to defend Metru Nui.  The mantle falls on revered citizens of the Metru districts, as well as travelers from across the fringe. 

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