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A made-to-order 3D print of an eyestalk, compatible with Metru head pieces.  Designed by Perp3tual; crafted by Jakfan.

3D-printed in high-quality durable resin, dyed with inks, and finished with a matte sealant.


Each print is made-to-order and printed on-demand; although we strive to ensure the uniformity of all of our prints, the nature of the printing process may introduce small variations and blemishes. Processing may take up to four weeks, not including shipping time.


When ordering, please specify your desired color(s) for the item from the following list.  Please note that we do not currently offer other custom painting options beyond those previously described; requests for colors that we do not offer or are otherwise illegible will result in the item being unpainted.
We offer the following colors:

  • Unpainted, translucent off-white - specify if unsealed (for painting) or sealed
  • Translucent black
  • Translucent red
  • Translucent orange
  • Translucent yellow-orange
  • Translucent yellow
  • Translucent lime green
  • Translucent medium green
  • Translucent green
  • Translucent teal
  • Translucent medium blue
  • Translucent blue
  • Translucent purple
  • Translucent pink


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