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The Traveler and the Stone Rats

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The Chronicler Kadehi is a De-Matoran who was exiled from his home of De-Koro on the Tren Krom Peninsula for being too loud with his music. After leaving that island and exploring for a while, he found himself amongst friends at an inn called the Gukko’s Tree on the northern edge of the Southern Continent, where he collected tales from travelers and wrote them into verse and song, which he keeps stored and recorded. He stayed and worked there for many years, possibly even centuries, although he admits he has forgotten how long he was truly there for. He states that one traveler informed him of the Akutana e-Metru Nui’s existence, and was so excited at the prospect to learn of these stories, that he left the next evening to journey to the city. Upon arriving in Metru Nui, he sought out the Akutana and offered his works as proof of his worth to the guild.

The following experience is reportedly one of his own. We estimate it occurred roughly one century before the Civil War broke loose.

The Traveler and the Stone Rats

A Tale by the Chronicler Kadehi

I met a fellow Traveler

On my path to Gukko’s Tree

Greetings had

Though looked he sad

So asked I him to follow me

Though strong in face, he did seem odd

In unorthodox attire

His armor hues

Of reds and blues

Not normal for kin of fire

At tabletop, I asked his woes

And so his story sewn

A tale of longing

For true belonging

And no home to call his own

Twas then the innkeep asked me

A favor for a coin

A treasure lost

For such a cost

I could not but help to join

Invited I the Traveler also

Though in him, I saw fear

Yet raging fire

Of great desire

Was brandishing his spear

So journeyed we to Stone Rat Cave

To find the stolen treasure

With spear, a lute

And baity fruit

We carried for good measure

Upon the den, we lighted

Our trap all set to spring

Outside the mouth

We waited South

On bated breath, we cling

Out came the many stone rats

In dark and dirty grey

They took the bait

The fruit they ate

And I did start to play

A sultry tune I strummed

The rats my audience now

And in their peep

They fell asleep

But I didn’t take my bow

For then it was the Traveler’s turn

He snuck into their cave

Then ran he out

With frightened shout

Then I saw what made him rave

Out came a giant stone rat

The mother of the swarm

So we did run

The chase begun

From the wailing, gnashing form

We headed for a river

And lost it in the tide

From river’s shore

To tavern’s door

We cheered we had not died

We gave the innkeep’s disk back

And he paid us what he said

The Kanoka hung

Our songs were sung

Then went we all to bed

When morning broke, the Traveler left

And goodbyes we all had

A happy grin

I saw on him

And for that, I was glad

One day, I’m sure he’ll find his home

Though it may not be so soon

I hope to know

Our fates will flow

To join us under another moon

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