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The Toa Code

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The following document was compiled for the Akutana-e Metru Nui around the year 20,901 A.a. It is believed to be the first official documentation of the Toa Code, which up until now had no defined ruleset, and was determined by each Turaga upon appointing a new Toa. In Metru Nui, new Toa are now appointed by the Turaga in the Coliseum, and must swear the Code before taking up service. This is the first known instance of a Turaga implementing an official, written form of the Toa Code.


I am a Toa.

I am the light in the darkness,

The peace in the conflict.

My life belongs to Mata Nui,

To enforce his will and to uphold our virtues.

The Toa are my brothers and sisters, and our unity shall protect us.

My duty is to the Matoran and the Turaga who lead them.

By protecting them, I can achieve my destiny.

I shall not kill,

I shall not steal,

I shall not hide in the shadows.

This I swear, in the name of Mata Nui.

Unity, Duty, Destiny.

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