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RSG's Stance on Shapeways Changes

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

RSG recently received an email from Shapeways’ Support Team, alerting us to some changes that will be going into effect as of today. To put it bluntly, these changes will make all products on the site more expensive, including our own. We have no way to control these price increases, and so we thought it would be best to explain how to best shop for our products.

Shapeways, like most other companies, has taken a financial hit during the COVID-19 outbreak. As such, their prices are going to increase across the board in order to compensate. This includes the following:

  • 6% processing fee applied to the base price of all models on the site

  • Near-universal increases in shipping costs, as well as the removal of Value Shipping for the United States

  • Dyed parts will increase in price by $1.50, and Dyed + Polished parts will increase by $2.50.

Taking these changes into consideration, we strongly recommend that our products be purchased in an undyed material and subsequently painted to the desired color.

We know this is frustrating, and trust us, we are extremely unhappy about the circumstances as well. As of right now, there is nothing we can do; we have plans in the works that are still in development.

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