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Metru Nui Task Force Official Notes - Part 2

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

You can read Part 1 of the Metru Nui Task Force Official Notes here:


Official Notes Entry 3

The Sculpting Club* is a popular pastime for residents of the Assembler’s Villages; it allows them to harness and perfect their craft. It's no wonder Vonau and Ahkmou are frequent visitors.

According to the members I questioned, Vonau did indeed attend the club every night up till the day before the crime. The most interesting part was they said that Vonau never went in the direction of his home when they left for the night, instead heading toward Stone's End.** They didn't question it, assuming he was going there for some peace and quiet before heading home.***

Before I attempted to trek into that Karzhani-pit, I got word back from the Task Force HQ that Vonau warranted enough suspicion to grant me a Permit Of Home Investigation.**** En route to his hut now, I doubt he touched anything. Our little chat let him know he's a suspect, and going home would only make it easier to find him. Of course, if he is there, he might be kind enough to explain why he regularly visits one of the most dangerous areas in Metru Nui; I doubt it's for the view.

* [Not to be confused with the more elitist Po-Aytakha Crafters; however, many in that group got their start in clubs like this one. It's the reason why the club is so popular, though I can't say I fully understand why anyone would want to be that much of an insufferable snob.]

** [Stone's End is one of the most avoided places in Metru Nui. Home to some of the most vicious Rahi in the Metru, violent sandstorms, and the occasional tidal wave, you'd have to be pretty brave or pretty stupid to go there on a regular and not get eaten by a Muaka.]

*** [Stone's End was a hotbed of illegal activity; most Matoran don't know of the apprehension of the Black Stone members there because we didn't want them to. Stone's End was far enough out of the way that we could subdue them without giving them the satisfaction of making a scene and inspiring others to hide there. Shady activity still happens on the outskirts, though - is Vonau meeting with Black Stone members?]

**** [No Task Force Member is allowed to search a resident's home without one of these authorized by either HQ or the Turaga himself, depending on circumstance. In order to keep citizens trustful of us, any Task Forcemember found committing an unauthorized search is immediately removed from the Force.]


Official Notes Entry 4

Returned to the Assembler’s Village; Vonau's hut only a literal stone's throw away from Ahkmou's. Upon entering, it appeared to be an average carver’s hut: workbench, cot, a large shelf unit for displaying works, nothing unusual.

However, closer examination of the shelf, I noticed streaks in the dirt* that seemed to move outward like a door. Upon making the attempt to “open” the shelf, it swung open with ease. Underneath the shelf was a small alcove filled with documents, all bearing the mark of the Black Stone.

I looked through the documents, but unfortunately most of them were in code I couldn't decipher.** It didn't matter - I had my indisputable evidence, now to find the culprit. No doubt he's still at the Wash, trying to hide in plain sight like the Black Stone always does. I'm going to attempt to apprehend him as quickly and quietly as I can; I don't need to be involved in another Zeju incident.

* [Most non-Po-Matoran wouldn't notice this, especially Ta-Matoran. But I've spent a lot of time in Po-Metru, and you tend to pick up a thing or two when it comes to dust and stone.]

** [The Black Stone like to keep everything in code in case of a breach of security. The only things in readable language are things that they want read - misleading clues, mantras and oaths, things to cause fear and confusion...things they want to spread.]


Official Notes Entry 5

Apprehended Vonau at the Wash; suspect injured himself in an attempt to flee through an alleyway. Arrested on charges of conspiracy, arson, and attempted homicide. Taken to Task Force HQ for processing and questioning.*

* [I hope he rots.]


Addendum by Akutana Chronicler Demak

To any future Chroniclers who might read this, you might wonder as I did about the sudden ending of Paravhiki’s last entry. One might also wonder what happened to Vonau. I remember when I talked to him right after he brought him in - or rather, how I tried to talk to him. He refused to speak of what happened that night in the alley, despite the personal detail he put in the rest of his notes while on the move. As for Vonau, despite his initial protests that he had been set up by someone else, he eventually earned his release for cooperating and decoding important criminal documents. Of course, where one threat ends, another rises. The Task Force put their focus directly on to the Jaga’s Stinger, leading to a crusade to remove the criminal influences from that area for the rest of the Task Force’s existence. It was in Paravhiki's notes on his first major bust regarding a takedown of a Rahi smuggling operation that I discovered what happened that night at the Wash, and why his sole goal was to take down the head of a Le-Metru crime syndicate known only as Nanohi.

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