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Element: Ice

Kanohi: Great Valumi, the Mask of Clairvoyance

Weapon: Bladed Tonfas


Originally residing on the Southern Continent, Ardell was a member of a small village that was fanatically devoted to the Great Spirit. The village's Turaga instructed him to seek out and deliver tribute to a "golden idol" said to be hidden somewhere near a local volcano - a duty that the newly-constructed Matoran happily carried out.


After a long and arduous journey, Ardell finally discovered a breach into a mysterious fortress that was located at the base of Mount Valmai. Within was a stairway of terrors that stretched out for almost an eternity, upon which he discovered Umbra, the guardian of the idol, who denied him further passage each time.

As he prepared to descend the staircase yet again, Ardell encountered a team of Toa who fought Umbra for possession of that very treasure - an ancient Kanohi the likes of which had never been seen before. As the fight drew to a close, the Toa disappeared in a flash of light, mask in hand. Ardell waited patiently outside the fortress in the hopes of seeing their return, his mind captivated by this incredible occurrence. Minutes later, the Toa reappeared - with one of their number missing - to bring the mask back to its resting place. They seemed fearful of the artifact, and refused to answer any of Ardell's questions save one: that they had come from the island of Metru Nui, the city of the Great Spirit.


Ardell quickly returned to his Turaga, hoping for more answers.  The elder reluctantly directed the Matoran to his old Toa canister and left him with a warning: a calamity had befallen the city's heart.

Undeterred, Ardell would soon make landfall on the Northern Continent, where he crossed paths with a Matoran named Kodauhi. Kodauhi explained where they were, and offered to take Ardell to Metru Nui in exchange for assistance in retrieving a cache of artifacts from an abandoned temple, now infested with Rahi. After a long battle, the two were faced with overwhelming odds and fled to Metru Nui with what riches they had managed to obtain. Among the treasures were Toa Stones, which activated as they approached the City of Legends. Now a Toa, Ardell took this opportunity to rename himself Mavkhi, in honor of an ancient hero of his village.

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