Element: Ice

Kanohi: Valumi, Great Mask of Clairvoyance

Weapon: Bladed Tonfas


Much of the details of his past are shrouded in mystery. Residing on the Southern Continent, Mavkhi was a religious fanatic who made numerous trips through the jungles of the continent to show his devotion to the Great Spirit.


After many journeys, he finally discovered a breach into a mysterious fortress that was located at the base of Mount Valmai. Within was a path that stretched out for almost an eternity, at the end of which he discovered Umbra, guardian of a golden idol, who denied the Matoran further passage each time.

During one of these trips, Mavkhi encountered a Toa team fighting Umbra for possession of that very golden idol. By the end of the fight, neither were anywhere to be seen, but hours later, the Toa returned. They seemed fearful of the mask and refused to answer any of the Matoran’s questions except where they came from: Metru Nui.


The Matoran returned to his Turaga, hoping for more answers.  The elder reluctantly gave Mavhki his old Toa canister and left Mavkhi with a warning: learn about Metru Nui, witness its horrors, and then return without ever speaking of the island again.

Setting out, Mavkhi would soon make landfall on the Northern Continent, where he crossed paths with Kodauhi. The Ga-Matoran explained where they were and then offered to take Mavkhi to Metru Nui in exchange for assistance in clearing out an ancient temple. After a long battle, the two were faced with defeat and fled to Metru Nui with the riches they had managed to obtain.

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