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Xian Corporate Alliance

“The Vortixx couldn't care less who wins or loses, so long as they get paid.”


The Xian Corporate Alliance is a loose coalition of businesses who consider warfare to be in their stockholders’ best interest. Hailing from the island of Xia, the Alliance is a combination of advanced war machines, slaves, mercenaries, riot police, and robotic constructs. The group is headed by the deceitful and business-savvy Vortixx, a reptilian species who, above all else, prioritize profit. Having converted much of their island into a polluted, industrial hellscape permeated by the cracks of whips, the sounds of machinery, and claps of thunder from their scorched sky, they seek now to plunder other parts of the Matoran Universe for their resources.


    The Xian Corporate Alliance is not an especially loyal group. Its units are not particularly coherent, and many differ vastly in design philosophy. However, due to their massive industry, they are granted several major boons. Chief amongst them is their ability to specialize their infantry and vehicles for certain combat encounters; most units in the Xian Corporate Alliance have several customization options which can be equipped to counter specific enemy factions. They are amongst the most dangerous factions at range, but this is both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. Xians are usually weak in melee, and thus require heavy firepower to protect themselves from the enemy.


    If you’re looking to play using the Xian Corporate Alliance, you should be focusing on ranged assault. The Xians carry a number of abilities that allow them to deny the enemy offensive options, and protect their ever-expanding zone of domination. Additionally, their armored fighting vehicles and constructs offer strong spearheads should the need for a high-speed offensive push arise, though it is important to remember that these vehicles and constructs are often vulnerable when alone in the field. Playing the Xian Corporate Alliance rewards intimate knowledge of the enemy’s tactics and strategies, and although players must work to avoid the faction’s major weakness, its strength more than makes up for it.

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