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Xian Corporate Alliance

The numerous companies of Xia have united under the auspices of the Xian Corporate Alliance, seeing an opportunity for profit, advancement, and customer satisfaction like none other.  Nearly every other faction has some sort of contract, trade, or secret dealings with the Vortixx, who are happy to work with any customer and fill any order for the right price.

The Xians’ greatest advantage lies in their engineering skills, constructing mighty war machines and sophisticated weaponry.  This helps make up for the fact that most Vortixx - though tall in stature - are not especially adept in close combat, relying on ranged firepower to keep their enemies at bay.  They also make some use of mercenaries and slaves to fill out the ranks of their infantry, and while their forces are not always the most loyal, Xia’s relentless industrialization and ruthless business deals mean that they always have a variety of options at their disposal.  Even the dead are repurposed, their corpses implanted with technological interfaces with computer cores and other machinery to ensure that they can still serve their employers in death.

Higher-ranking Vortixx are better-armed and armored, and this trait is best exemplified by Xia’s Chief Executive Officers and Technodespots.  Chief Executive Officers are clad in powered exo-suits, keeping them insulated from the throes of battle while also allowing them to bring massive weapons to bear on their enemies.  Technodespots, on the other hand, have both figuratively and literally internalized the concept of upgrade cycles, constantly adding, tweaking, and replacing cybernetic implants in their bodies - often to such an extent that they now resemble machines more than Vortixx.

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