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Toa Heroes

Toa across the universe have come together to form a single group known as the Toa Heroes, aiming to restore peace and justice to a world gone mad with conflict.  They are staunch allies of the Matoran, and will often fight together against their common enemies.  However, even the honor of the Toa is put to the test in the face of war without end, and some have found that survival comes only at the cost of their noble Code.

Traditionally, Toa most frequently operate in teams of six.  In peaceful days long past, each member of a team would wield a different elemental power, Kanohi mask, and weapon - but the Great War has not been kind to the old ways, forcing teams to standardize for the sake of logistics.  Now, smaller groups of Toa fill roles that previously would have been delegated to individual team members, such as those of vanguards, medics, and marksmen, enabling them to play to their strengths and deploy exactly where they are needed to turn the tides of battle.  As an individual Toa finds their niche, their equipment often changes with them, and some even choose to re-shape their masks to look as though they bear different powers.  The Toa Heroes also make use of a small but powerful selection of vehicles, a few of which are rumored to have been designed by the legendary Artahka himself.

The Toa Heroes are led by a selection of renowned figures, many of whose names decorate the walls of history: Toa Tahu, Toa Vakama, Toa Jaller, Toa Matoro, and more.  Each of these Toa has seen countless battles and stood fearlessly against what should have been insurmountable odds, inspiring their allies with acts of valor and wise strategies.  On joint operations, they are also joined by Turaga, who lead contingents of the Matoran Guard.

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