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Toa Heroes

“I am doing the same thing Toa do. I am saving one who cannot save himself.”


Champions of justice, protectors of the innocent, beacons of purity and safety. All of these phrases and more come to mind when one thinks of a Toa. Selfless, courageous, and noble, Toa serve as the front line of defense, protecting the more vulnerable species of the Matoran Universe from harm.


    Toa are taller, braver, and tougher than Matoran. Each Toa, along with their natural enhancements, comes with the empowerment of a specific element.  Toa of a specific element may wield and control these elements wherever they may be found. Additionally, they may channel their elements through their weapons and tools. The last weapon in a Toa’s arsenal is their Kanohi. Each Toa wields a Kanohi mask which serves a specific function, such as enhanced speed, enhanced durability, stealth, accuracy, etc.


    The Toa Heroes faction is mostly (but not entirely) made up of Toa, with support from Matoran. It is important to understand the powers each Toa brings, and how their abilities interact. Toa teams are traditionally led by Toa of Fire, and their Commander units reflect this. Toa Tahu, Toa Vakama, and Toa Jaller are three highly powerful individuals with illustrious careers serving the Matoran dutifully. However, they also may field Toa Matoro, or a Legendary Toa. The former is a Toa of Ice, chosen by the Mask of Life itself as its emissary in this realm. The latter is a malleable Toa - one whose adventures and elemental powers are of your choosing.


If you are looking to play using the Toa Heroes, you should be focusing on a balanced assault. Toa wield a number of powers and ranged weapons, and are able to handle a great deal of damage. Additionally, Toa’s ability to use Kanohi make them a highly versatile army, as they gain access to a number of unique and powerful, specialized abilities. Toa are strong forces made only stronger through unity, working together with their teammates.

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