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The Archives Massacre

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

A document recovered from the Archives by the Akutana e Metru Nui following the Archives Massacre. This log is top-secret, and should not be revealed to any individual lacking the proper clearance.

Archives Log 001:

My name is Arvohlii; I'm an Onu-Matoran. These are my logs from where we’re trapped in the Archives - there shouldn't be any need for them, really, it's all supposed to be an accident and we should be rescued any second now, but something just doesn't quite feel right. We’ve been stuck down here for hours now, and we’re no closer to getting out than we were before. The Ta-Matoran and the Po-Matoran have stopped arguing, at least, so there's that. Some of the Ko-Matoran are looking for a way out, but I've worked down here, and I know all the passages out of this area were sealed off (something about "Rahi containment"), so that's a fruitless effort. Still, that's better than the job the Ga-Matoran have given themselves, which apparently involves trying to get everyone to work together (which is even more fruitless than trying to get out, if you ask me). Surprisingly enough, there are less Onu-Matoran here than the others, and I can't get rid of the nagging feeling that it's because they know the Archives better than I do. Either way, nobody is really paying too much attention to me, so I've just been sitting here etching this log down. I hope we get out soon, though; their constant babbling is killing me.

Archives Log 002:

They're at it again. Now the Ta-Matoran are blaming the Po-Matoran for trapping them down here, and the Po-Matoran are doing the same to the Ta-Matoran. Both of them seem to have conveniently forgotten that that the other side is also stuck down here with them. The Ko-Matoran have given up on escaping and have now joined the Onu-Matoran in sitting quietly, but the Le-Matoran have started getting agitated; they must not like being underground. I've got to admit, even being used to the terrain, I'm getting a bit nervous myself. It's fine when you know your way around, but even a Matoran of Earth doesn't like small, enclosed spaces if there's no guarantee of getting out. I can hear the sounds of Rahi from the levels down below, and they're really starting to make me uncomfortable. Worse yet, there are some preserved Rahi on display, and it feels like their cold, empty eyes always seem to be watching you.

Archives Log 003:

Honestly, I don't even know why I'm writing these; as far as I can tell, it’s been almost an entire day, so if they haven't found us now, it's unlikely that they will any time soon. Either that, or there's something stopping them from finding us. I guess I just don't want to be forgotten. Onu-Matoran don't like forgetting things.

Archives Log 004:

By my estimation, we've been trapped down here overnight. The Ta-Matoran are trying to organize a search party to investigate the tunnels more thoroughly; I tried to convince them it was pointless, but they wouldn't have it. I guess it's at least some relief for the Le-Matoran - they've been practically bouncing off the walls trying to find a way out. A small part of me does still have hope that they'll succeed, though.  After all, there are still plenty of tunnels that we have yet to map out, so maybe they'll discover one?

Archives Log 005:

They haven't come back. I've done the calculations in my head, and they should have been able to make a round trip of this section three times over by now. You can only get a few levels down before you hit the sealed-off tunnels, and if they'd found a way out, then they would have come back for us, wouldn't they? One of my friends, Tirapai, was helping guide them. Every time I think about what might have happened to him, all of my limbs seize up. My nerves are getting worse now...a moment ago I walked past a an empty enclosure that I swear had been in use a few hours before, but if I try to recall which Rahi was stored in there, my mind just draws a blank.

Archives Log 006:

I remembered the name of the Rahi that was stored in the cage, but I'm too scared to write it down. I can barely even write this with my fingers trembling so much. I remember that it’s one of the tamer specimens of the Rahi kept in the lower levels, though. The levels that the search party, and my friend, disappeared in. The Po-Matoran are organizing another search party to go after them. I didn't even try dissuading them; there's no point anyway. There's no hope for any of us. I know this had to be planned - the secret tip-off leading us here, the collapsing tunnels, the broken enclosure gates. It's too much of a coincidence; someone wanted this to happen. But who? Who would be this cruel?

Archives Log 007:

It’s over. Everyone else is gone. They haven't found me yet. Bodies everywhere. I hear a voice. It's laughing. Dark eyes. They're coming for me. Shadows. Shadows all around me. They can hear me. They can smell me. It's coming for me.

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