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Red Star Games is on Patreon!

The artisans and writers here at Red Star Games are proud to announce our official Patreon, which is the most direct way that you - a player, MOCist, or storyteller - can support our development of the Doronai Nui and new 3D-printed masks or other constraction pieces. Patrons' contributions to Red Star Games will help us pay our artists, keep the website online, get us to BrickFair, etc. Almost every piece of content we've created for the last two years has been funded nearly entirely out of our own pockets and time, and we want to be able to continue to produce content for the world we love for many years to come. With the Chronicler’s Company tier ($1 per month), you'll be credited as a patron in the future system versions of the Doronai Nui. You will also receive early access to our monthly blog posts before they go public, granting you the first look at insights from our developers, artists, and writers. Our first blog post, currently available via our Patreon, goes into more detail about some our future plans for the Doronai Nui, as well as providing brief updates from the modeling team and the development of Shadow of the Coliseum. We would also like to extend our thanks to Mid Blue, who has been a huge help in structuring the Patreon. You can find us on Patreon here:


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