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Nynrah and its Machinery

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The following document is classified as Top Secret//Eye Only/GnTBmpr, and is only for viewing by the highest-ranking Akutana members and anyone else with Turaga Bomupar’s clearance. This transcript was recovered from what was believed to be a previous Black Stone hideout, following reports from nearby Matoran of a large explosion in the area. Several Po-Matoran were found dead or injured in the rubble. The transcription is as follows:

Oh hey, I was wondering when you guys were going to show up. You know, most people who contact me about possible weapons purchases don’t take me against my will to some hut in a Po-Matoran ghetto. Can you guys get a Toa of Air to come in and blow some of this awful stench away? That would be much appreciated.

Hmph. You want me to shut up and talk about weapons? You do realize that doesn’t make sense - fine, just don’t shoot me.

My name is Zeju, and up until a few years ago I was living happily on Nynrah with my fellow Nynrah Ghosts. Now, for the uneducated, Zeju means "empty intelligence". Apparently, even though I am a supremely intelligent individual, those who are jealous of my wisdom may try to tell you that I am “careless” or “cocky”. They say that I am “empty of all self-restraint”. Personally, I prefer the term "brave". I go where no inventor has gone before!

I’m a firm believer that not everything needs safety precautions, especially my experiments in weapons development. After all, what’s the point of having safety precautions on a weapon if the whole point of a weapon is to cause damage?

By the Beings above, other Matoran are so foolish. Progress can’t be bound by rules. It is an organic, ever-changing thing.

But I digress. You want to hear about some stuff that can make big explosions and kill lots of people, correct? Preferably something from Nynrah, as we of course are years ahead of you stone apes. And guess what, I’m probably your best option. No, don’t ask how I got kicked off Nynrah, it isn’t important.

The Zaifanto T7 is one of my favorite inventions. Now, even though I didn’t make it, the T7 is still a marvelous fusion of speed, stealth, and destruction. The Fe-Matoran who built it is long gone by now, but the schematics he left behind are one of the things we Ghosts study to learn how stuff works.

Some among us believe that the original inventor was the legendary figure Artahka, which I think is hilarious. As if some creature could build something better than a Fe-Matoran. Absolutely preposterous. So, for the Rahi-brains among you - which, judging by your scuffed appearance, is most of you - the T7 is part of the T-series, although it was never fully finished. It runs on giant jet boosters and is capable of firing large, serrated disks that can maim anything - up to and including a Toa.

Obviously, we weren’t ever allowed to produce such a weapon. They told us to dispose of the blueprints. Matoran aren’t supposed to have weapons capable of flying around and killing Toa, after all. However, I argue that we should most certainly be able to have it. Why would we even try to kill the good guys?

Toa are the good guys, right?

Oh, speaking of Toa, you guys ever heard of the Exo-Toa? Those big suits of armor that Toa can wear to fight in? Yeah, some of my first inventions were built from repurposed Exo-Toa suits. In fact, my Pneumatic Pick uses rewired Exo-Toa limbs. One of the most important things a Ghost learns is how to reuse just about anything. Why waste time building everything yourself when you can just borrow parts from something that someone else made?

Looks like you guys are a fan of that too. Seeing as you live in a slum and all that, I’m assuming you don’t get a lot of new gear. Well, listen closely: I’ll give you a lesson in scraping some stuff together that can make a massive explosion. From the pleased looks you guys are giving each other, I’m assuming you’d like that.

But first, back to the T7. There’s pretty much only one recorded use of the Zaifanto T7 during your war, and it wasn’t even used in its full capacity. Some Onu-Matoran found one in some dusty branch of the Archives and used it as a battering ram during a particuarly pivotal fight. Of course, if they had any idea the value of an early T7 prototype, they would have never flattened the beautiful machine just to break down some door. Brutes, I tell you, brutes!

That’s the thing - other Matoran aren’t as civilized as Nynrah Ghosts. I mean, for one, we never had a civil war that made Rahkshi look like nice, respectable members of society. You fools will use just about anything to bludgeon, stab, pierce, and slice each other to death. How Po-Matoran fighters can force a carving-chisel centimeters into someone’s head just baffles me. Granted, your skulls are just about the same density as stone, you being filth and all that.

My favorite use of weaponry during the war has got to be mask-making tools melting Matoran into sludge, especially if you modify them to have a larger output. You know, now that I think of it, during the war I saw forging tools being used to melt through barriers - and the Matoran behind them - from over ten meters away. Do you have anything I can use to mark this down so I can remember it? I really want to research a few of these tools. Any way I could visit a forge?

What do you mean I’m not going to be going to Ta-Metru anytime soon? Or anywhere?


Well, I can probably just figure it out myself then. Yeah, Metru Nui is basically a barbaric wasteland whatever way you look at it. All the Matoran here are pretty uncivilized, but you get used to it. Just keep one hand on them, and one eye on your weapon...or, wait, wasn't it the other way around?

Never mind. Sometimes my brain gets all scrambled up. Kind of like this city when everyone was fighting everyone else. That was good for business - everyone came to me for new weapons. Not so good for personal safety. But hey, that’s why we have Toa and Exo-Toa to protect us!

What do you mean you guys don’t need them to protect you? Everyone could use a little something in their arsenal. I’m looking at you right now and your expression is screaming, “I need a Nynrah Ghost Blaster”.

Yeah, I’d have to say that the Nynrah Ghost Blasters are just about the only thing you guys look like you have the mental capacity to use. They’re just what they sound like, blasters made by Nynrah Ghosts. Although their shots can have all sorts of effects like your disk launchers, the blasters can shoot further. Anything more dangerous than that and you guys might blow up half a Metru.

...unless you’re into that? Well, I can build you something to do that. Although it’s going to cost you a bit. And I’m going to need a proper workspace. And spare parts, lots of spare parts. Also, you’re going to need to undo these restraints...

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