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Heart of the Wild MOC contest winners

Updated: Jul 11

We are pleased to announce the winners of our second MOC contest, the Heart of the Wild! Ten winners were selected from each category; each winning entry will be incorporated into the Doronai Nui as encounterable Rahi and plants, and the top three winners in each category will also win 1 RSG mask of their choice (excluding our Hordika lines) in high-durability resin.

Due to the low number of plant entries, we had to allow some overlap between the winners in each category. Anyone who won a grand prize in one category did not win a grand prize in another.

Without further ado, here are our winners:


Grand prize winners:

  • Onyx Raptor by Morkney

  • Skreepah by Katu

  • Bonora Crab by Skybird

General winners:

  • Bazah Iguanui by Toa Vor

  • Zoli by Pohaturon

  • Cooker Crab by Kira Yoshikage

  • Ice-Shard Hound by PrettyOkWriters

  • Dragoon Fly by DanielBrickSon

  • Volcano Murohog by Swamp Kryakwa

  • Jagani-Raga by Bionic_


Grand prize winners:

  • Bokanohi Flower by Frambo

  • Vorohi by Everox

  • Rangimelon by Kira Yoshikage

General winners:

  • Whukhu Tree by Lorem Ipsem, Esq.

  • Beacon Plant by SpaceCupcake42

  • Varjuju by Frogman1165

  • Passiflora by Skybird

  • Shale Blossom by Toa Vor

  • Taonu Doshiki by MtheEngineer

  • Skullwalker Tree by Rocky4322

Thank you to everyone who entered! We will be contacting the winners soon to promote them on our social media, and reaching out to the grand prize winners to distribute their prizes.

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