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Heart of The Wild: MOC Contest

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Update: We have extended the contest deadline to May 18th!

Fans of Red Star Games: we are hosting our next MOC contest! This one is a double contest, a step up from our last one.

These two contests will run in parallel with each other: one for Rahi, and one for Plants. The wilderness calls out to us all, and we want to see your wild side.

Contest entries will be judged by a small panel of RSG members, ranging from project leads to writers to mechanical developers. Winning entries should use color balance, unique designs, and even potentially gear functions and features, as these will all have a positive impact on your entry.

There will be ten winners for each contest, for a total of 20 winners! All 20 winners will have their Rahi or plants included in the Doronai Nui as encounterable beasts and flora, along with a lengthened description and your name included in the credits of the game! (Note: While we are focusing on the MOC itself, please try to make your entries lore-friendly. Descriptions may be revised by RSG’s team to mesh well with established canon and our own work, but we will try to preserve the flavor of your flora and fauna.)

The top 3 winners of each contest will also win 1 RSG mask of their choice (excluding our Hordika lines) in high-durability resin.

Contest Details

To host this contest, we will be reopening our two contest channels in In The Light of the Red Star, #contest-submissions and #contest-discussion. If you’re not on our Discord Server yet, it’s as easy as clicking this link! . Additionally, if you’re not on Discord at all, we are opening our contest to other platforms! You can submit your creation to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #RSGContest.

Note that if you have been banned from the In The Light of the Red Star server, you may still submit your entries via the other three platforms, but you will not be eligible to win.

Please send your submissions into the #contest-submissions channel (or by using the aforementioned hashtag on your respective platforms) in the form of one picture or video (to show off gear/play functionality) with your creation, and its description in this format:

[Rahi/Plant Name]

[Rahi/Plant’s Native Location]

[Description of Rahi/Plant]

One contestant may submit one submission to each contest. Please note: While you are free to enter both contests, you can only win in one. If you are a winner in the Rahi Contest, you will not be chosen for the Plant Contest, and vice versa.

Once submitted, you may not update the MOC or repost the same submission. Any reposts will be deleted and disqualified. However, you are allowed to use MOCs that were created prior to the announcement of the contest.

On our Discord server, you may emote react any submission in #contest-submissions, but keep all discussion and comments confined to #contest-discussion.

This contest is going to be a little different, because we want to support 2D artists this time. See below for details.

  • Rahi may consist of any and all official Lego parts, 3D printed parts, and off-brand building systems (for example, Mega Construx). Please be transparent about your source of non-Lego parts used in your MOC if asked about it. For this contest, we can say our judges do love the 2001-02 Rahi aesthetic, so keep that in mind while building!

  • Plants have the same rules, with the addition of 2D artwork being acceptable. The reasoning behind this is because of how difficult it can be to make plants using Technic and Bionicle elements. Because we expect most of the plant entries to be made from System (or using System), there is less of a chance 2D artwork will have an unfair advantage over physical MOCs. This is a bit experimental, and may be adjusted in future contests.

RSG members are barred from entering. Gotta be impartial, guys! If you work on the team and have an idea for a plant or animal, just tell Petrus.

The contest will run from:

April 2nd (that’s today!) to May 18th at 11:59 AM EST. Any submissions after this time will not be included in the judging.

We will announce the winners on May 18!

We are all super excited to see what you all make and hope you all have a ton of fun making them! Happy building, and play well!

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