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Doronai Nui version is now available

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The etchings are almost done... And we couldn't have done it without our new little green friend! Happy April Fool's Day!

This year's offering may have been foreseen by the more astute among you, but to spell it out: we're dropping, not that kind of acid. The Doronai Nui has broken overtly non-canon ground with the new Element of Acid! Coming with a few fixes and comfort-additions, the Doronai Nui is now available for download. One of the biggest changes is the violent dissolving of Sweet Spots as a mechanic, but we also threw in four new masks (Mental Shielding, Seismic Sense, Pathfinding, and Analysis), fused the Kanohi Index and Kanohi Nuva Index into one PDF, and stapled hyperlink navigational aids in every manual we have for high-speed PDF maneuvering.

Drink deep from the corrosive cup at the head of the feast of fools this year and don't be afraid of that acrid smell you get in the back of your throat! It's all a part of the show!

Version of the Doronai Nui can be downloaded here, and individual documents can be downloaded here. The changelog for this version is as follows:

Manual and Index revisions:

  • Consolidated the Kanohi Index and the Kanohi Nuva Index into a single Kanohi Index

  • Added hyperlinks to the Table of Contents section in each document

  • Temporarily reverted the Crafting Guide to its 0.9 state to resolve multiple issues

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Fixed typo on Skakdi UE pool calculation

  • Beings elementally-aligned with Shadow have Darkvision

  • In the Elemental Index, added stipulation that Av-Matoran (and Kra-Matoran transformed from Av-Matoran) can only use their additional UPL power when in physical contact with a Toa or Makuta

  • Psionics “Restart” talent: added a pointer to the Demeanor section of the Rahi Corpus

  • Added “Escape Grapple” and “Take Control of Grapple” sections

  • Specified that Thrown Weapons can Parry when used as Melee Weapons

  • Fixed “Orante Widgets” typo in Research and Development downtime activity

  • Clarified Basic Physical Training downtime action for learning weapon proficiencies

  • Initiative Combat Training now properly increases Initiative Bonus by 1

  • Assassin Level 2 now correctly mentions the “Weapon Proficiency: Weapon Save DC” Talent.

  • The Tryna had no listed In-Combat Charge Duration

  • The Kurzika had no listed GooCD or NooCD (despite having an In-Combat Charge Duration)

  • Fixed an error in the Great version of the Kanohi Lezemi that could take targets directly from Unconscious to Dead without entering the Dying state first

  • As per canon sources, added wording to the Atuma preventing it from making targets act against their morals

  • Corrected minor errors and capitalization inconsistencies throughout the Kanohi Index

  • Sweet Spots have been removed

  • Reintroduced missing Always Active powers section in the Powers Index

Balance changes:

  • Kurzika and Turama are now tied to new Anger and Fear mechanics

  • Cross-Listed Grand Fusilier between the Expert Pilot and Ranged Supertypes

  • Layamat can reduce the PP price of Kayi by 2, to a minimum of 1.

New additions:

  • Added the non-canon element of Acid to the Elemental Index

  • Added the Kanohi Cetuhi (Mental Shielding), Olavu (Pathfinding), Runai (Analysis), and Whethron (Seismic Sense)

  • Introduced Anger and Fear mechanics

Our next major release will feature the long-awaited Crafting system revision, along with a number of other updates. Keep an eye out for it in the upcoming months!

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