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Doronai Nui version is now available

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The road to victory begins with recovery. The first hotfix to the Doronai Nui,, is now live and ready to be ripped apart in fraught combat, tense diplomacy, and brilliant feats of engineering. This update is full of small fixes and a few quality of life or minor balance updates, as you can see in our major changelog below.

The files for version can be downloaded here.

I'm going to drop the flowery words for a minute and explain what the update notation means: The first two digits describe the development environment, currently in the second major beta phase, 0.9. The third digit describes any major updates that have happened to that development environment, such as the addition or update of a major subsystem like the Modular Item System or Kanohi. The fourth digit describes any minor updates for system health and clarity, like the hotfix here, which doesn't have much more substantial than a few altered or swapped out Archetypes within it. So when the full release of the game comes out, it'll be, and after a few major patches and some smaller ones, it might look something like

The changelog for is as follows:

Corrected bugs and typos:

  • Vortixx Language ability no longer mentions "Turaga" instead of Vortixx

  • Clarified Earth Tribe’s abilities

  • Powderman CL didn't get dummied out

  • Ensured we explain clearly how SP interacts with Elemental Talents

  • Explained Dig speed in Movements in the Rules Guide

  • Stances under Combat Technique Training in the Warrior Path are now in bold text

  • Fixed the grammar on "Summoned Orbital"

  • Swim on the Character Sheet no longer reflects in the Movement Speed Increase section

  • Specified SP requirements for Polyglot

  • Removed the Itruxa Alloy in the Armor Pieces and Body Units section. Also clarified the installation of components across multiple slots

  • Clarified Power Pack's slot cost rounding.

  • Enlarge and Shrink disks don't have a duration

  • "Elemental Talents" section of the Character Sheet had "ff" in it.

  • Earth and Gravity have identical Skill Proficiencies

  • Weapons that are only capable of dealing 1 damage can no longer explode

  • Ursare are Proficient in Swim by default

  • Chain Bed needs to be an additional, not a replacer

  • Strength SP can now be spent to purchase the Armor Training Talent

  • Resolved minor typos on Kavinika statblock

  • Stipend for being an Undergrad

  • "Sneak" is no longer in Paths instead of Stealth

  • "Investigate" is no longer used in Paths

  • Clarified Kanohi mods

  • Specified that Generic SP can be spent anywhere, even in Elements

  • Clarified Skakdi and Combat Training interaction

  • Rephrased WSDC explanation to actually contain "Weapon Save DC" instead of just Weapon Saving Throw DC

  • CTRL+F "Profectiles"

  • Expertise SP interaction now more properly explained

  • Specter is no longer referred to as “Stealth” in the Stealth Archetype list in the Supertypes/Archetypes Index

  • Hau shield is confirmed to work both ways (user cannot attack while inside it).

  • Fixed Light and Shadow UPL abilities

  • Corrupting Force elemental talent deals full Decay damage rather than half.

  • Total Immunity is now defined

  • Clarified Kanohi Charge totals in the Kanohi Index

  • Hastened Action + Slowed Action are no longer strictly better than Basic Action

  • Specified how many Matoran Functionaries an Ihidauri Patron of Inoatra has in their equerry in the Species Index

  • Replaced mentions of “Deception” checks with Bluff

  • Replaced missing text for Encourage Action

  • Clarified the Variable Style weapon component’s interactions with Style bonuses

  • Armor Training now specifies an SP cost

  • Multiple typos in the plasma damage type description in the equipment index and rules guide have been fixed

  • Sweet Spot description has been made more clear

  • Repeating Launchers can take Sweet Spot Reducers for zero penalty, as Sweet Spots are useless to them

  • Nightingale no longer gives proficiency in a non-existent skill

  • Elementally-Activated Matoran can now take Elemental Talents

  • Clarified the Fluid Load Type’s non-interaction with components that increase the amount of damage dice

  • Hindered Condition now correctly mentions Assist

  • The Mechanically-Enhanced Reflex power now specifies a bonus

  • Level 3 Titan now takes Supersized weapons into account

  • Resolved an issue with the Mutuku related to power duration

  • Reworked Blade Lock to be more concise and clear to the user

  • Man-At-Arms levels 5 and 6 now have different names

  • The Valumi now allows the wearer to spend more than one Portent Die per roll

  • Listed Bog Snake’s FFAC and TAC

  • Clarified the Skald Archetype's "Sword and Song" ability is a Strike Action

  • Pilot’s Path now specifies what type of engineering you gain proficiency in

  • Frozen Condition now specifies level of Dazed the frozen being is treated as

  • Throwing Arms now has a slot cost for Heavy Grade weapons.

  • Specified what a Lhomanu’s default starting armor should be

  • Reworded the Default Starting Armor section for all Species with two kinds of Armor in more than one Torso slot

  • The Arthron’s duration now benefits from spending more than one Kanohi Charge

Balance changes:

  • Placed the psychic Toa ability behind a training/SP wall

  • Slight nerf to Skakdi power set.

  • Reworked Great Weapon Fighter Archetype.

  • Reworked Tahtorak Slayer Archetype.

  • “Blade Lock” action made universally available rather than locked behind an Archetype.

  • Man-At-Arms level 3 ability changed.

  • Reworked Ablative a little, to either reduce AC or limit IHP ablation.

  • Light Ammo should be a rebate now.

  • Armor equipment slot costs slightly rebalanced

  • "Mask Evoker" reworked

  • The Earth and Shadow Tribes now have Darkvision, and Plasma and Light Brightvision.

  • Added a resource cost to Sage’s “Gift of Resilience”

  • Removed Material Types from the Crafting System

  • Decay damage type changed to deal ASD to targets.

  • Updated Paxorak “Fully Integrated” species boon to reflect Decay damage change


  • Added four new NPC statblocks for the characters previously showcased in our Patreon posts.

Thank you for your patience with us in getting this small update out, and expect larger things to come following the new year! Play well.

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