A Brief History of the Brotherhood of Makuta - Part One

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by Keto Keyaji, Akutana e Metru Nui, recorded 85,023 a.A.

The Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization as legendary and powerful as it is mysterious. It is astounding how little we know about this group and species that has had a tremendous influence on our universe throughout history. I cannot and will not for this reason claim completeness or flawlessness for this and my other texts about this organization and its members. Be assured, however, dear reader, that I took great care in selecting only the most plausible sources at my disposal to compile my texts. I hope that my discoveries will yield some new facts to help better understand the Brotherhood of Makuta and its goals.

The ambiguity about the Brotherhood of Makuta (hereafter referred to as “the Brotherhood” for simplicity’s sake) already begins with the various stories about the origin of the Makuta species. Dominating the rumors are Mata Nui and the mythical Great Beings as potential creators, but no Makuta I ever had the chance to talk to would confirm or deny any but the most ridiculous of these tales. To make matters even more complicated, the exact number of Makuta in existence also remains unknown, as does the answer to the question if they were created simultaneously or at different times. By my estimate, there must be more than fifty Makuta in existence, but no more than four times that number could have originally been created. This by comparison makes them a very small species, but as is well-known, they were granted power far beyond that of any other race as a compensation. Of course, this doesn’t make them invincible, despite what many still believe. Several sources mention the death of Makuta, but since Makuta are always mentioned by title in these – the Makuta only use their names among themselves – it is difficult to discern how many deaths really are accounted for, not to mention that these accounts might be incomplete. In the end, it is only safe to say that there were originally more Makuta created than are alive now. How large that difference is, only the Makuta themselves can tell.

Immediately after their creation, the Makuta formed the Brotherhood, a hierarchically structured organization with one of their number assigned to this position by Mata Nui as its leader. However, it is a common misconception that the original purpose of the Brotherhood was that of an organization enforcing law and order in the universe. This rather was a role partially forced upon the Makuta, and partially voluntarily taken up by them in the early years of the universe as they realized that even a Toa’s or Turaga’s influence was limited in dealing with Mata Nui’s other wards. With their powers, abilities, and knowledge, the Makuta were exceptionally well-suited to tackle problems beyond the capabilities of others, and thus they took up the mantle of protectors of the universe and representatives of Mata Nui for the greater good.

If the Makuta’s political role wasn’t their original purpose, however, what was? I have to admit I was astounded when I uncovered this secret, although nowadays I believe that it is less of a secret and rather not generally known among society.

The Makuta are the creators of the Rahi.

The creatures of the water, the land and the skies, our trusty steeds, faithful companions, and everything else that lurks in caves, forests and deserts has been created by the Brotherhood. If not for them, we would know no wildlife. This was the task Mata Nui bestowed upon them.

The main reason why this isn’t widely known seems to be as profound as obvious – the Makuta tend to work in private within the confines of their labs, those usually being off-limits to non-Makuta. However, while I worked as the assistant of the Makuta of Inoatra I witnessed the creation of several Rahi, and she never seemed to mind that I was around.

This doesn’t mean the process of Rahi creation is easily copied or even understood. I myself am a capable chemist and apothecary, but the processes and resources involved in Rahi creation are beyond my understanding.

There also is one more aspect to this whole matter I feel obliged to bring up, as doubtlessly anyone reading this record will feel the same question nagging at their mind that struck me when I learned about Rahi creation – if the Makuta had sworn to protect us and our universe, why then did they create so many Rahi that bring nothing but pain and death? The Makuta of Inoatra just shrugged when I presented her with this question, explaining that there needed to be a balance between creation and destruction, but admitting that some of her brethren had become more interested in the possibilities of Rahi creation than in its influence on the universe.

Fact is, the Makuta continue creating new Rahi likely to this day, and their work also involves keeping most established populations constant. Thus, it isn’t a surprise that most attempts at hunting dangerous Rahi to extinction have had little to no effect in the past – be it for good or ill.

Despite their control over our universe’s wildlife, it is still the Brotherhood’s political influence that plays the more significant role in our history. The organization’s early political achievements are summed up by the Rhomahri Trade Agreements and the Spirit’s Charter, both of which consolidated the Brotherhood’s claim of political supremacy in legal matters.

The Rhomahri Trade Agreements, as the name implies, are a series of laws and guidelines regulating trade throughout the universe under the aegis of the Brotherhood. Their importance lies in the framework for international trade that prevents large scale wars occurring between the major civilizations throughout the universe and promotes cultural and technological exchange.

The Spirit’s Charter, on the other hand, is a document defining judicial sovereignty within the universe. It declares the Makuta representatives of Mata Nui, which effectively makes the Brotherhood the highest authority in all legal matters. It also distinctly defines the rights of local potentates, however, allowing them to rule their territory independently. The Brotherhood only retains the right to interfere in any conflicts between nations – if necessary, militarily – in which case all Toa of the universe are bound to follow the Brotherhood’s call to arms. The last has only ever been done once on a major scale, however.

The full documents of both the Rhomahri Trade Agreements and the Spirit’s Charter can be viewed in the Metru Nui Archives, where copies are kept. The originals are held in Destral’s archives and are not accessible by the public.


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