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Order of Mata Nui

“My name is Helryx. I run an organization you never heard of called the Order of Mata Nui. We are at war - and you’ve just been drafted.”


    A secret society, hidden from the rest of the world, that has pulled the strings since the early days of the Matoran Universe: the Order of Mata Nui is a powerful group that has covertly reshaped the destiny of entire islands and peoples.


    Their leader is a proud, wise, and ancient Toa of Water by the name of Helryx. Her many agents include such renowned warriors as Axonn, Brutaka, Hydraxon, Tobduk, and dozens of others that go unnoticed. Additionally, Rahi such as Mana-Ko, and war machines such as the Swamp Strider, provide heavy firepower for the Order.


    Agents of the Order of Mata Nui are trained to avoid mental attacks and feature psionic shielding, protecting them from all forms of mind control and hypnosis. With their enhanced training, they bestow psionic resistance to their allies in the field. This makes them a powerful ally in a fight against the Bohrok Swarm, the League of Six Kingdoms, the Skakdi Raiders, and other factions who may possess and bend the minds of their opponents.


    The Order of Mata Nui is similar to the Toa Heroes faction. Their strengths are versatile, and they feature a balance between ranged and melee combat. Generally, however, they serve as an anti-psionic army, and provide the faction they are attached to with an array of strong resistances. This makes them slightly stronger as a defensive faction, providing critical buffs to your main force, and giving them access to elemental attacks that they might otherwise lack.

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