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Metru Nui Loyalists

The city of Metru Nui has become a dictatorship, tightly-controlled under the watchful eye of Turaga Dume – or at least someone who claims his name and title.  This group is now known as the Metru Nui Loyalists; where there once was freedom, there is now only the law, ensuring that work is done quickly and efficiently, and that any dangerous thoughts are silenced.

In terms of both its location and available resources, Metru Nui is of immense tactical value, and there are many who would take it for themselves; it is for this reason that the Loyalists excel in defense.  Although Matoran and Toa are present among Metru Nui’s forces, the backbone of its army is the Vahki: mechanical enforcers who are swift, ruthless, and above all else, perfectly loyal to Turaga Dume.  Vahki are manufactured in a number of models - some are simple infantry, while others are designed to fill specific roles such as crowd control or infiltration.  Metru Nui’s manufacturing capabilities are also put to use producing a variety of vehicles, allowing them to transport large numbers of troops at once and deploy them at a moment’s notice.

At the head of the Loyalists stands Turaga Dume, who has led Metru Nui for millennia; his rule has weathered disasters and wars alike, and his commitment to the safety of the City of Legends is unquestionable.  However, his iron-fisted methods have only grown more draconian over the years, and those who dissent have a tendency of either suddenly falling back into line or simply disappearing.  Even the Toa Mangai, sworn protectors of Metru Nui, have gradually turned to more extreme measures - with the exception of the noble Toa Lhikan.

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