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Metru Nui Loyalists

"Home! I can see the Coliseum, the spires of Ko-Metru, the Great Forge of Ta-Metru, and the beautiful gem that is the Great Temple."


    Once, the great city of Metru Nui was known as “the City of Legends”, a beacon of industrialism, the arts, and the center of the universe. But as time has passed, Metru Nui has fallen from its former grace. The tightening grip of Turaga Dume’s authoritarian regime has strangled the city from its once-legendary status to a despotic tyranny, with the law smothering nearly all forms of freedom. Additionally, his dealings with the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta have left many questioning where his loyalties truly lie.


    Nonetheless, there are a great number of Matoran and Toa alike who claim fealty to the city of Metru Nui, which is reflected in their military. However, the bulk of their forces are made up of the unyielding Vahki: robotic soldiers who police the streets of Metru Nui and enforce Dume’s will. They do not sleep, eat, rest, or falter. Their force is in the thousands, and their will is indomitable. Each Vahki has special abilities that serve them in combat. Additionally, Toa act as elite warriors, providing a guiding hand towards victory. Their elemental powers and enhanced weapons make them powerful, but rare units on the battlefield. Finally, Matoran serve to fill the gaps in the forces. Matoran may lack the strength of a Toa, but are not hindered by constraints of programming or design like Vahki, with a wider variety of potential roles to fill in the armed forces.


    Metru Nui is also known to use advanced vehicles, including insectoid machines that serve as transport or as armored firepower, or high speed aero-bikes for interception and line-breaking. Their sophisticated vehicles allow them more defensive or high-speed options than one might initially expect an faction like the Metru Nui Loyalists to have.


    Metru Nui Loyalists are particularly strong in defensive situations. Their ruleset allows them to present a strong, immobile, close-range line that gives the enemy the chance to approach, and then punishes them for doing so. If you are looking to play as the Metru Nui Loyalists, one should play in a balance of melee and ranged combat, and create an impenetrable zone of conquest that the enemy cannot breach under any circumstance.

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