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Matoran Guard

“Unity. Duty. Destiny.”


    After the Great Cataclysm shattered the old way of life for the population of Metru Nui, the Toa Metru elected to perform a mass exodus from the City of Legends, taking the Matoran to the surface of Aqua Magna, to an island they named Mata Nui in honor of the Great Spirit. Living in a tribal lifestyle, the people of Mata Nui grew in harmony with nature and the island around them. Crafting facsimiles of their forgotten past, Kanoka disks were replaced with bamboo projectiles, powered weapons took the shape of spears, and airships grew to be replaced by trained Rahi. For a time, there was peace.


    This all changed soon enough. First Makuta Teridax sent forth his corrupted Rahi, then the Bohrok Swarm, then the threat of the Bohrok-Kal, the Rahkshi, and soon after, Makuta Teridax himself. A myriad of threats conspired to shatter the peace by which the people of Mata Nui strived to live by - and in response, the Matoran grew in power. Forced to defend their village walls, they learned to fight with the strength and ferocity of Toa, and made each Matoran worth ten of their kind.


    Occasionally, a Matoran is brave enough or sufficiently pure of heart that they may lead their brothers and sisters in combat. The Chronicler’s Company, the Captains of the Guard, and the hands of many a Turaga step forward to lead their comrades to victory. With unity, they shout orders across the battlefield, inspiring those that are loyal to them to fight on, and win at any cost.


    On the battlefield, the Matoran Guard is a combined-arms horde army. An individual Matoran’s weapons are relatively weak, but rarely does a Matoran not fight along dozens of their allies. Additionally, the faction features a number of powerful, single-model units that provide heavy firepower and armor to their force. If you are looking to play the Matoran Guard, learn to use numbers and positioning to your advantage, and defeat the enemy through a wealth of soldiers.

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