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League of Six Kingdoms

“They were thieves, murderers, traitors, and liars, and easily the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.”


An ancient army, ordained by the Great Spirit himself, with the six most cunning and dangerous overlords ever seen. Their legacy is infamy, and their six-part empire was vast. Yet at the very height of their power, the warlords known as the Barraki vanished, and their holdings crumbled to dust. They are the League of Six Kingdoms, and they have returned, thirsty for revenge. Led by a council of six strategic geniuses - the Barraki - the combined efforts of the League conquered swathes of the Matoran Universe in its time. The passage of millennia has not dulled their lust for battle, if anything honing their desire to reclaim what they see as rightfully theirs. Each Barraki is skilled in a unique aspect of warfare, and their troops reflect this fact.


  • Pridak, the Shark is an iron-fisted ruler whose troops are skilled in melee and slaughter, cutting down their foes at close range. Pridak leads the Kingdom of Menota.

  • Carapar, the Crab is a brutish, powerful brawler, whose troops are tough and well-armored against all enemy attacks. Carapar leads the Kingdom of Hakori.

  • Ehlek, the Eel is an amphibious, paranoid creature, whose troops share his distinctive protosteel claws, and lethality in melee. Ehlek leads the Kingdom of Ninaikar.

  • Takadox, the Mantis is a mysterious, self-serving weasel, whose troops may hypnotize their enemies and bend or break their will. Takadox leads the Kingdom of Makosu.

  • Mantax, the Stingray is a quiet and parasitic warlord who views allies as tools to be exploited, and whose duplicitous nature is shared by his troops. Mantax leads the Kingdom of Ruangu.

  • Kalmah, the Squid is a tenacious and determined despot, whose will to survive in all situations has inspired his troops. Kalmah leads the Kingdom of Parvamu.


    The League of Six Kingdoms is divided into six titular Kingdoms, each based on its leader’s natural characteristics, buffing the soldiers of said Kingdom in different ways. When playing the League, one should build their army around a specific kingdom, and specialize its army for that Kingdom’s function.

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