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League of Six Kingdoms

When the Great Cataclysm struck, the secret prison known as the Pit collapsed, unleashing some of the most hardened dictators and vile criminals the universe has ever known – including the six warlords known as the Barraki.  Although they were mutated by the foul waters that lay beyond the walls of their cells, the Barraki led all who would follow them back to the surface, re-forming the League of Six Kingdoms.

Owing to the League’s once far-reaching power, their armies are made up of a wide variety of species, many of whom were quick to renew their loyalty to the Barraki following their unexpected return.  Each of the Six Kingdoms has its own fighting style and benefits: Menota attacks with precision and grace, Hakori can withstand nearly any assault, Makosu strikes terror into its foes, Ninaikar is unparalleled in hand-to-hand combat, Ruangu slips in and out of fights with ease, and Parvamu will almost never retreat. Forces made up of a single Kingdom can be useful for accomplishing specific objectives, while in other cases a more diverse selection of troops may be necessary. When the Barraki ascended from the depths of the Pit, they also brought some of the sea’s most fearsome denizens with them, modifying them as needed for survival on land.

At the heart of the League sit the Barraki, six warlords who each exemplify their respective species: the Ihidauri Pridak, the Paxorak Carapar, the Manidi Takadox, the Ursare Ehlek, the Augafi Mantax, and the Layamat Kalmah.  Within their Kingdoms, their word is law, and their troops fight with even greater fervor when they know that their leaders are beside them in battle.  Once thought lost to the world, the Barraki have survived against all odds and returned from exile to reclaim not just their fallen Kingdoms, but the universe that they see as rightfully theirs.

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