Fotahki II


Element: Fire

Kanohi: Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick-Travel

Weapon: Kanoka launcher and cestus


Fotahki II’s original name was Talvi. He started off as a recycler in the Reclamation Yards of Ta-Metru before becoming a disk maker. Talvi never wanted to be a mask maker. His early attempts at Kanohi were shoddy at best.  Because of this, his supervisor had him reassigned to the lower levels of the Foundries.  Talvi was efficient in Kanoka disk crafting and often took the workload of other craftsmen just to pass the time. After a few hundred years, though, his motivation to keep production going began to wear out.


When Talvi met Fotahki, his perspective on his job changed entirely. The Toa had once been in a similar position as him as a Matoran. He taught Talvi everything he knew and the two became friends.  Shortly after, madness had descended on the universe which sent Talvi's friend away from Metru Nui. The League of Six Kingdoms, led by the Barraki, were attempting to overthrow the Great Spirit.


While Fotahki was gone, Talvi made a name for himself as a renowned shopkeeper and Kanoka engineer, the first of his kind. On Naming Day, he renamed himself as Fotahki II, after his missing Toa friend, and was gifted a necklace in the shape of his Kanoka.  It wasn't long till the Matoran Civil War began.  Throughout the war, Talvi found ways to endure. He was one of the only Matoran that at least attempted to continue their work.


Fotahki II did not speak much of the past, even with Fotahki, who has since returned and became a Turaga. As the war concluded, plans were already in place to pass the mantle of Toa to Fotahki II.  This new responsibility for the disk maker would not be taken lightly.

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