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Fotahki II

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Great Kualsi, the Mask of Quick Travel

Weapon: Kanoka launcher and cestus


Fotahki II’s original name was Mahou; he began his life as a mere recycler in the Reclamation Yards of Ta-Metru. His attention to detail and mathematical skill allowed him to gradually rise through the ranks, eventually landing him a job as a mask-maker. It was a prestigious position - one that Mahou had never really wanted in the first place. The artistry and flair of mask-making held little interest for him, and the Kanohi he produced tended to be lackluster. Mahou begrudgingly stuck with the job out of obligation, but after a few hundred years, his motivation began to wear thin.


When Mahou met Toa Fotahki, his perspective on his job changed entirely. The Toa was a fellow engineer, and sympathized with the Matoran's plight. Finding that they had much in common, the two quickly became friends; seeing that Mahou's talents would be better-served in another role, Fotahki arranged an apprenticeship for him in a Kanoka guild on the Southern Continent. Under their tutelage, Mahou learned the art of Kanoka-craft, where his head for mathematics benefited him greatly. Armed with this knowledge, Mahou then returned to Metru Nui, opening a disk shop with his Toa sponsor - one of the first of its kind in the city.

Unfortunately, it was not long after that Fotahki was called away to join the Prosecution of the League of Six Kingdoms, a war against the despotic Barraki. Fear and doubt crept into the hearts of Metru Nui's people, and soon after a war of a different kind found the City of Legends, pitting Matoran against Matoran. Mahou found ways to endure, refusing to involve himself or his works in the conflict, even choosing to destroy his own stock rather than let it be used by either side.

After the war ended, Mahou was recognized on Naming Day for his commitment to peace, and took the name of Fotahki II in honor of his Toa friend. Meanwhile, Fotahki I returned after the conclusion of the Prosecution and chose to retire as a Turaga.


Fotahki II would have been happy to carry on with his shopkeeping, but little did he know plans were already in place to pass the mantle of Toa down to him.  The disk-maker would not bear this new responsibility lightly.

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