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Dark Hunters

“The Dark Hunters—for thousands of years, that name has brought fear into the hearts of everyone from Toa to members of the Brotherhood of Makuta itself.”


The Dark Hunters are a scarcely-seen but well-known organization. Bounty hunters, mercenaries, assassins, and thugs, their numbers are few, but they are renowned for their brutality - and their exceptionally high success rate. Headed by a mysterious figure known only as the Shadowed One, the Dark Hunters operate from a secret island fortress known as Odina, from which their agents are dispatched.


Many Dark Hunters are rejects from more “civilized” parts of the universe. Mutated or deemed to be in some way unacceptably different, most Dark Hunters feature strange, supernatural powers. These powers take a wide array of forms, but are all potent and should not be underestimated.


The Dark Hunters’ leader, The Shadowed One, is an immensely powerful being - but just as dangerous are his lieutenants: Ancient, Lariska, and Darkness, who serve him with varying degrees of loyalty. In his stead, they command fear over the rank-and-file grunts of the organization.


Unlike most armies, the Dark Hunters feature mainly characters. As such, their unique rules allow them to change a unit’s designation, allowing you to formulate the precise set of Hunters needed for a task. In the field, Dark Hunters are to be treated as key assets - assassins to strike at critical weaknesses, or spearheads to destroy the enemy’s formation.

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