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Brotherhood of Makuta

The Brotherhood of Makuta, no longer watching and waiting within their veil of secrecy, wages open war upon all who would stand against them, as even the best-laid elements of Teridax’s great Plan have been upended by these unexpected events.  The Makuta will stop at nothing to claim what they see as their rightful place as rulers, and will use every fearsome power at their disposal to take it.

As one of the oldest organizations in the universe, the Brotherhood sports an army of great variety.  From fierce Rahi beasts to vile Rahkshi to automated exo-suits and more, the Makuta have options for many situations and strategies - and critically, thanks to their original role, the ability to produce or modify troops as needed.  Rahkshi have proven to be particularly adaptable, with several grades of armored shells, stages of Kraata, and various abilities in use.  Their forces also include a number of individuals who, through persuasion, false promises, or other methods, were compelled to join the Brotherhood; Toa Hagah serve the Makuta as bodyguards, and captured Matoran are forcibly drained of their inner Light to create Shadow Matoran, to name a few examples.

But for everything the Brotherhood has at its disposal, the most dangerous and effective by far are the Makuta themselves, masters of Shadow known and feared throughout the universe: Teridax, Miserix, Icarax, and many others.  Each individual Makuta is capable of using a whole host of powers, and due to an unexpected evolution of their species, they have taken on gaseous forms contained in titanic suits of armor, removing their need to eat, rest, and so many of the other disadvantages that plague semi-organic beings.

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