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Brotherhood of Makuta

“Let them try to run! Where can they hide? What shadow can conceal them, when the darkness belongs to us?”


The Brotherhood of Makuta is the polar opposite of the Toa. Whereas the Toa are selfless, noble, and agents of truth and justice, the Brotherhood of Makuta is shadowy, secretive, and power-hungry. Each Makuta who serves them is more corrupt than the last, with the entire Brotherhood a coiled web of schemes and plans. Their leader, Teridax, usurper of the position of leadership, permits the survival of only a select few loyal to him. So clouded by self-interest is the Brotherhood that rarely does it serve its original function - that being to govern and rule the assorted islands of the Matoran Universe, as well as to create Rahi to populate it.


    All Makuta have inherent control over elemental Shadow due to a purging of their inner Light that took place many millennia ago. Additionally, Makuta have shed their mortal bodies, instead taking on a gaseous form known as antidermis. This gas is kept in airtight suits of armor, though Makuta are able to use their essence to possess other beings as well, particularly mechanical constructs. Makuta, as per their original role in the universe, were meant to produce Rahi. As such, all Makuta have a strong control over various Rahi, helped by their powers, including plant control, insect control, and Rahi control.


    If you are looking to play using the Brotherhood of Makuta, you should be focusing on quality over quantity. An individual Makuta holds an array of powers, and can be incredibly difficult to destroy. Additionally, their minions, while less versatile, serve a number of niche functions, and the Makuta’s ability to spawn Rahkshi during combat supports them during quick, offensive maneuvers deep within enemy lines. Makuta are a vicious, lethal force that should be considered highly dangerous even in small quantities.

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