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Bohrok Swarm

“Wake one and you wake them all…”


The Bohrok Swarm is a horde of insectoid machines whose primary function is to clean all matter from the island of Mata Nui in preparation for the Great Spirit’s reawakening. But somewhere in their hivemind, they have gone astray. Rising from their nests, they emerge into the Matoran Universe unseen, where they perform their tasks exactly as prescribed: wipe clean every island they find. Single-minded in their duty, the Bohrok Swarm is unfaltering and unwavering, commanded via a powerful psionic network by their two queens, Cahdok and Gahdok.


    Bohrok, as seen in the field, are actually mechanical suits - formerly Av-Matoran who were destined to transform. Piloting these suits is a creature known as a Krana. Krana take the form of fleshy masks, which are housed beneath the Bohrok’s faceplate. If needed, a Bohrok can jettison its Krana, which can then attempt to take control of another being, assuming said being lacks a mask to cover their face. Krana are divided into different levels of power, each of which serve a different function. They are as follows:

  • Xa - Commanders (Forming complex strategic plans)

  • Vu - Surveyors (Allowing the power of flight)

  • Yo - Moles (Enhanced tunneling ability)

  • Su - Workers (Enhancing strength)

  • Za - Squad Leaders (Telepathic communication and mind reading)

  • Ca - Clearance Workers (Shielding itself and allies)

  • Ja - Scouts (Detecting distant obstacles)

  • Bo - Sentinel (Allowing vision in the dark)


    If you are looking to play using the Bohrok Swarm, you should be focusing on mobility and morale. Bohrok carry a number of abilities that allow them to more quickly traverse terrain, and open up lines of sight between themselves and the enemy. Additionally, the Bohrok’s ability to control their enemy and dominate their will using Krana makes them a highly versatile army, as their shortcomings can be circumvented by forcing enemy units into their ranks.

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